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Syndrome short neck in infants: symptoms, treatment, photos

Syndrome short neck in infants – pathology, in which the neck has a length less than the standard norms. The head sits on the shoulders and leave almost no clearance, and the chin touches the chest of the baby. Pathology can look like this: neck externally reminds a compressed accordion.

The anomaly violates the proportions of the body of the child, there is an illusion of the complete lack of neck. Cider is most often detected at the initial examination in the hospital. In this disease the muscles of the neck are too tight, shoulders raised and extending inside the neck arteries and vessels peredelyvayut. In this regard, areas of the brain not receive the necessary oxygen.

Sindrom korotkoj shei u grudnichkov

If pathology is not treated from an early age, the neck will become longer without treatment, but the syndrome will manifest their negative consequences in the future. The newborn begin severe headaches, develops VVD (vegetovascular dystonia), problems with vision. In addition, due to increased load on the vertebrae it is the wrong distribution to other parts of the spine. It threatens the future of scoliosis, osteochondrosis. What is the cause of the disease and how to cure it?

The causes of pathology

  • One of the reasons doctors call heredity. In most cases, genetics are influenced by parents (70%) and other relatives exert their genetic influence by 30%.
  • Perhaps the emergence of diseases due to genetic abnormalities. In these cases, abnormal development of the fetus begins with 8 weeks still in the womb. This phenomenon is called among doctors "syndrome, Klippel-feil". When the vertebrae of the neck initially denser than other newborns.
  • "Short neck" is the result of birth trauma, deformirovanii cervical child.
  • The muscles of the neck could peremetnetsya when passing through the birth canal of the mother. This usually occurs during prolonged and difficult childbirth, the muscles are stretched more than normal, and after the birth of a baby reflex compressed. In doing so, the vertebrae are not damaged.

The clinical picture

To confirm or refute the diagnosis doctors assigned to the x-ray. And the physician visually determines the "short neck syndrome" for a number of the following signs:

  • The low position of the hairline. It practically touches the shoulders.
  • The neck is the pterygoid folds
  • The location of the blades infants asymmetrically. And they are located higher than required by regulations.
  • The spine of a newborn is curved
  • Present the pathology of other organs.

If there was trauma at birth, there is a limitation of the neck; the child sleeps badly and often wakes up; the baby is naughty, there is increased tone neck muscles, touching it causes pain. Regardless of the reasons for obtaining pathology doctors recommend the immediate treatment to avoid further adverse consequences.

Parents can check yourself whether there is disease in the child or is missing. For this child spread on a stomach, slightly raising his head. In the normal development of the vertebrae must be seven, the distance between the shoulders and the hairline is not less than 30 mm.

Collar Trench

For correction of pathology and treatment by the doctors assigned to wearing the orthopedic collar. It helps to relieve unnecessary strain on the neck and produces the fixation of the cervical infants. The bandage looks like a circle made of foam with Velcro on the edges. The height of the collar varies from 3 to 5 inches. Worn orthopedic device as soon as the disease is detected or when the child is 1-2 months. The technique in freeing the arteries of the neck, squeezed the tense muscles. The collar contributes to the elimination of oxygen starvation of the brain, improving blood flow.

The bus can be booked on individual standards or buy a ready-made bandage in a specialty store. Selected bus with the weight of the baby and after measuring the volume of his body. Otherwise, the short bus, buttoned at the edges of the Velcro will loose to fit the neck, and spinning, and long will be bad to hold the neck. The use of the collar in the wrong size will not benefit in the treatment.

metody ustraneniya patologicheskogo sostoyaniya

In mild stages of the syndrome splint is worn for 15-20 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour or several hours a day. And for those children who have a "short neck" appears strongerfixture can only be removed while you sleep or worn for days. The time of treatment is from 2-4 weeks up to several months.

Important correct putting on of the tire. Doing it this way: the notch collar is under the chin and clasps are in the back. In addition, the tire should not RUB baby's delicate skin, but should be a snug fit. Between the collar and the neck when the correct fit is the finger of an adult. Additionally, the skin lubricated with lotion, to prevent irritation or rubbing.

The care bus is simple: wash it in cool water, baby soap or detergent, rinse and lay on a flat surface to dry. You cannot speed up the drying process by placing the brace near a radiator, stove, heater. It is deformed and will cease to perform the desired functionality.

Physical therapy and physiotherapy

Treatment of "short neck" is carried out comprehensively: in addition to wearing an orthopedic brace is recommended neck massage and complex physical therapy.

Such measures help to relieve tension of the neck muscles, increasing the effect of the collar Trench. Additionally a child is prescribed sessions of electrophoresis, which is carried out in the outpatient clinic. In cervical infants superimposed electrodes in the cover, impregnated with drugs, and served current. Ions of medication through the skin of the child and get to the right body cells.

Of an application on the basis of paraffin

Paraffin baths are in the home. They were appointed by the attending physician.

fizkultura i massazh dlya ustraneniya patologii

It is important that the temperature of the molten paraffin wax was not too hot for baby's delicate skin.

  • From the beginning of prepared patterns for overlay application on the neck and collar area.
  • Turn on the oven, put it in the pan. Wait until it warms up, take out from the oven and covered with at him, prepared patterns of oilcloth.
  • The wax is heated in a container in a water bath, after which it is poured on a pattern for the appliqué.
  • After cooling, blend a poultice of wax to the child. On top of the applique is covered with a warm scarf, a blanket, a towel to retain heat.
  • The duration of one session: 30 to 60 minutes.
  • After removal of paraffin the baby's skin is smeared with cream. Parents are doing the baby a gentle massage and put him to an orthopedic splint.