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Sore back muscles along the spine, under the shoulder blades, what to do

What to do if the sore back muscles? Treatment and pain in the back completely depends on the reason. Since the spine is the main part of the axial skeleton, pain in the back muscles occur in many people. The source may be as simple fatigue, the symptoms in this case are of themselves. And a number of serious diseases, to remove which sometimes can only surgery. Pain in the back is called myalgia. It is often the myalgia is the first sign of disease in the human body.

Bolyat myshcy spiny

Causes and symptoms

To understand, why hurt the back muscles it is important to identify the cause of the disease. It is not necessary to do this on their own, not to wait for complications, it is best to contact an experienced doctor.


Fatigue is the most popular reason for muscle pain in different places along the spine mainly in the lumbosacral region. And may overstretch the muscle, as from severe physical exertion and prolonged stay in one uncomfortable position. For example, sitting, standing in uncomfortable position and even lying on a bad bed.

Overwork causes the release of lactic acid – it is a result of myalgia. This pain problem resolves itself within a few days of good rest. If after 2 weeks the problem has not disappeared, it makes sense to think about another cause of pain.


Means inflammation of skeletal muscles as a consequence of:

  • Different infections (SARS, chronic tonsillitis flu);
  • Parasites;
  • Hypothermia;
  • Muscle cramps;
  • Injuries;
  • Surge.

Localization of the disease can be in any area of the back. Often suffer from cervical and lumbar. Sometimes that aching back muscles along the spine. Local pain, increased by palpation, possible dermatological changes. Treatment of myositis is based on its cause. Typically, the myositis treatable with medication in combination with physiotherapy. Sometimes when complications requiring hospitalization of the patient.

Diseases of the joints

Osteochondrosis, arthritis and arthrosis of the spine is a disease characterized by inflammation and deformation of cartilage. Thus there is a pinched nerve fibers of the intervertebral disks, causing pain in the muscles of the back. Such diseases affects mostly people with a sedentary lifestyle and overweight. These diseases are very insidious, as can be felt immediately.

Low back pain, but pain in the muscles of the back, accompanied by a migraine. Pain syndrome paroxysmal, lasts up to 6 hours. Even strong painkillers are not always able to cope with it. If the disease is not treated, it progresses, other symptoms are added. Such as high blood pressure, dizziness, numbness of extremities, loss of coordination.

Bolezni sustavov

Arthrosis and arthritis are characterized by pain symptoms when bending the torso. Pain local: pull, sometimes causing a feeling of stiffness. The patient becomes easier when it is at rest. Such complaints need to contact your therapist and the doctor-osteopath.

As the treatment is granted a special manual therapy, diet and physical therapy.

Diseases of internal organs

If sore back muscles under the shoulder blades – this can be a symptom of diseases of respiratory organs and heart. Pain in the muscles of the lower back is often a symptom of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In this area the discomfort and pain syndromes can also be associated with genital organs and urinary system. If for similar reasons, sore back muscles what to do tell the doctor. As a rule, treatment of the patient internal organ, and myalgia goes away.

bolezni organov dyhaniya i serdca

Congenital abnormalities

In the presence of pathological asymmetries of the body can muscle painback due to compression of nerve roots by intervertebral discs. For example, the syndrome of the shortened legs. Even mere millimeters of leg length difference, creating a lot of problems with the spine. Such violations of the spinal axis arise due to the curvature of the pelvis and flat feet. Pain pinching, especially in the back in the blades often occur in people suffering from scoliosis.

Herniated disc

Is characterized by deformation of the intervertebral disc and its shift beyond the necessary boundaries. As with osteoarthritis, the symptoms can show up immediately. Localized hernia may in any part of the spine but most commonly affected are the lumbosacral segment.

Gryzha mezhpozvonochnogo diska

Pathology occurs due to acquired or genetic curvature of the spine, disorders of metabolism in the body of the disc or trauma. Strong muscular back pain occurs due to disc pressure on the nerve roots. It can be part of numbness and weakness in the muscles. Depending on localization of hernia may be sick:

  • In the lumbosacral region the patient will feel pain in the lower back, buttocks, maybe even the knees and feet.
  • In the upper part of the lower back pain sometimes gives to the thigh.
  • In the thoracic pain syndrome can occur in the hands, shoulders, shoulder blades and chest.

