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After eating back pain under the shoulder blades, at the level of the stomach, in the area of the kidneys

Back pain after eating is a common symptom that usually indicates problems with the digestive system. But can signal about the problems with the back. Therefore, you should not self-medicate, if these symptoms began to torment on a regular basis – as soon as possible visit your doctor. Because a variety of problems can cause back pain after eating.

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In cases where a person is constantly in pain after eating radiating to the back, it is advisable to consult a doctor to understand why. Most likely, your problem is treated by a gastroenterologist, but sometimes it turns out another doctor. Therefore, you will first visit the therapist's office. If long time not to pay attention to the problem, any disease can only progress. Most often the reason lies in the disruption of the functioning of the digestive organs. Stomach, liver, pancreas, gall bladder, and sometimes kidneys. After people had dinner, dramatically increases the voltage of the gastrointestinal tract, and manifested pain syndrome.

Aggravation of ulcers

If after eating began to hurt the stomach, and to give back, pay attention to any accompanying symptoms:

  • Sick, vomiting with the feeling of acid. After this condition is facilitated;
  • Pain syndrome suffer not only after meals, but on the contrary, on an empty stomach. Night pain can also begin;
  • The pain is often accompanied by severe heartburn;
  • It becomes worse if the patient is under physical or mental stress. It becomes easier during the holidays;
  • The pain can give not only in the back, but the breast area;
  • If the pain irradiiruet in the back, it is usually especially painful.

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Perforation of gastric ulcer

This is one of the most dangerous complications of gastric ulcer. To quickly determine that it is time to call an ambulance, please note the following symptoms:

  • The pain came sharp and unbearable, like a dagger in the abdominal area;
  • Any movement worsen the condition, the patient instinctively tries not to move, even holding his breath;
  • It hurts usually on the right or in the center;
  • The pain quickly spread throughout the abdominal region, pain sharply gives in interscapular and shoulder region of the back;
  • The abdominal muscles are very tense, the stomach begins to remind the Board and hardens.

The inflammatory process of the pancreas

When the acute inflammation of the pancreas, the patient think that hurts not only the belly, the lumbar region of the back. But the pain – that the dying cells of the pancreas. Body is close to the rear wall of the peritoneum, so the attack irradiiruet in the lower back. In addition, pancreatitis talks about himself a sharp rise in body temperature and blood pressure, excessive sweating, blanching of the face and constant nausea.

Colic liver

If evident liver tingling, symptoms immediately. Thus give pain in the back, and at first it may seem that the problem is in it, for example, in some neurological disorders. Can a person in this state to begin self-treatment, using pills to cure stomach. To determine if such a violation as colic in the liver, refer to accompanying symptoms:

  • Sick, and then vomits, and after this is not easy;
  • The pain comes sharp and intense, localized right under the ribs. Gives back, cervical region, shoulder girdle and the rest of the abdominal cavity;
  • The skin pales and sweats. In some cases the skin turns yellow in this case;
  • Tormented by excessive flatulence. If you touch the stomach pain intensifies, and the muscles are very tense. If you knock on the bottom right edge, the pain becomes much stronger;
  • Urine darkens and the stool on the contrary lose color.

Complications in the pancreas is one of the most common causes of pain in back after eating. Pain are surrounding the character. Sometimes stabbing well-localized points under the shoulder blades, and right in the dorsal region.


Attack cholecystitis

The symptoms generally resemble the symptoms of biliary colic, but there are specific symptoms by which one can understand that the patient is tormented by an attack of cholecystitis:

  • Painful sensations become stronger if to palpate the gall bladder, when the patient inhales;
  • Again, the pain piercing my if to knock with the hand on the lower right edge;
  • At the moment when the patient tries to raise the right lower limb at a right angle, the condition worsens.

Gallbladder is often causes such symptoms as pain radiating to back after eating. The pain is usually pressing, hurts between the shoulder blades and under the right shoulder blade. It may seem that my mouth is dry or bitter.


In situations when a person after meals immediately or almost immediately feels back pain, often there is such widespread disease, as osteochondrosis. Tellingly, degenerative processes of the intervertebral discs not only can themselves create pain in the back. If pinched certain nerves responsible for the digestive organs will be disrupted their work. So, together will torment the pain is of two types: simultaneous back and stomach; radiating from the abdomen to the back.


The normal function of internal organs is due to the correct and quick transmission of information from the spinal cord through the nerves. If the nerves are pinched, worsening of nerve impulses. Begins to suffer the nerves corresponding to these organs. The pain occur either become not only after meals but also after physical activity. If after sudden movements you suffer pain, surely the problem is not only in the digestive system, but in osteochondrosis.

The diet for back pain after eating

When a person after eating, pain in the back, a main recommendation of a nutritionist will be gentle diet. Processing bodies require careful handling. On a daily basis table must be filled with light dishes, grilled and without strong flavor. Need less salt food, do not eat pickles. It is necessary to minimize the consumption of fat: fat, sausages, butter. These seemingly healthy foods, like onions and garlic can be irritating inflammation of the affected organs. Alcoholic beverages is unacceptable, at least during the period of exacerbation. They are too heavily burden the liver and kidneys.

Gazirovannye napitki

Fizzy drinks with lots of sugar affect the pancreas. Salads – good, but not fill them with mayonnaise sauce. Better choice of fresh yogurt, sour cream, sunflower or olive oil. Among the second dishes should dominate cereal, such as buckwheat. Vegetable soups and dairy products will be very useful.