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Back pain when sitting: what is it, causes, treatment, prevention

Lower back pain when sitting occur in people with increased physical strain on the back, with abnormalities and diseases of the spine. Besides pain are subjected to those patients who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Symptoms can vary from burning pain to baking and pulling nature of the pain and spasms. Pain when sitting occurs and if the person leans forward so zaselyalsya intervertebral discs and the consequence is pain. One of the causes of such pain may be degenerative disc disease, which thickens the discs between the vertebrae.

Bolit spina kogda sidish

The main causes of pain

Pain can arise from many factors, but if it starts with sitting, then surely its causes:

  • Diseases of the spine. It can be osteochondrosis, hernia, curvature of the spine. Also factor in the origin of pain is the protrusion, osteoarthritis. If the patient has one of these diseases, and he spent a long time sitting at a Desk or computer with time the pain will appear.
  • Muscle spasms due to the disruption of muscle tissue. When the seat fabric more tense and provoke the pain.
  • Infection with a lesion of the spine in the lumbar area.
  • Inflammation of the internal organs of the pelvis. Thus give pain in the abdomen and lower back.
  • Large patient's weight or bad posture. These two factors cause an uneven load on the lumbar spine and cause Seating discomfort.

Often there is pain in the lumbar spine during prolonged sitting with lumbodynia. The nature of pain aching, Irigaray in the gluteus muscle and leg. The unpleasant sensations when sitting; when the person abruptly gets up; starts walking. The reason for lumbalgia: low temperature or the heavy load when doing sports. Can be acute or chronic. If you click on an interspinal ligament or lean forward, the pain is worse. If the person leans back, the pain goes away.

Another cause of the pain may be coccyx disease. The pain is localized in the coccyx, giving to the abdomen, waist and hips.

Often the cause of pain in the lumbar starts with inflammation in the sciatic nerve. If you constantly tighten the belt (zone) or sitting on a hard surface there is a sharp pain. There is discomfort when sitting in the back and in the prostate. Unpleasant symptoms are worse when sitting or urinating.

Types of pain

Doctors divide the character of the pain: primary and secondary.

  • Primary are related to the vertebrae, disks between the vertebrae, the surrounding muscles and ligaments. It is osteochondrosis, spasms of the muscles under heavy loads when playing sports, scoliosis, disc displacement, etc.
  • The secondary is injuries to different parts of the spine, tumors, osteoporosis, diseases of internal organs, etc. these include the kidneys, blood vessels, gynecological diseases, prostatitis, neurological disease.


Often the patient, after feeling unwell, he begins to self-medicate applying to the affected area with warm compresses or a heating pad, rubbing it alcohol rastertime and creams, doing massage. In rare cases, through such measures can temporarily relieve pain, but often self-medicate you can hurt yourself and lose valuable time.

If back pain for a long period of time, it is a chance to consult a doctor who will examine you and understand the cause of the pain.

kak sohranit zdorove pozvonochnika pri sidyachej rabote

An easy warm-up

A number of simple exercises will help to maintain the health of the lumbar and do not give pain and discomfort to break into your life.

  • Take a chair with a low backrest, put your hands on your head. Put your hands into the lock. Carefully and slowly bend back so that the back of the chair rested on the lower back. Inhaled, making the back arch when you exhale, do a forward bend. A number of approaches: 4.
  • Sit on a chair, bolt upright. Put legs apart. Then raise hands up. The left hand clasps the right wrist. Then lean to the left, pulling your right hand. Change hands and side, which bend. The exercise is done, without rising from his chair. This man should feel the tension of muscles in the arms and waist. The number of repetitions from 5 to 10 on each side.
  • The following exercise is divorced of the hands on the inhale and on the exhale breeding. Starting position: sitting on a chair, print in front of him with both hands. Mixing and dilution of the hands should occur with stress.
  • Sit on the middle chair, planted his feet. Take his left hand by the left edge of the chair. Right hand put on the left thigh. Drawn, turning to the left. Hold for a few seconds in this position, straining the muscles of the back. Return to original position. Changing hand and direction of rotation. Repeat 10 times.