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Neuralgia is back: symptoms and treatment, folk remedies

Many people are concerned about issues that such a neuralgia of the back, what are the symptoms of the disease and how to treat it. This pain in the spinal region is a common symptom, which often can be linked neuralgia. It is caused by lesions of peripheral nerves that occur as a result of compression of rib, muscle mass and displacements of the discs of the spine. The jamming affected mostly the intercostal nerves of the areas in which they protrude from the pillar of the vertebra. Such pain character aching and sharp. In rare cases, they can be burning and manifest as attacks recurring periodically.

Nevralgiya spiny


Neuralgia in the back symptoms:

  • Pain localized in the nerves;
  • Sweating;
  • Muscle instability – their trembling, weakness;
  • Redness of the skin along the affected area;
  • Unusual paleness along the affected area.

Neuralgia of the back is often the result of sudden movements, heavy physical exertion, sleep in certain positions. Also contribute to its appearance can low temperature, stress, drafts, and injuries of the spinal region.


Neuralgia of the thoracic spine may develop as a result of damage and deformity of the chest. After the transfer of infections, allergies and injuries of the nervous system, its appearance will not be a surprise. Reduced rates of immune system, other diseases of the vertebrae and muscle tension will become a good Foundation for the formation of the disease. Intercostal neuralgia – the same thing that the and spinal. They are often identified in medicine. The risk factors can cause the disease include:

  • Alcoholic beverages;
  • Lack of vitamins, especially In group;
  • Problems with digestion;
  • Cardiovascular disease;
  • Diabetes.

Neuralgia of the thoracic spine has the following symptoms:

  • Bright pain in the intercostal space;
  • These pains are aggravated by sudden movements, while coughing and sneezing;
  • Pain is characterized by decreased sensitivity of the tissues of the affected area;
  • They can be given in cardiac region.

Cervical and occipital departments

Neuralgia of the spine cervical and occipital division is characterized by damage to the nerves of those divisions, which leave the column of vertebrae. Pain the front of the head and around the eyes can often be accompanied by numbness of the hands. Risk factors contributing to the formation of neuralgia of the cervical and occipital departments, the following:

  • Damage to these areas;
  • Postural defects;
  • Infectious disease;
  • Diseases of the blood vessels;
  • Diabetes;
  • Varieties of osteoarthritis.

Nevralgiya pozvonochnika shejnogo i zatylochnogo otdela

Neuralgic affliction of these divisions is accompanied by shooting pain and bright with a duration of up to 5 minutes. The nature of pain has not been studied, but there is a widespread belief that the infection of herpes can cause changes in the nodes of the trigeminal nerve, which contributes to the manifestation of particularly bright painful experiences.


Treatment of neuralgia of the back, delivered on time, able to relieve those suffering from from painful sensations, and their traces. When back pain is a valid therapy, which aims to remove the pain attacks. However, the specialist will need to examine in detail the symptoms and treatment to prescribe, or to hold in accordance with them.

Wondering how to treat neuralgia, it is important to realize that without proper consultation and visit to a specialist all the activities carried out at home, is unacceptable. This is caused by the fact that rare may distinguish the neurological manifestations of the symptoms of a heart attack, pancreatitis, cholecystitis and other diseases. In the presence of such ailments timely professional help can be crucial in predicting and identifying an accurate diagnosis.

lechenie nevralgii

For the treatment of neuralgia often use manual therapy, pokalyvanie needles and acupressure. Found common application and the currents of the pulsed nature, magnetic therapy and ultrasound methods of influence. Tomeasures rather the prevention, but not treatment include exercise, electrophoresis and some types of physiotherapy.

Neuralgia of back symptoms has varied, but the most common is pain. With a view to its elimination are applied analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs non-steroidal in nature. Can also be used procaine blockade.

Especially during the acute attacks may be a healing massage that can lead to muscle tone and relax them. In some cases, can be used anti-inflammatory drugs and distractions that are designed to act gently on the nerve roots and reduce pain. Often any muscle, located in close proximity to the lesion, may atrophy. In such cases, a massage therapy with the aim of returning sensitivity and efficiency.

Folk remedies

In order to achieve the maximum effect of treatment, traditional medicine is often combined with traditional methods of therapy. This combination can contribute to a pronounced curative effect.

However, it is worth remembering that the use of neuralgia of national resources is permitted only after a detailed examination of and detect the exact source of pain and diagnosis. This need is due to the fact that the heavy defeat of the heart muscle can be characterized by the same symptoms as the nerve endings of the thoracic region. The first disease is rarely amenable to the action of traditional medicine and may require completely different methods of therapy.

To eliminate the pain, you can apply by rubbing the juice of black radish varieties. A great analgesic effect characterized by leaves of a geranium, they need to grind and apply to affected areas. Subject movement, you will need to bandage the affected area and wrap a warm cloth.

As a local sedative in neuralgia, good will be a infusion of wormwood. For internal use smart tool will be the infusion of sleep-grass.

For the manufacture of such infusion will need to take faceted glass named herb and pour boiling water. After the grass settled, the reception recommended a teaspoon up to 5 times a day. It is important to consider one thing: freshly picked dream-grass poisonous enough for use in the treatment of neuralgia only dried leaves.

Dlya lecheniya nevralgii grudnoj oblasti mozhno primenyat tertyj hren

For the treatment of neuralgia of chest area you can apply the grated horseradish. The leaves of it are superimposed on the painful area, and over them made from tying woolen materials.

The symptoms of neuralgia are treated well by the action of peppermint. You will need the broth. It may be cooked, taking a pinch of crushed mint, cover them with boiling water and let steep for 15 minutes. After that, the broth is decanted and taken in an amount of 50 ml for the night.

The main component of drugs for neuralgia in folk medicine used the juice of the fruit of the black elderberry. It is mixed to good wines and taken before meals in quantities of 2-3 tablespoons. Treatment such means is up to a week.

Hop cones can be especially useful if they pour boiling water and infuse for half an hour. Infusion taken from these cones three times a day a single Cup at the reception.

romashkovyj nastoj

For the treatment of neuralgia of other localizations applied chamomile infusion, which is able to not only eliminate pain, but to provide a calming effect, and to save you from leg cramps.

Acute attacks traditional methods require cooking hard-boiled eggs. The egg is cut, is applied to the affected area. According to folk healers, the pain together with the cooling of the eggs.


As a preventive measure when any kind of neurological symptoms and complications good treatment will be the oil from the fruit of garlic. It is not necessary to cook at home, as it is freely sold over the counter. This oil is the basis for a special tincture, which consists of a tablespoon of garlic oil and half a liter of vodka. It's grate exposed to the chamber region in order to prevent manifestations of neuralgia.

A good preventive measure is the use of the leaves of the agave. After their initiation potential areas of the lesion can be felt as a tingling and burning sensation that quickly wears off. To prevent irritation to the impact of the agave often applied fresh homemade cheese.