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Cervical radiculitis: symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prevention

Radiculitis of the cervical spine is one of the existing types of sciatica. The disease affects the spinal nerve roots in the neck. The manifestation of the disease is pain in the upper torso, numbness of the parts. The cervical spine consists of 7 vertebrae usually affects the nerve roots between the vertebrae 3-6.

Simptomaticheskie proyavleniya

According to statistics, more often suffer from a similar ailment young people under 40 years. Doctors are allocated two groups of sciatica: primary, occurs as a consequence of inflammation, which occur in the body. The secondary appears due to vertebral changes chronic.


The main signal of cervical radiculitis recognized strong pain that the patient feels in the neck area. The disease is characterized by greater severity than those hitting other areas of the spine. The patient believes that the pain is from the neck and spread to the whole body.

Cervical radiculitis is expressed below mentioned symptoms:

  • Restricted movement, turns of the neck at the sides;
  • Impaired hearing or vision, coordination of movement;
  • Pressure fluctuations in the arteries;
  • Loss of sensitivity
  • The increase in body temperature;
  • Of headache in the temporal and parietal region, subsiding in the position of a man "lying";
  • Muscle soreness;
  • Dizziness, nausea;
  • Pain in the cervical region, turning to the gap of the body to the chest; weakness of the whole body;
  • Feeling as if something stings in the extremities.


The chronic form of sciatica is accompanied by the above characteristics. However, the nature of the pain becomes constant. Perhaps a kind of alternation of signs. Happen acute illness with increasing threshold of pain. In such a situation is often observed violation of posture. Advanced stage of sciatica gives himself a burning tingling in the neck, numbness of the hands. The latter occurs because muscles lose their strength and gradually decrease the sensitivity. Severe pain haunt patients, disturbing both day and night, without time to rest.

The lack of cerebral circulation leads to deterioration of hearing, violation of walking and balance.


Factors that provoke cervical radiculitis are the following:

  • Inflammation that occur in the body;
  • Diseases of the endocrine system;
  • The presence of excess body weight;
  • The constant strain of the neck muscles;
  • A sedentary lifestyle;
  • Incorrect posture, curvature of the spine;
  • Strong load on the spine;
  • The weakening of the immune system;
  • The after age 35;
  • The long-term presence in the cold;
  • Permanent stay in cold areas;
  • Bacterial and viral diseases.


Allocate a huge number of provocateurs of sciatica in the neck. Each person they have individual feature. Cervical radiculitis as a secondary disease is caused by other pathologies of the body.

Intervertebral hernia appearing from the constant heavy loads, being in an uncomfortable position or injuries. Typically the disease affects those over 30 years old, but it happens that the disease is detected in babies. Attacks of such disease as "sciatica" – a recurring phenomenon. And if the patient is infected and any infection, appears more severe pain of an acute nature.

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It consists of a sequence of actions of doctors such as:

  • External examination specialist of neurology;
  • Check for sensitivity, reflexology and strength in muscles;
  • Computed tomography;
  • Magnetic resonance imaging;
  • The purpose of treatment or preventive measures.


Radiculitis in the cervical spine strongly expressed symptoms characteristic of the disease, to identify it quite simply.


Now there are many methods and ways of treating the disease. They are United in one desire as quickly as possible to reduce the pain, eliminate inflammation, to bring the muscles to normal. Only the use of the right methods will make it easy for short term to realize the intended goal. Usually treatment of sciaticacould take up to six months. In that case, if no positive results, the patient is recommended to undergo surgery. This proposal is justified on medical grounds, and should be performed by specialists.

Treatment with medicines. The patient is prescribed drugs, relieving pain and lowering the degree of popularnosti. The complex medicines needed for administration to the patient, included those that help relax the muscles, imprisons the spine. In the usual list of remedies is almost always, for example, Milhama or Movalis, etc. the Use of a special patch from sciatica recommended before bedtime.

Physiotherapy. This treatment method is only accessible in special centers. There, the patient undergoes magnetic therapy and acupuncture. Effective tool in the fight against disease massage neck and neck area. Good action has a procedure as electrophoresis. Strengthen overall health with regular therapeutic exercises.

Surgery is an extreme measure resorted to, if there is no improvement after conventional treatment. It consists in decompression of the nerve root. Surgery – a last resort, if other methods did not help.

Assigned therapeutic drugs can have a negative impact on the implementation by the body of their functions, therefore during treatment it is better to avoid food sticking to the diet.

Through this improves the quality of the food. Important diet and amount of food consumed. Consider the illness, many people are trying to treat and in the home. Some are struggling with sciatica outer image, others use the method of internal treatment.

The outer method is the use of various medicinal creams, ointments and lotions. Internal – ingestion of herbal decoctions, alcohol tinctures. In General, the treatment of recipes of folk medicine - use of herbs that have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect necessarily.


There are some such folk recipes that help with sciatica. Birch leaves should pour boiling water, cool to lukewarm, apply on the sore spot. The poultice should be covered with cellophane and left on the body for a couple of hours. A great option – taking mustard baths. To do this, the Cup is well kneaded powder, add it into the water. The bath is 10-15 minutes.

Many recommend the tincture on the basis of a burdock. To prepare it you need: shredded burdock roots pour vodka (0,5 l), leave to infuse for two weeks. The tool is used for grinding the area where the patient experiences pain. With the right approach to treatment manifested sciatica, the use of such traditional medicines or traditional medicines, you can leave the disease in the past, restoring the health of the neck.

Possible complications

If you do not pay attention to the symptoms of sciatica, which takes the own body, the disease can be complicated, cause the emergence of new diseases. An example of such secondary diseases is the disease of the patient with coronary disease may experience paralysis of the limbs, and often increased intracranial pressure.

Vozmozhnye oslozhneniya

To ensure that the disease stopped progressing, regularly needs to be measures that will not be faced with the emergence and further development of this serious disease.


Cervical radiculitis if it appeared once, it may return again. For people who have survived it, and those who are not faced with illness in your life, you must follow some precautions. These rules will help to avoid cervical radiculitis. So, not a long time to find a cold room, it is better to avoid all places where there are drafts. In winter time it is important to dress warmly, not forgetting the hat and scarf.

Any person who wishes to maintain health are encouraged to monitor their mode of work and rest. They must alternate, without causing discomfort to the human body. When working, which requires a constant voltage, the same position of the head and neck, just need to arrange a five-minute gymnastics, to do exercises. Otherwise, sooner or later the disease will do the job. Women should not wear very heavy things. Gravity severely affect women's frail body, creating the conditions for the appearance of first pain and then worsening the situation.

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Sciatica neck in the modern world has become quite a common disease that is simply found even in boys and girls. Sometimes it is a unique manifestation of sciatica which is caused by diseases of other systems in the body. In any case, you cannot ignore the pain and wait that everything will go alone. Timely access to a specialist – the key to quick and less painful treatment and getting rid of the disease. Plays a big role in a healthy lifestyle, the implementation of preventive measures, monitoring the state of the organism – the whole world with their systems and connecting elements, which must be under constant guard!