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For pneumonia back pain: causes, diagnosis, treatment and complications

Back pain pneumonia – one of the main symptoms. As a rule, it is manifested already in a dangerous stage of inflammation when the infection has affected the pleura, of the lungs. Irradiiruet in the back pain associated with the rhythm of the breath, back pain exacerbated in breath. Hardest pain syndrome pierces the back in moments of coughing. Remember that if pneumonia back pain, you should immediately inform your doctor.

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Back pain can remind them of digestive system diseases, radiculitis, nerve compression. Or even heart problems if chest pain is already strongly expressed. In order not to confuse pneumonia with a large number of other pathologies in which pain also radiates to the back, you need to remember one thing. While pneumonia observed correlation of pain with inhalation and exhalation. During moments of coughing hurts so much stronger. In addition, you have the following symptoms:

  • Rises heat. If the temperature rose too high, it may be accompanied by a sensation of cold in the body. Can torturing cramps;
  • A General feeling of malaise and lack of strength;
  • Excessive sweating, especially during sleep;
  • Headache sometimes begins to throb in my temples;
  • Lost appetite, feel sick, and vomit;
  • Difficult to sleep, may occur, mild hallucinations, she is confused, lost a sense of reality;
  • The heart beats faster, pale skin, sometimes appear bluish veins.

One of the main distinguishing features of pneumonia is a cough. First dry, then becomes wet. Discharge from respiratory tract slimy, sometimes mixed with pus or even bloody footprints. At the time of cough pain especially painful given in the back on the side where the inflammation is more clearly expressed.

The patient becomes hard to breathe due to serushago feeling his chest and back. Hard to move the respiratory muscles due to General exhaustion and pain.

To determine the presence of pneumonia and its features, the doctor listens to the lung sound, listen to the breath and voice of the patient. X-rayed, in order to understand where and to what extent the localized focus of the inflammatory process. Matters, whether aching back with pneumonia – because this symptom could indicate a dangerous proximity to complications.


You need to pay attention to the fact that radiates to your back pain – symptom of the adverse course of the disease. After all, it most likely is because the inflammation has affected the pleura. If the pain in pneumonia irradiiruet in the back as soon as possible consult a doctor. Or may become the victim of complications of pneumonia.


The pleural cavity may be filled with infected fluid lungs (pleural effusion). The result of pain begins to give in the side, there is a sense of gravity. Manifest respiratory failure. So it became easier to breathe, the patient begins to unconsciously rest their hands on something solid. Harder to breathe lying, so the possibility to sleep only in a sitting or semi-sitting position.

Strands of fibrin may fall and stick to each other (fibrinous pleurisy). The patient feels sharp pain on inspiration radiating to the back. Sometimes breathing is so painful that the only option left is to do a very weak breaths. In the result of respiratory failure only progresses.



The world Health Organization created a list of contemporary recommendations for treatment of pneumonia that are suitable including in order to stop back pain inflammation of the lungs:

  • If for some reason it is not possible to keep a patient in the clinic, inflammation is allowed to heal at home. But the medical specialist should monitor the disease, and the patient is constantly obliged to donate blood;
  • Means antibiotics should be used with caution. Not too long to use such medications to prevent patient harm. This is not before necessary to stop the course that the body no living germs;
  • After the person has become easier, yet you cannot say that he recovered. It does not mean that the infection is destroyed. And if you stop the treatment is not timely, the inflammation can Wake up again;
  • As the increased body temperature helps a person to cope with bacteria, should not be reduced if it does not exceed 38,5;
  • Inflamed lung tissue become defenseless against the various strains. Not to hurt them take antibiotics is necessary from time to time to make x-ray study;
  • You need to ensure that the dosage of medicines no longer than absolutely necessary. Body and so weakened, andit is possible that it will be hard to process a large number of third-party agents. Another thing is that sometimes you have to increase the dosage of medicines. Indeed, in the opposite case, the prognosis may be unfavorable.