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Blew the neck than to smear: warming ointment, application, rubbing at home

If I get a stiff neck than to smear the sore muscles how to relieve the pain and tension in the cervical spine? If a person got a cold in the muscles of the neck, in most cases, doctors diagnose myositis (inflammation muscle tissue). The formation of this disease contributes to the intoxication, by trauma, lose of muscle fibers pathogenic bacteria, or hypothermia.

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Myositis is usually diagnosed on the background of ARVI, influenza, acute respiratory infections. Only after treatment of the primary cause, is the restoration of mobility and eliminates the pain in the neck. Neglected diseases faces a re-occurrence of pain, from slight draught, or after weight training.


The neck can begin to bother not only as a result of hypothermia, the causes of pathology can be intense weight training, problems with the musculoskeletal system, cervico - thoracic osteochondrosis. Pain if been zastuzheny neck can be of the following symptoms:

  • Intolerable pain that radiates to the neck and shoulder girdle;
  • Pain in the forehead and the hairy skin of the head;
  • The spine reacts to movement and feeling;
  • Hard to turn and tilt the head;
  • Pain in neck while eating and talking.

If the patient is not very stiff neck, the symptoms will disappear on their own after a couple of days. In case of preservation of pain, temperature rise, occurrence of chills, you need to urgently seek help from a doctor, undergo medical treatment and physical therapy that the physician prescribes according to the results of a full examination. The temperature increase indicates the penetration of the body of the viral infection.

Chronic pathology is transferred after acute inflammation of the muscle fibers of the neck caused by cold, and if pathogens are not completely destroyed, by reducing the immune defense of the body cold again facing problems in the neck. Each exacerbation causes an increase in pain.

With the weakening of the protective functions to inflate the neck is possible without distinct drafts. Any slight hypothermia will again cause the symptoms of the disease. If the disease is left untreated, it can grow into muscle atrophy. Spend 14 days on treatment and the chances of avoiding relapse in the near future will increase.

What to do when myositis

Waking up in the morning zastuzheny detects the inability to turn or tilt your head, and the emergence of intolerable pain in the neck. In the event of such symptoms, it is important to respond to pathology.

The first rule when inflammation, to comply with bed rest, to avoid injury to the muscle fibers. If it is impossible to be constantly in bed, you need to comfortably accommodate the neck in the sitting position.

Under the neck for fixing puts a roll of any material at hand. One thing remains unchanged a complete ban on any physical activity. How to treat severe pain? The pain cannot be tolerated, can be silenced by taking analgesics with anti-inflammatory properties (Nise, nimesulide, ibuprofen, if you have stomach issues: analgin, paracetamol). Antibiotics without the advice of a specialist who will cause more harm than benefit.

Protogenia the place you need to provide round the clock warmth. Used for this purpose wool scarf(has the added effect of irritating the skin, activates blood circulation that enriches the muscles with oxygen and eliminates pain), cashmere sweater with high neckline, heated salt in the pan interspersed with the cloth bag. Dry heat is the main assistant for inflammation of the muscles.

A gentle massage without pressure to soothe pain and increase blood circulation. Warming ointment(finalgon, alosetron, nikofleks) will increase the effect of massage. And eliminate pain in the neck for a longer time.

Hot compresses, make after consultation with your doctor. For their use there are contraindications. One of these is fever.

If the cold was cured, but the pain remained, to help contrasting treatments. During the day, perform the following steps: alternate attachment to the sore spot of heat with cold, the time to complete one procedure - 5 minutes.

The advice of traditional medicine

Than to treat the affected area at home? Mix equal parts of aloe juice, vodka and liquid honey. Gauze fabric impregnated with the mixture, and apply to the affected area, top seal water-proof paper or cling film.Wrap it up improvised material. A compress is done for the night.

Cabbage leaf is a proven tool for elimination of inflammatory processes. Slightly repel the cabbage leaf and roll it in baking soda and grated on a fine grater soap. Then apply all this to the place where there is severe pain. The method of fastening described above.

Treatment applications of vodka-soaked gauze is another way to get rid of the discomfort. Use recommendations of the ancestors, it is possible only under the condition that the pathology is not caused by a viral infection, or other serious illnesses.

Self-treatment is acceptable if there is no temperature, no deterioration of health, and pain decreases under the influence of warming compresses.

While maintaining pain more than 3 days, or maintenance of the pathology of the additional symptoms indicates the presence of abnormalities in the body, immediately consult doctor.

Harmless at first glance, the disease can lead to serious consequences if not addressed. Timely visit to the doctor will relieve You from discomfort in the neck that disrupt the function of the human body and deprived of the opportunity to live a full life. After a full course of treatment and rehabilitation can be easily avoided recurrence of the disease and its transition into the chronic form. Simple preventive measures will temper the body and will not leave the chance of disease. Take care of yourself and be healthy!