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How to treat myositis neck: pills, injections, folk remedies

Myositis of the neck is the result of many factors almost everyone. As you know, cervical myositis is the inflammation of tissue of the neck muscles. In most cases, the disease can self cure without seeing a doctor. Experts believe that if the neck pain was provoked myositis, not other diseases, the treatment of myositis of the neck with drugs.

CHem lechit miozit shei

Causes and symptoms

Manifestation of cervical myositis occurs most often during times of stress, sudden exposure to cold, bad sudden twists of the neck, sit or lying in an unnatural position. Pain in the neck can occur subsequently, infections, disorders of metabolism or subsequently perform the work in an unnatural position. There are cases where in trauma the wound become infected, which subsequently occurs myositis with purulent secretions. The symptoms of this complication include:

  • A sharp increase in temperature;
  • The appearance of the chills;
  • Appearance of small swellings on the neck.

According to statistics, after the injury or overstrain the disease progresses in a matter of minutes. Prolonged infectious colds, the disease becomes chronic.

Initially, the myositis preceded by severe pain that becomes unbearable when turning neck. Trying to feel the neck, you can feel what areas were affected.

In most cases, people have symptoms begin to appear in the morning as during the night, the neck swells, thus there is a fairly strong throbbing pain. Usually myositis fully passes after a few days, but if you neglect its treatment, there is a relapse, causing the disease will be delayed. When injected into injured areas of the infection is possible symptoms of fever and pain in the shoulders and chest.

Often myositis of the neck seen in children of school age. The disease occurs in most situations due to the overcooling of the neck or the different kinds of drafts. Trick can play a very soft bed and uncomfortable pillow. It should be noted that when myositis in children is difficult to notice the symptoms because they are not able to explain what their worries.

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To avoid this, you need to carefully observe the child and his behavior. Experts do not recommend to wait for the myositis itself will disappear. When symptoms persist, it is important to consult a doctor who will prescribe specialized treatment of myositis drugs for children and adults.


For the diagnosis of myositis is prescribed a blood test, thanks to which it will become clear whether there is in the body of the patient any inflammatory process. There are specialized studies, such as electromyography, confirming the presence of damage to the neck muscles. In the most extreme situations is carried out the morphological examination of tissues.

With the help of radiographs will know exactly whether there is myositis, because damaged muscle fibers accompanied by characteristic darkening. The x-rays to differentiate myositis from various manifestations of osteochondrosis.


Conservative treatment

According to leading experts, the treatment of myositis of the neck depends on an integrated approach that combines:

  • The appointment of a special diet against inflammation (exclusion from the diet of sweet, salty and spicy, as well as receiving a huge amount of vitamins);
  • Strict bed rest;
  • The use of de-worming drugs (against parasites);
  • Taking the necessary medications or serums;
  • The operation at the occurrence of purulent myositis;
  • Therapy with anti-inflammatory processes;
  • The application of special dressings or special ointments;
  • Treatment of gymnastic exercises.

Primarily in the treatment of myositis neck medications should remove all kinds of inflammation. If the infection can get into the damaged muscle, the doctor needs to prescribe special drugs. If any complication of the disease the patient is prescribedpainkillers, among which are recommended nimesulide, Ketorolac and metamizol. They can be used to temper the strong pulse of pain, and it will surely improve the state of health for some time.

It should be emphasized that the best way to treat myositis is obtained using non-steroidal means. With their help, will bring down the temperature to calm pain symptoms and slow down the inflammation. These drugs occupy a niche in modern medicine and is recommended for use in myositis. Before using drugs it is important to know the following:

  • Non-steroidal agent recommended not to drink large amounts because they detrimentally affect the body;
  • Medication should not be consumed if you have an ulcer or gastritis;
  • These drugs it is important to drink only water (one glass), otherwise the drug will
  • Not act properly;
  • It is important to use only one drug, as the use of drugs of several types is fraught with load
  • On the digestive system;
  • During treatment should be deleted reception alcohol.


Today made new antibiotics, which would not virtually cause adverse effects. Data assets include:

  • Meloxicam is a good drug that doctors recommend taking no more than twice a day;
  • Celecoxib is the perfect medication that are taking twice a day, but not more than 200 mg;
  • Arcoxia – a tool that need to be taken orally not more than once a day;
  • Xefocam is a drug which is required to take three times a day, but not more than 15 mg

The effect of the above means 12-13 hours, so the antibiotics can be consumed much less frequently. When you appearance of myositis huge contribution to the recovery makes use of massage, reducing pain and relieving inflammation. After the massage is recommended to do therapeutic gymnastic exercises.

Lechenie miozita u detej

The child treatment of myositis should be under the direct supervision of a specialist. Independently carry out therapeutic procedures of children is very undesirable because it can damage their health.

Folk remedies

Into elicit myositis work, using traditional medicine. The most effective is the use of various poultices. For example, take a damp alcohol cloth fabric and place it on all night on the neck, shook it with a scarf. In addition, another known method in which the cabbage leaves scalded in boiling water, and then applied to the neck.

Not less effective is a compress that is applied from mashed potatoes. Hold it need to until the pack has cooled, after which the neck should be wiped with alcohol and wrap. There is another solution in which the neck is applied to the grid of iodine. According to information, it gives a result in less than 10 hours.

Lechenie miozita narodnymi sredstvami

In conclusion, it is important to emphasize that the myositis is not a dangerous disease, but because of him there are disadvantages of a different nature. Adhering to the correct procedures for the treatment of myositis retreat within the number of days and the symptoms completely disappear. You should also pay attention to prevention of tissue of the neck muscles, which is as follows:

  • Avoidance of all kinds of injuries and severe draughts;
  • To avoid muscle strain;
  • Try to move as much as possible;
  • To do your own diet and to take care of the body;
  • Not to delay the treatment of diseases of an infectious nature;
  • Protect the neck from cold;
  • Try not to turn sharply;
  • Regularly stretch your neck when sitting work, to avoid congestion;
  • To sign up for a massage.

Dieta pri miozite

Also important is a special diet in myositis of the neck. At the time of illness, it is crucial to refrain from salty, spicy and fried foods. You need to take in food products that will help the body to actively produce toxins. You should also drink more water at high temperature. It is recommended to include in the diet of fatty fish because they contain polyunsaturated fatty acids.