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The restoration of the spine after injuries, diseases, and operations

Patients with degenerative disc disease and disc protrusion were wondering if the restoration of the spine. Degenerative processes of cartilage and bone tissue is irreversible. But you can slow them down, either in advance to take preventive measures. The restoration of the spine is impossible without proper nutrition, physical therapy, a healthy lifestyle and sticking to recommendations from experts.

Vosstanovlenie pozvonochnika

Reversible if the disease of the spine?

The whole way of modern life can be described in a few words – lack of exercise, sedentary work, poor diet and extra pounds. Because of this, younger and became increasingly occur as low back pain, and other types of degenerative-dystrophic changes of intervertebral disks.

Have degenerative changes of the spine there are many symptoms, among which pain, often irradia in the internal organs and limbs, loss of sensation and mobility in limbs.

To date, degenerative processes can not be cured, can only slow down their development. This is akin to the natural aging of the body, only can be traced even more clearly. Damaged, dried intervertebral discs can not be returned in the condition in which they were before. You can only prevent their condition deteriorated rapidly.

How to treat the spine

The problem with spine is that the vertebrae and discs between them do not have their own circulation, and are fed through the cartilaginous end plate. Over time, the capillaries in the plate become thinner and the vertebrae with discs no longer receive the required nutrition. Bone tissue becomes brittle. Cartilage discs dries up, ceases to be elastic.

Vosstanovlenie pozvonochnika

To slow down this process, it is necessary to exclude factors that do not give the blood supply of the intervertebral discs. Conversely, to ensure that the blood received in the cartilage tissue to expand the capillaries, speed up the metabolism. The main answer to the question "How to restore the spine?" – to improve blood circulation.

Negative factors

First and foremost is the lack of motor activity, constantly being in a static posture, especially sitting. That is why the spine of modern man began to age quickly – because we are constantly at work and at home, sitting in front of the computer. To minimize this factor, try to do a little walking around the room every 30 minutes.

Impair the nutrition of the spine traumatic exposure, excessive physical stress. Even if the injury occurred as a result of such activities, in themselves insignificant, they tend to accumulate over the years.

From drops and bumps, no one is safe, but try less lifting weights and sharply, everyone can move. If something heavy to lift still have, perform the movement with correct technique. Sit down, rotten back in the lower back, lift the object. Then do not return to a relaxed position immediately, try to do it smoothly.

Negativnye vozdejstviya na vosstanovlenie pozvonochnika

Positive factors

Unsurprisingly, restore normal blood circulation the most common restorative movement. And one of the most effective is the usual Hiking. When we go somewhere, the body is constantly tense, then relaxes. The restoration of the intervertebral discs can not be run, but improves metabolic processes in them, and degenerative processes cease to progress.

To walk turned from conventional in treatment, it should last at least an hour, and be performed daily.

Another good method – yoga. Be careful until you get used to this new activity, don't damage the muscles. The main objective to strengthen the back using yoga simply to improve blood circulation. After a workout in the body should be a sense of pleasant fatigue. No discomfort here you do not need. Your body will know what movement it is useful at this point, and which is not yet available. Again,do not forget about the regularity – otherwise no point in training will not.

Pozitivnye faktory na vosstanovlenie pozvonochnika


Human mobility is dependent on the spine, muscle groups and cartilage compounds. The stronger the muscles the better they will support the vertebrae and prevent them from compressing the intervertebral discs. In addition, muscles as armor protects bones and cartilage from injury and trauma.

Developed muscles and strong articular joints allow to live normally and not feel discomfort, even if the spine all is not perfect. Besides the fact that sports people constantly stimulates blood circulation in the back, his body is better able to produce regenerative hormones. Therefore, the intelligent sport "for myself" and exercises physiotherapy is the best means of preserving the health of the back. The only time – if pain attack or acute stage of disease has already begun, we should reduce locomotor activity. And when he leaves, move off again, but at first with caution.

If you decide to strengthen the muscles of your back, remember that you need to address all parts of the spine. If one muscle group of the spine can be developed much more than others, it can only put you in greater danger of injury. When health permits, exercise on the parallel bars and horizontal bar, exercise. If degenerative processes of the spine has already made itself felt, prefer gymnastics, yoga and swimming in the pool. In water the body weight is distributed evenly as the load during the voyage. Thus, you strengthen muscles with minimal risk of stress injuries.

When you can't exercise

Physical therapy, unfortunately, also has its contraindications. So, if there is a hernia of the spine with pinched nerve, sports exercises are considered invalid. Later, when the escalation is going to end, with great care you can do exercise – but not right now. In any other situation that involves a pinched nerve and acute inflammation, physical activity is contraindicated.

If the patient starts to break this rule, it is very possible complications. To understand the presence of a pinched nerve, note the sensitivity of his feet – if it is broken, legs are numb, contact your doctor.

After the acute period is over, you can't run headlong to the gym or to the instructor on LFK. In the first few days after the end of the rest or even bed rest, perform normal start Hiking. If the discomfort is not observed, again talk with your doctor and go to medical gymnastics.

Ogranichenie pri diete

Diet for your spine

To try to restore the spine and the circulation in it is necessary including to eat right. If you are experiencing the symptoms of such diseases as osteochondrosis, protrusion or herniation, try to minimize the following foods on your table:

  • Sweet and flour. Such foods washes away from the body with healthy spine are vitamins and minerals;
  • Store-bought sausages and smoked meats contain a large number of unnecessary, harmful to the health of the spine substances;
  • Excess salt leads to the formation of its accumulations in the vertebrae. Preferably not salt food during cooking, and before eating;
  • Fat and only provokes acute inflammation if it is already started;
  • Tobacco smoke and ethanol have a negative impact on blood circulation as a whole body and spine in particular.

Dieta pri degenerativno-distroficheskih processah

Conversely, intake of foods that are useful to restore back products – low-fat meat broths, fatty fish, cereals, fruits and vegetables. The walk will have the greatest restorative effect on the spine just after a meal. Entering the blood nutrients more quickly get to the vertebral discs.