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Breast sciatica: causes, symptoms, methods of diagnosis and treatment

Thoracic radiculitis is a common form of radiculopathy, because to treat it is not known by many. Characteristics of the disease are its symptoms similar to those that appear in diseases of internal organs. In connection with this is why many start the right treatment, the disease is gaining chronic.

grudnoj radikulit

All familiar with that sciatica is only a discomfort in the lower back, and always bent back. But in medicine, there are practices cervical and thoracic radiculitis. The pain which is accompanied by stiffness when moving. Timely diagnosis can identify the cause of pain, but people go to the hospital reluctantly.

The preconditions for the emergence of sciatica

Often the cause of sciatica are other diseases related to musculoskeletal system of the body. In case of scoliosis or degenerative disc disease primarily affects parts of the spine. The vertebral movement is easily pinching the nerve root, and this often causes a radiculitis of the thoracic spine.

Share breast sciatica. Vertebral when directly damaged vertebra, and discogenic is when after the damage of the disc decreases its shock absorbing function.

Cause of disorders in the body: hypothermia, obesity, and burnout of the vertebrae and cartilage after exercise. Pathological diseases do not always cause the disease, perhaps the emergence and development of diseases caused by injury. Cancer can cause not only the appearance of the tumor, but also become a factor for the occurrence of metastases in the chest.

At the slightest suspicion of breast sciatica is better to consult a specialist and undergo diagnosis. The doctor will determine the exact cause of your illness and prescribe treatment. Neglected going to the hospital is not worth your trouble could be caused by an autoimmune process in the joints. And this is a chronic disease.


Breast sciatica many people causes the same symptoms. Mainly manifests as acute pain. The pain can occur everywhere, not only in the back, but in the area of the chest. The pain increases with movements and exercise. In most cases it is the pain that causes people to seek medical attention and begin treatment. Breast sciatica and its symptoms can cause numbness of the extremities.

If the infringement of nerve endings, pain occurs in the upper part of the body: arms, shoulders. Cough felt a sharp pain in the chest. Can be pain in the heart, not always the pain occurs in the spine. Dyspnea, productive cough, heartburn may be indicative factor of the disease.

Any manifestations of thoracic sciatica depend on the stage of the disease, and the degree of pathological changes in the body.

These signs could indicate many other neurological pathologies in humans. Treatment will be easier if the doctor you tell all the symptoms, and go through the diagnostic procedure.

Simptomy zabolevaniya


After the call to the therapist, he will Express a preliminary opinion. It will be based on the patient's complaints. The examination is palpation, percussion and auscultation phonendoscope. The doctor is obliged to examine the thoracic, and using palpation to determine the location of the disease. Though the symptoms are similar to diseases of the lungs, percussion eliminates such guesswork. Auscultation will help eliminate heart disease.

After determining the initial diagnosis, the doctor writes a referral for testing. A blood test will determine the presence of inflammation. To determine the degree of pinching and the precise place of the problem, use computer and magnetic resonance tomography. To determine the damaged nerve will help electromyography. With the help of x-rays it is possible to identify osteoarthritis. Important advantage of radiotherapy is the ability to live to see the curvature of the spine, and the effects of a recent injury.

To test the body at a somatic pathology, which is not rare in tandem with sciatica, the doctor may refer the patient on ECG and ultrasound.

Treatment method

The use of physiotherapy exercises will help to expedite treatment, and improve health in General. The pain will subside. And over time, you will be able to increase the loadon the body, and breast sciatica will cease to bother.

Here is a list of the most common exercises:

  • In the lying position, one hand should be laid on the breast, and the second in the abdomen. It is possible that the voltage control of the muscles of the arms. Repeat the exercise 6 times.
  • Without changing his position, one should bend the knee, and his hands spread apart. Then start turns the torso. Carefully, not to cause pain.
  • Remaining in the supine position, legs bent at the knee, push to the chest, head tilt, and relax.
  • Put a couple of chairs so that they resembled the bars. Becoming between them, legs together, leave, and rise on toes while rotating your hips.

This set of exercises will not only help to cure breast sciatica, but will also improve overall health. Drug treatment prescribed to people who have breast sciatica was formed as a result of degenerative disc disease and has a distinct shape. Prescribed these medicines: Ibuprofen, Tapril, Used, Neurovitan, Chondroitinsulfat.

Metodika lecheniya

In the treatment of disease used diet. Meals should be small portions, the meal continue not less than half an hour. When consuming dairy products, you should consider the fat content. Varieties of meat to choose only low-fat. Excluded from the diet intake of spicy and smoked food.

Will guide the outcome. Breast sciatica, like any other disease is easier to prevent than to treat. Prevention will be: sport activities, the observance of a day regimen and proper nutrition.