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Vitamins for spine: osteochondrosis, hernia, list of drugs

Vitamins for spine – drugs, to help doctors quickly relieve pain symptoms in exacerbations of the disease of the spine. Earlier in therapy used treatment with analgesics, non-steroidal medications, injections with anti-inflammatory effect. With the 50-ies of the last century, doctors have implemented a new practice management of the pain symptoms with vitamin B. it has Been proven that vitamin injections are perfectly cope with the pain, eliminate the numbness. They are easy to combine with other medications.

Vitaminy dlya pozvonochnika

Vitamins for strong bones

It is important that these injections have no negative effects on the gastrointestinal tract. The doctor does not have to assign patients to several drugs that reduce the risk of complications and side effects. And treatment several drugs simultaneously increases the cost of the course for the patient. Vitamins for back help to relieve pain, when a person because of the attacks just can't move or get out of the house.

For treatment they do not need a qualified specialist and special stationary conditions, such as muscle or epidural blockade. They are considered as analgesics that are appropriate to use when back pain intense or spine, pain in the joints. They are ineffective in chronic stages of spinal diseases or pathologies wearing recurrent in nature.

Vitaminy i ih raznovidnosti

These injections improve metabolism and help restore affected nerves. Studies have proven that their use eliminates the pain in the complex treatment of diseases of the spine. They are recommended for use, both as a standalone treatment and in combination with other medications. In addition, most of these drugs present lidocaine, enhancing their analgesic effects.

The types of vitamin complexes

All vitamin complexes and drugs are divided into several varieties, performing the following functions:

  • Normalization is a process of bone formation;
  • Slowing destruction of the vertebrae, discs and tissues;
  • The saturation of nutrients to the disc and vertebrae;
  • Tissue repair;
  • Improving the functioning of the nervous system;
  • Activation of the immune system.

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Funkcii vitaminov v organizme

The list of useful vitamins

For the treatment of diseases of the spine, doctors recommend the use of preparations containing b vitamins Such medications and vitamin complexes eliminate neurological symptoms, eliminate numbness, stop the pain.

  • Thiamine. He vitamin B1. Positive effect on nerve tissue, relieves pain;
  • Pyridoxine. Improves the nervous system;
  • Cyanocobalamin. Vitamin B12 is effective for restoring the deformed and shattered vertebrae;
  • Vitamin D improves the absorption and assimilation of calcium, magic, phosphorus, which in turn, positively influence the condition of bone tissue in pain;
  • Vitamin C. an Antioxidant stops the oxidation processes in the affected areas, reduces inflammation, improves metabolism, synthesizes collagen fibers. Due to the effect of ascorbic acid, improves the elasticity of the affected discs of the spine. It is best to take vitamins E and A together so they give each other protection from oxidation in the gastrointestinal tract. Vitamin E promotes the production of collagen.

Diagnosis of chronic vitamin deficiency

Vitamin deficiency is a serious prerequisite for the occurrence of diseases of the spine, but the lack of nutrients in the body easily be prevented in the early stages. To do this, we should listen to the body. If the bones and joints crunches, then you do not have enough calcium. Over time, the bone will become fragile and will easily break at the slightest trauma.

If the causelack of calcium eliminated, and the crunch remains, then you should check the body for arthritis.

Avitaminoz i ego posledstviya

Deficiency of vitamins is often swollen knees, in them there is burning and pain. The nature of the pain is paroxysmal, lasting a few minutes. If the deficiency continues, then there may be cramps in the legs and podkashivatsya knees.

Wake-up call to the patient should be pain and discomfort in the legs, which is localized in the knees.

Pain seemed poured from the knee cups to the feet. The reason for this is the lack of vitamin D, because thanks to him other vitamins, are absorbed and assimilated properly. If the patient goes untreated the arthritis, but you need to remember that this disease is recurrent. As soon as the immunity from the body will fall, arthritis will worsen again. To attacks of arthritis was not tortured, the patient necessarily need to monitor the condition of their joints.

Vitamins you can drink and pills, but more effective in the treatment of intramuscular medications.

Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D

The medicine is available in tablets. In this part of the complex effective for people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Thanks to calcium, strengthening the bones and magnesium helps to saturate the affected area of the spine nutrients. In this complex vitamin D helps calcium and magnesium better absorbed and provides a greater effectiveness of magnesium and calcium. Course of treatment: 30 days. Daily taken one pill every 24 hours. To purchase this medicine doesn't need doctor's prescription and additional advice.


The release form: ampoules. In vitamin B1 which improves microcirculation and promotes the process of bone formation. The dosage depends on the patient's weight and age data.


The release form: ampoules. Part of it Riboflavin restores the elasticity of the tissues in the affected area of the spine. The drug suitable for the treatment of, combines well with other medicinal forms of vitamins of group B. Effective for pain relief and eliminates symptoms of neuralgia.


The release form: ampoules. Part medications effectively restores bone marrow function. If it is not enough in the body, the patient begins to feel pain and discomfort in the lumbar or other region of the spine. A special need for this component experienced by the elderly, children and adolescents.

Vitaminnye ukoly dlya spiny


Another effective drug with vitamins Composition: vitamin B1, B6, B12, auxiliary components and lidocaine. It is used in the treatment of neuralgia, radiculitis, paresis, myalgia and other indications. You cannot use the drug to children under the age of 16 years; people suffering from cardiac insufficiency; pregnant and lactating women.

Inject the medication intramuscularly once a day for 2 ml To support the body Milgamma enough to pierce 2-3 times a week.


The release form: ampoules. Ingredients: b vitamins (B1, B6, B12) and excipients. Effective for patients suffering from ishibumi, neuralgia (including intercostal), plexitis, back pain and shoulder girdle, with the pinching of the nerve endings.

Contraindicated for children under 3 years. The medication is not administered to pregnant women; nursing mothers; people with individual intolerance of the drug components.

To eliminate the pain daily dosage is 3 ml. maintenance therapy: one vial every 24 hours for 2 times a week for 2-4 weeks.

Vitaminnye kompleksy dlya pozvonochnika

Vitamins inside improves the efficiency of any treatment of diseases of the spine. Pharmaceutical companies produce many drugs that help to restore the health of the spine.


Composition: vitamins of group B. the Drug improves carbohydrate metabolism, promotes normal functioning of the nervous system, restores the metabolic processes and tissue damage, if a person has a sore lower back.


Ingredients: Niacin and folic acid, vitamins b Complex should not be prescribed to children, it is contraindicated for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. People suffering from back pain, it helps to restore the balance of the remaining funds in the body.


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Calcium D3-Nycomed

It is a combined preparation containing vitamin D3 and calcium. Components of the drug contribute to the exchange of minerals for the process of formation of bone tissue. Calcium plays an important role in blood clotting and improve the nervous system. Vitamin D3 helps to absorb other elements in the digestive tract.

In addition, vitamins are good for the spine a person can get not only with medication, but of simple food. For example, the need for retinol can be overcome by eating vegetables and dairy products (yogurt, milk, cheese). Vitamin B1, B6, B12 are synthesized in the digestive tract themselves, if the person is not suffering from dysbiosis. If the number of minerals in the body needs, boosts the immune system and other vital processes.