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The patch from back pain and lower back pain: how it works, how to choose

Medicated plasters from back pain to apply very convenient – pasted, and the pain was gone. Patches are used in myositis – inflammation of muscles, osteochondrosis and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system. All these diseases are characterized by the same symptom is back pain and lower back pain.

plastyr ot boli v spine

It is a mistake to believe that the patch will eliminate the disease. The patches back pain is just a element of symptomatic therapy. Temporarily numb, hide the symptoms. And if the patch is not supported by the integrated treatment of diseases, its effect is absolutely useless.

How does the patch?

Cool patch has 3 layers:

  • The cover – based, which distributed medical items;
  • Primary – crushed drugs;
  • Adhesive – using a special substances the patch is attached to the skin.

The nature of the ingredients, the plates are divided into two groups: natural and obtained by artificial means. The advantages of the synthetic drugs of rapid action and efficiency. When back pain they are able to remove discomfort. Unlike synthetic drugs, drugs with active substances having a natural origin, are completely harmless. But not so fast: the desired effect have to wait a few hours, sometimes days.

effektivnost plastyrej ot boli v spine

To remove a painful spasm may not only use the adhesive plate. Injection or pain relief capsule can also relieve suffering. But if the medications to be applied intramuscularly or by mouth affect the entire body, the patch of back pain are able to provide point action. The advantages of the analgesic patches include minimization of side effects and high efficiency.

Substances, relieves spasms, is not required to overcome a long way through the gastrointestinal tract or circulatory system. They directly affect pain area, penetrating through the skin pores.

Another important point that made the popular use of patches, is a property not to interact with other medications. This implies that the drug label can also be applied along with other medicines, or use of combinatorial therapies.

To find out whatever patch is appropriate for the patient and how it should be used, it is better to consult a doctor. On the basis of symptoms, General condition and possible allergic reactions specialist will help you to select patches from pain in the upper back or lower back.

The types of treatment plates

According to the principle of treatment plate is divided into the following types:

  • Warming – when the product does not contain drugs. Interlocking released by the body heat, plate concentrating it in problem areas, affecting the painful areas. These drugs are used by athletes to warm up the back or get rid of post-traumatic sensations;
  • Magnetic action in these plates are used instead of drugs, substances that can integrate infrared light. Waves of this spectrum for pain in panicipated on the problem area, relieving tension and discomfort. The disadvantages of these funds are poor adhesion to the skin and the impossibility of application in the presence of RAS;
  • Drug-excipients of natural and artificial origin. Substances contained in the products, able to penetrate skin and act on the painful areas;
  • Plates with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents. Such stickers are used in acute symptoms, when it is required to immediately quench the pain. Drugs with similar content can affect the source of inflammation, but the use of the plates for a long time is undesirable because of the peculiarities of active substances included in medication.

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Which patch to choose?

Pharmaceutical companies produce various plates used for pain relief. In addition to painkillers, some of the stickers included glucosamine sulfate. This element participates in synthesis of cells of the cartilage tissues, which constitute the movable joint part and the intervertebral discs. Part of most chondroitin is a good conductor,normalizing the supply of the cartilage with the necessary nutrients and moisture. B vitamins contribute to the digestion of carbohydrates and minerals that are also necessary for normal functioning of the joints and spine.

Today pharmacies offer two types of analgesic patches:

  • The stickers with the active substances synthesized artificially, include: Voltaren, Versatis, PARAPAN, EMPA. They are produced by domestic pharmaceutical companies and companies operating abroad.
  • Plate which use natural ingredients, are mainly manufactured by Chinese manufacturers. They include concentrates of plants, the juices of which are traditionally used in Eastern medicine. Such drugs include the following: Nano Patch, Miao Lodi, ZB pain relief and others.

Regardless of the manufacturer, country of manufacturing, filling orthopedic plasters are used to treat and is able to relieve the patient from suffering, to improve General condition, to restore mobility.