To identify illness helps MRI. The treatment prescribed by the doctor. As a rule, massage, physiotherapy, physiotherapy, wearing a corset, drug treatments, in complex cases, surgery is needed.


This offset higher relative to the underlying vertebra. This files most often occurs in the lumbosacral region, but may appear in any location in the spine. The main symptoms is discomfort and pain in the muscles of the waist, in the legs, numbness and weakness in the lower extremities. Mostly this disorder affects men, who are engaged in heavy physical work. Spondylolisthesis may be congenital or acquired due to injury.


Diagnosed this disease, thanks to a series of laboratory studies, MRI and electromyography. Treatment, depending on the severity of the disease, is conservative and surgical. The first involves: taking anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-swelling therapy, strengthen muscular corset by means of physical exercises and physiotherapy.

Compression fracture

Occurs due to mechanical trauma, not only because of the local impact, the fracture can occur as a result of the fall of man in the legs or buttocks, but if you drop the cargo on your back and shoulders. A compression fracture happens and a consequence of diseases of bones and spine. If the fracture is originated by the first cause, the pain will be sharp, if the pathology arose immediately, but because of illness myalgia is aching and dull. Additional symptoms may be tension in the muscles, numbness of the skin, weakness in the limbs, pain in the chest.

The reason is revealed by x-rays of the spine in two projections, in some cases, using MRI or computed tomography. Therapy takes place mainly in a hospital in spinal traction, are also used medicines to relieve the pain. When the fracture heals, the patient must wear a special support corset and go through reparative therapy.

Treatment and diagnosis

When the pain occurs in the back muscles causes it is important to identify as soon as possible, without waiting for complications. Until the source of the disease, treatment can be started, so as not to aggravate the situation. Even experienced doctors to identify the nature of pain the back muscles need to conduct some research. Depending on the complexity of the problem, diagnosis may include:

  • Clinical examination;
  • X-rays;
  • Magnetic resonance therapy;
  • Computed tomography;
  • Laboratory research;
  • Myofascial diagnosis.

In each situation, the treatment strategy can differ significantly and even be completely opposite. Therefore, only a doctor should prescribe the right course of therapy. If the pain is paroxysmal and you urgently need to ease the condition, will help anestesiada ointment (in the pharmacy like a lot) or a means of warming for external use with the red pepper. After sports or other physical fatigue muscles hurt back what to do? Save warming ointment, warm shower, massage and a woolen belt.

If you feel that pulls back better to lie down, choosing a comfortable position and relax a bit. The rest should be much easier. Also help non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, painkillers and gentle massage. The cause of the pain can become pinched nerve roots even in case of unsuccessful movement. This is especially true in the area between the shoulder blades. In such a situation will quickly help manualtherapy.

The prevention of pain

  • Be sure to do exercises. If you are doing it yourself, ask how to do the exercises correctly. Incorrect execution of even the simplest elements can have the opposite effect.
  • Your bed should be as comfortable as possible, with a flat hard mattress and high pillow.
  • Always try to maintain good posture, especially when working at a Desk and computer. The chair or chair is ergonomically designed to support your back.
  • Avoid long position in the same position. Dedicate at least a little time to warm up.
  • If you need to stay long, find the fulcrum, to reduce the load on the back.
  • Lift things correctly, not back, and legs. This means that if you weight lifting need to sit down and not bend over.
  • When walking, the eyes must look at the level of 2-3 floors, then turn out to be no slouches.
  • Follow the figure. Unnecessary or overly light weight adds health.
  • If you wear a heavy backpack, wear it correctly: on both arms from behind, putting him tentatively on the chair.
  • For the back muscles and the spine is very useful to swim.
  • Follow a proper balanced diet. Lack of vitamins and minerals can sometimes also provokes some diseases.
  • Not SuperCool. In the cold season, make sure that the clothes were warm and fully covered back.