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Lower back pain after epidural anesthesia after delivery, treatment

Back pain after epidural anesthesia due to medical errors, chronic diseases, deformities of the vertebral tissue. Most often, these pains go away by themselves, without use of specific therapy. Surgical intervention may be required if a complication of epidural anesthesia became infectious accumulation of pus.

Bolit spina posle epiduralnoj anestezii - chto delat?

What is epidural anesthesia?

This kind of analgesic is also known as epidural anesthesia. Substances are entered by method of catheterization, the effect is due to the fact that the nerve impulses no longer reach the spinal canal. Often epidurals are used in case of pregnant women. It is also used:

  • As an additional anaesthesia when General anaesthesia;
  • As an analgesic local action in urologic or plastic surgery;
  • For General anesthesia for caesarean section. The mother is not deprived of consciousness, but feels no pain;
  • To eliminate pain after surgery;
  • In the case of intolerable attacks of vertebrogenic pain.

Lidocaine, ketamine, pain killers or other local action is entered into the space of the spinal canal. Epidural anaesthesia takes about ten minutes. That the patient did not experience pain during catheterization of the spine, originally performed additional anaesthetize the puncture site.

Indications and contraindications

Use of epidural anaesthesia in the following situations:

  • Severe pain during childbirth;
  • The child begins to experience a shortage of air;
  • Underwent caesarean sections;
  • Born have two or more children;
  • The woman has a serious disease in history;
  • The child is the wrong place inside the uterus.

Also used by surgeons before surgery on the digestive organs and the lower extremities. Allows to eliminate muscle spasms, to minimize blood loss during surgery.

It is unacceptable to carry out an epidural, if present:

  • Inflammation and suppuration within the spinal column;
  • Dermatological rashes with pus;
  • Heart problems;
  • Low blood clotting;
  • Pathology of the Central nervous system.

A large excess weight, some diseases of the spine and a minority may also be grounds for refusal of doctors from the epidural.

Back pain after surgery

Back pain after epidural anesthesia occur in the following cases:

  • The catheter was stopped in the spinal canal for a long time, and began to form accumulations of pus in this region of the spine;
  • Makes itself known intervertebral hernia protrusion. Worse pinched nerves react to the active ingredients epidural anesthesia;
  • Irritation of the nerve root of the spine;
  • Felt damaged during catheterization of the fabric.

In addition, pain can cause medical mistakes during epidural anesthesia:

  • The puncture was done wrong and provoked subcutaneous hemorrhage;
  • Been damaged nervous tissue, has worsened the transmission of nerve impulses. In this case, there may be a loss of sensitivity and even mobility;
  • Was deformed cartilage of the vertebral column at the moment of puncture.

May cause phantom pain. It's no wonder the psyche in surgical operations, including cesarean section, experiencing a trauma. Unconsciously the man is afraid that his health has been harmed, and seen unreasonable, psychosomatic pain.

When the pain will go away

Not all patients undergoing surgery, experiencing pain due to epidural anesthesia. Will there be the pain in the rehabilitation period depends on the professionalism of doctors, the severity of the disease, the immune system of the patient.

If the source of the pain that the body is heavily experienced inputs the needle and catheter into the vertebral tissue, the unpleasant symptoms will quickly go away. Perhaps the patient will be assigned to oral pain relievers if the symptoms become serious.

Another thing – if it hurts as a result of injury of nerve or connective tissue. The pain syndrome may not leave the patient for many days or even weeks. Depend on the duration will be on how quickly the patient brought his problem to the medicalspecialists. And how effective, appropriate measures have been taken.

What to do

First and foremost, doctors need to understand why torturing pain after epidural anesthesia. This may be assigned electromyographic study or magnetic resonance imaging.

After determining the cause of pain case is assigned adequate therapy. She can set tasks such as:

  • Improving blood circulation in the affected area;
  • Stimulation of recovery of the deformed nerves. Apply physiotherapy methods, such as magnetic fields or nizkochastotnoi current;
  • Medication problems. Following the recommendation to apply those or other means consult a doctor;
  • If there are purulent accumulations may be assigned to remove them surgically;
  • Psychological correction.

kak ustranit boli

Post-Natal period

If the light came the baby, and the mother is tormented by pain syndrome after epidural anesthesia, you should start to visit a chiropractor or a massage therapist. Such procedures have positive effects:

  • The acceleration of blood circulation in the diseased part of the spine;
  • Withdrawal muscle spasms
  • Return to the physiological state of ligaments and vertebrae
  • Improvement of mobility, disappearance of feelings of stiffness.

In nine cases out of ten pain after epidural anesthesia disappear. Not to worry, most likely it will take a few pain pills. Do not forget to consult with your doctor, does one method or another with breastfeeding and post-operative period.

Another thing, if there was a medical error or was developing an infection. In such a situation may require a new surgical treatment. Abscesses have to be opened to drain purulent accumulations.

If you have pain, perhaps, there are problems with the spine. To spend their prevention, try to move more, to lose weight. So you will be able to avoid too much load on your spinal discs in the post-Natal period.