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How to treat sciatica lower back at home folk remedies

Treatment of sciatica at home can greatly facilitate the life of the patient. Doctors say that you can treat sciatica at home while maintaining their usual level of health and mobility. The patient is able to work quietly and devote time to Hobbies, eschewing only the activity that can cause sharp pain. With sciatica this can easily be achieved using a treatment of folk remedies.

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What is sciatica

The pain abruptly develops in the lumbar spine, partially localized in the pelvis, back thighs, calves, and sometimes feet. Pain syndrome is localized on only one side of the body. Common causes of sciatica – deformation of bones and gryzenia education of the intervertebral discs. Young people rarely become ill with sciatica, the risk increases in middle age, the most serious risk of fifty patients, then the likelihood of disease is lower.

Sciatica brings patients severe pain and affects the quality of life. However, despite severe symptoms, lumbar sciatica successfully treated by a conservative. Surgical intervention is rarely required.

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What to do at the time of exacerbation

Sciatica responds well to self-treatment. Acceptable use of drugs, a variety of compresses, treatment of sciatica folk remedies.

During an attack of sciatica you first need to remove the pain. Take a horizontal position, create a comfortable environment. Podiatrists give advice to get the following position.

Lying on your back bend your legs in knee and hip joints, placing them on a thick cushion. Foot and Shin should not feel any tension. Under the head put a small soft pillow. In this position, rest, making no sudden movements and calming down. This will help to alleviate their condition, slowly coping with the inflammatory and edematous processes.

Another option is to lie on your stomach, put one hard pillow under the lower back and the other under his head and shoulders. Legs slightly bend at the knee joints, also placing legs under the thin cushion. By taking this position, massage into area of pain warming ointment, and then wrap up with a warm blanket.

To cure sciatica permanently difficult, but you can significantly simplify your life, timely pain relief. In such a situation as the sciatica treatment at home should begin immediately to stop feeling pain.


  • Analgesics prevent pain with sciatica (Paracetamol, Pentalgin);
  • if you are unable to cope with the strong attack of pain, the patient will help the injection of anaesthetics – it works almost instantly (Lidocaine, Trimekain);
  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Diclofenac, Indomethacin) work with the main cause of pain and swelling inflammation;
  • at the moment a severe pain attack is also recommended to use steroids (Dexamethasone or Kenalog);
  • muscle relaxants reduce muscle spasms, but have many side effects, are appointed by the medic carefully and only in dire situations (some cyclobenzaprine, Methocarbamol);
  • gel-based products and ointments will help to cope with the problem and the symptoms – they reduce inflammation and pain (Ketonal, Finalgon).

Traditional methods

In search of an answer to the question of how to treat sciatica at home pay attention to traditional medicine. The disease is ancient. People have invented many ways to ease the pain in those days when physical labor was more common, and the back felt more serious load.


Garlicit has powerful anti-inflammatory effect. Taking three large garlic bulbs, place them in a saucepan, pour 0.5 liters of water and bring to a boil. Remove the head and grind into a mush. This mixture is put on a towel and place in the area of localization of pain. Hold at the top with cellophane, and then get warmer. This method can be used throughout the day, but during sleep, use undesirable.


Folk remedies beeswax is a powerful way to warm up the back. It is better to use it a couple of days after the occurrence of pain. Bring the wax to a liquid state using steam heat. District location of pain lightly oil burdock. At this time, the wax needs a little stand and take the temperature at which it will burn the lower back. Apply the wax on top of burdock oil. Close the compress with plastic wrap or foil over the top make-warmed belt of woolen shawl or scarf.

Don't move during the procedure – relax in a horizontal position face down. Bees wax will warm up the soft tissue, soothe sciatic nerve, eliminate inflammation.

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Wool belt

To treat sciatica lower back at home perhaps using the fur of dogs or sheep. Apply knitted scarf made of these materials, including can link it on their own or cut out from old jackets, securing on the belt is not too tight rubber bands. Before you start to use a belt, soak it in the salt solution, but after dry – the essence of this method in action of dry heat.

Belt can be worn continuously, including during sleep. Dry heat is very smooth effect on sore back and eases pain.

Black radish

The juice of this vegetable has strong anti-inflammatory effect and is therefore used to treat sciatica. Vegetable medium size turn to mush, mix with a couple tablespoons of honey and a glass of vodka. The area of distribution of pain oil of Thistle or sunflower seed, cover with gauze where you will place the cooked mixture. Cover with cellophane or cling film, wrap up the lower back. Relax with this compress for a couple of hours. To make it even more possible by going pre-bath.


Moist heat Russian bath has a deep effect on the soft tissues and relieves irritation of the sciatic nerve during a flare-up of sciatica. Therefore, when possible, is to visit a sauna, especially useful to use birch or oak twigs. After exposure brooms in the area of discomfort, gently RUB the dark soap. If it does not cause severe pain, movement can be quite intense. Coming out of the bath, bundle up warmly and go to sleep, the pain will recede towards the morning.

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Ordinary potatoes gives another answer to the question of how to treat sciatica lower back. Cook five tubers of medium size and peretolchina, but with the skin. Sacral division grease thistles or seeds, cover with gauze, it will relieve the pain.

Slightly cooled squash, place on a greased and covered place, lay on top of the cellophane wrap up. Rest in a horizontal position until the pack is completely cool. This remedy works due to the fact how quickly the potatoes gives her wet heat. You can also use raw potatoes. Grate it coarsely, mix with gasoline in a ratio of 1:1, put in cheesecloth and use not more than a quarter of an hour.

Entanglement and camphor

This is a traditional pack of concoctions and camphor. The first ingredient is strong blood flow to problem areas of the back, and camphor has a strong warming effect. Mix 100 g converted into a powder of camphor and concoctions, sprinkle with a mixture of ghee, boil the butter. Stir, wait to cool tools.

Light massage movements RUB the remedy into the area of pain, do it several times a day. Store the rubbing of camphor in the fridge.

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In search of how to treat sciatica, are usually treated to the warming means, but have medicinal properties and cold. It soothes the lumbar-sacral region, thereby abating the pain. Snow is better to use as soon as the attack began. If the court of winter, dial in three-liter jar of snow, mix with a handful of salt, pour on the patient's back. Put in advance underneath the oilcloth, because the snow immediately starts to melt.

Extreme cold is unpleasant, but effective in case of acute sciatica, the pain will quicklyto subside.


When folk remedies from sciatica has already fulfilled its task, and the patient ceased to suffer, you should start physical therapy. Physical therapy stimulates the movement of blood and lymph, improves trophism, eliminates stagnant processes. The intervertebral space is increased, muscle mass increases smoothly, resulting in eliminating edematous and inflammatory processes.

Exercise therapy is contraindicated in sciatica, if the patient in serious condition is undergoing a period of exacerbation or has cardiac problems.

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Any exercise for sciatica you need to do lying down, sitting or on all fours, these provisions reduced pressure on the spine. The task of the exercise – to remove the spasm of the muscles of the shoulders, arms and back. You can't perform exercises that require you to bend or straighten your back, because this can increase pressure on the intervertebral discs.