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Back pain at night: what to do after childbirth, the old man

Night back pain for many reasons. During sleep people having napoloenic and whole back in General, the impact of his body. Of course, the load is less than during the day, standing that night found many diseases of the musculoskeletal system. One of the common causes of pain is low back pain. He is a pathological process in the tissues surrounding the vertebrae. Pain in the lumbar region at night often accompany it, because the pressure on the tissue leads to compression of vessels and cessation of blood circulation. Frequently during sleep starts crushing the roots, which also causes severe pain.

It is important to consult a doctor as the pain may indicate the development of dystrophic or dysplastic processes in the bones. It is important to differentiate back pain – sometimes it can be a trivial jamming, which requires urgent treatment. The main symptom of pathology is the duration and constant frequency.

Pochemu nochu bolit spina?

Pay attention to the place where you sleep. A man sleeps 10 hours a day, thus spending almost a third of your life. Need to sleep on a comfortable bed, preferably an orthopedic mattress – it prevents the sick person from different pathologies, such as degenerative disc disease and scoliosis.

Causes of pain during sleep

Inside the spine is the spinal cord. He is the conduit between the brain and the rest of the body. As it innervates the internal organs, and skeletal muscles. The spine is surrounded by a massive layer of muscle, the muscle corset. He maintains it in a smooth condition the spine, not allowing him to bend to the side.

Spasms and cramps of skeletal muscles occur for reasons of pain or disturbances in metabolism. The high content of calcium in the blood will lead to entrapment. A separate point is highlighted the negative impact of the environment – cold, uncomfortable position.

The main reason why a person has a sore back, is a group of diseases, somehow associated with damage to the nerve plexus at the level of the waist, chest and neck. Such diseases include intervertebral hernia, osteochondrosis, scoliosis. All they on their symptoms one way or another affect the spinal roots.

According to most practitioners, back pain during sleep in most cases, the cause of the following diseases:

  • Scoliosis;
  • Osteochondrosis;
  • Disc herniation;
  • Disorders of the articular surfaces of the sacrum and neck.


Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine. It's pathologically dangerous violation of the spine and spinal cord, which performs multiple functions of maintaining the internal organs. In addition, under the blow fall, the intervertebral discs. It causes a secondary disease – intervertebral hernia.

During sleep people often changes position changes. Sometimes the position can be extremely uncomfortable for the curvature of the spine that often causes the enhancement of processes. Muscle tone changes causing additional distortion. During sleep when severe scoliosis requires the use of corsets.

In children especially it is important to use the correct choice of mattresses. They should not be too soft or hard – the right mattresses usually have recommendations from orthopaedic surgeons, and a skilled consultant will be able to choose the right mattress depending on the requirements for the back.


Low back pain is age-related disease. The essence of it in the growth of bone tissue, with partial or complete damage to the ligaments that will cause the full disease, which is accompanied by the development of paravertebral hematomas and violation of the integrity of the intervertebral discs.

pochemu voznikaut boli v spine po nocham

Due to degenerative disc disease back pain often the person at night. Getting sick can be at any time, for example, at the time, like a man trying to fall asleep. The most difficult is lumbar degenerative disc disease, since the pain often irradiiruet to the level of the lower extremities, causing numbness of the legs during recovery, and seizures.

If developing breast or cervical degenerative disc disease, the patient may complain that his back hurts in the blades. Such pain is characteristic for the vast chondrocytes formations, which are extremely dangerous to work the upper extremities, lungs, heart and upper part of the alimentary tract.

Disc herniation

The intervertebral disc is the shock absorber of the human spine. Like a spring in the car, it dampens vibrations from the bottomextremities, thereby keeping the structure of the vertebrae. In addition, the disc allows the spine to remain flexible. It consists of nucleus pulposus and fibrous sheath, which restrains the core.

Disc herniation is an extremely dangerous diseases to humans. Disruption of the spinal cord caused by the hernia can lead to extremely dangerous consequences due to dysfunction of internal organs and skeletal muscles. Hernia is formed due to damage to the fibrous sheath.

Falling asleep when herniated, it is often impossible. Ill usually can sharply, with one side close to the spine. This is the consequence of compression of the nerve roots emerging from the spinal cord. Treatment is required urgently in order to prevent the development of organ dysfunction.

The treatment of pain

First, doctors set, why back hurts and interferes with sleep person. To do this, hold the x-ray, in some cases, an ultrasound and a blood test. Recovery is much slower due to fatigue of the person. In the absence of contraindications immediate lidocainum put a blockade in the area of the damaged nerve.

Further, according to the testimony of the attending physician, may be assigned medical therapy. With sufficient seriousness of the disease, the man is left in hospital treatment, in rare cases, performed surgery. In most cases, the person sent home, prescribing the hospital for a few days.

Often prescribe special mattresses, which allow more comfortable positioning of your back during sleep. They are not always affordable, because a good recommendation is the corset. Even choosing the right pillow can greatly improve the condition.