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Ointment from sciatica: snake, bee venom, finalgon, diclofenac, review

Ointment from sciatica are the most common drug used in acute inflammation of the lumbar spine. Their main feature is fast enough local effect on areas of the body subjected to pain. The advantage of this method of treatment is that ointment is practically not negatively impact on the patient's body, the only exceptions are people with individual intolerance to any component of the cream, and patients with allergies.

maz ot radikulita

Such ointments quite a lot and to answer the question which one is better is very difficult. Among the huge range of gels in the greatest demand among consumers use the following types:

To avoid allergic reactions of the skin and other side effects of ointment from sciatica, choose a specific firm should be only after the recommendation of a qualified specialist, who will prescribe the gel, based on the health status and individual characteristics of the patient.

Ointment with a warming effect

Effect of warming ointments based on the thermal effect, i.e. the reduction of pain is achieved by expanding blood vessels and increasing the temperature of the affected area. When the cream gets on the skin, the patient initially feels a tingling, gradually developing into a burning sensation. Then the skin is caused some inflammation and she blushes, so apply the product only need to the sites without any injuries.

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Among the most effective ointment with a warming effect are the following:

  • Hawkman;
  • Efkamon;
  • Espol;
  • Eye drops;
  • Rescuer Forte;
  • Gymnastical;
  • Nikoplex;
  • Finalgon;
  • Olivine;
  • Tiger ointment.

It is strictly forbidden to use these ointments in diseases such as diabetes, spondylitis and hepatitis. If too sensitive skin the components included in the composition of the drug, can cause burns, allergic reactions, and small ulcers. With the appearance of at least one of these symptoms should immediately consult a doctor.

To reduce the risk of redness and irritation before applying ointment to cover the skin baby cream. To use this tool can be no more than two or three times a day.

It is best to use such with radiculitis caused by hypothermia.

Ointment anesthetic

Part anaesthetic ointments contains components that have a complex effect on the part exposed to pain. This ointment will not only help to stop the pain from sciatica, but will suspend the inflammation and reduce body temperature.

protivovospalitelnye mazi ot radikulita

The main anti-inflammatory ointments are:

  • Deep relief;
  • Finalgel;
  • Fastum gel;
  • Diclofenac;
  • Voltaren;
  • Vodka;
  • Vibracon;
  • Olfen;
  • Have Ketonal;
  • First days without;
  • Of indometacin ointment;
  • Naproxen;
  • Ortofen.

You should not use such ointments to patients suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and acute renal failure. It is also recommended to refrain from using drugs such plan during pregnancy and throughout the period of breastfeeding.

For side effects tools include the occurrence of severe itching and hives on areas covered with ointment and exacerbation of diseases of the stomach and kidneys, if any previously existed.

Locally-irritating ointment

Ointment with the effect of local irritation, contain in their composition of bee and snake venom, which not only expand blood vessels and increase their permeability, but also have an antibacterial effect.

razdrazhaushie mazi otvlekaushego haraktera

Such ointments include:

  • Alepsal;
  • Millionon;
  • Orapin;
  • We;
  • Vibrators;
  • Have experienced an unexpected side effect;
  • Apifor;
  • Cobratoxin.

These ointments, and the ointment with a warming effectcan causeminor irritations and itching of the skin, so they should be used with caution. Do not apply this ointment for sciatica on the affected and damaged skin and also if you have large bruises and skin infections and inflammations. The use of these creams in large quantities can cause allergic reactions, and aggravation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. If you encounter these side effects, you should seek the advice of a specialist.

Folk remedies for the treatment of sciatica

If all of these ointments for any reason do not meet the needs of the patient or the latter cause allergic reactions, you can use folk remedies treatment of this unpleasant disease.

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A good cream can be prepared by mixing the chestnuts with camphor alcohol and the fat badger. To reduce severe pain, you can also use ingredients such as egg protein, ammonia, vinegar and turpentine.

However, the treatment of such a serious disease in any case can not be confined to folk remedies, because they only temporarily stop the pain, but not eliminate the immediate cause of its occurrence. Therefore, in combination with ointments, made his own, needs to be used and the drugs prescribed by the attending physician. Otherwise, the disease can develop into chronic form and bring the patient a lot of unpleasant moments.

There is a dilemma, what is the best ointment from sciatica, but a clear answer to this question can be given, as each patient preference for a particular type and brand ointment, and all the others can't or won't use for a number of reasons.Some prefer warming ointment, because they contain no chemicals and only natural ingredients, while others opt for painkillers and anti-inflammatory means, because they have rapid effect, and almost do not cause irritation and allergic reactions.

Important role in the selection of the ointment plays and its price, as costly tools may not afford every average consumer. Many people prefer due to their small financial capacity to confine cheaper alternatives well-known manufacturers. In any case, each listed form of ointments patients leave positive reviews.