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Surgery on the cervical spine: rehabilitation, consequences

Surgery on the cervical spine is usually performed in the treatment of hernia. Although a person can help the conservative, in this case drug treatment, in advanced cases we have to turn to surgery. To be least is usually resorted to if the disease was delayed and a number of symptoms that violate the vital functions. It is a complete or partial numbness, impaired urination, severe pain.

Operaciya na shejnom otdele pozvonochnika

Indications for surgery

Why in some cases you can do without a surgeon, and others necessary to carry out the operation? Let us consider disease. The main element of the skeleton is the spine. After the hand, you can find its component elements – the vertebrae. The vertebrae are connected by intervertebral discs and the cartilages of the gelatinous substance. They buffer the load on the spine. If it's a gelatinous thing falls, then the hernia is formed. Cervical hernia is a relatively rare but very dangerous.

The main causes of herniation are low back pain or neck trauma (usually during a car accident). When compression of the disc between the vertebrae just crashes as part of the shattered engine. A sedentary lifestyle, the fullness and bad habits increase the likelihood of its appearance – weak muscles can't hold the disk as does not hold detail of rusty iron.

If the patient suffers from additional diseases of the bone or failed to undergo drug treatment, the disease remains to be treated with surgical intervention. This is not uncommon due to the fact that any injury of the spine, especially the cervical spine require long-term and systemic treatment, which is often disturbed by the patient.

Surgery on the cervical spine depend on the nature of the injury, its size and localization. Doctors divide the hernia on the anterolateral and posterolateral.

Posterolateral in turn are divided into median - centered, parmegiani – offset in the internal channel and a laterally – offset in the intervertebral hole.

Most dangerous is when the matter that makes up the intervertebral disc penetrates inside the vertebra. This so-called schmorl's nodule. Cartilage pushes the vertebra and penetrates. In addition to this, the doctors divided the hernia location among certain vertebrae. The most common is a herniated C5-C6. Next comes damage to the cartilage between the sixth and seventh vertebrae (C6-C7), then in the area of C4-C5. Hernia that occurs when connecting the cervical and thoracic (C7-T1) occurs very rarely. In General, a hernia in the neck is not very common, but is the greatest danger.

Preparation and conduct of the operation

So, it became clear – without surgery can not do. Regardless of which method of operation will be applied, the patient is carefully prepared – study medical history, conduct therapeutic course. In post-stroke condition and severe heart disease surgery is usually not performed.

There are several methods of hernia treatment. The first method is called discectomy – removal of a disc. Distinguish the front and back discectomy depending on the cut. Back discectomy is considered more complex due to the large number of nerve bundles and blood vessels. After spending a spondylosis – installation plate made of titanium or bone material for tissue regeneration. Sometimes do without it.

With discectomy similar to microdiscectomy. It is performed with a special microscope. In the area of the disk creates a small incision through which remove fragments of the nucleus pulposus. Body tissue damage is minimal, which ensures the absence of heavy consequences in the form of complications after surgery. In some cases, a discectomy is performed using an endoscope. It is performed in a single-level lesion segment Potocnica. Trauma such hernia svelena to a minimum and the patient can be discharged a few days later.

Sometimes discectomy laminectomy is used. Laminectomy is an operation which removes the area of bone together. There is empty space reduced the pressure on the nerve and the pain disappears. Laminectomy more complex operation. Canto meet another name for this manipulation is an open decompression.

In early forms of hernia also used a laser treatment. Under the skin of the patient the needle is injected, provided with a laser diode. The heat literally drains the fluid from the intervertebral space and pain disappear.

Opposite to him is the method in patients. This time a needle is injected under the neck cold plasma. Under the influence of the low temperature tissue is destroyed. But cropratio, as well as laser surgery has the disadvantage of high recurrence rate.


Surgery can result in complications. Among the negative effects found damage to the meninges or in the body infection. If the operation was performed using the anterior cervical access, there is a risk to damage the voice, the breathing or cause injury of the esophagus. If you did not carried spondylosis, the fused vertebrae will be very hindered.

posleoperacionnyj period

But even a successful operation is considered a heavy intervention of the surgeon. The patient must stay in the reason to be under continuous medical supervision. Also he will undergo a medical Wellness and rehabilitation. Also need manual therapy and exercise therapy.

What the patient requires so long to be monitored by medical professionals? The fact that at the slightest hint of a complication requires the intervention of a doctor. Operation carried out with laser or cold a substance is not bear such a long recovery period, although the overall period of rehabilitation must be performed by a doctor.

After the operated hernia, the patient should avoid any load on the spine. Not allowed even sudden movements. The first two or three days, the patient should be in bed. But then, is strictly prohibited sharp movements.

In any movement we must listen carefully to my body, to detect numbness, pain or dizziness, to inform the doctor. The back should be straight as a string, the seam should be knit together. For the same reason you can't sit, can stretch the skin, which will lead to serious consequences. Excludes bath (it will be possible to take only a month later after removing the stitches), alcohol, sex.

A hernia can occur again only because of the behavior of the patient. Now he needs to follow the recommendations of your doctor. Any pain, numbness – immediately contact the experts. Re-operation may be many times heavier.

posleoperacionnyj period

A good tool for the recovery of the body, the massage mode is a special orthopedic corset. His choice also depends on the doctor.