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Burning in the neck: front and rear, causes, treatment

Burning in the neck often hurts patients suffering from degenerative disc disease. If you visited the feeling, try not to get involved in self-medication and quickly consult a doctor. He will prescribe treatment and preventive methods that will help to get rid of the burning, and to prevent further development of pathology.

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The reason

In most cases, the burning sensation in the cervical region caused by degenerative-dystrophic changes of intervertebral discs. Another well – known name-the osteochondrosis. Why burn the neck with osteochondrosis?

The pathological process of this type is much younger in recent decades, more and more patients are turning to neurologists with complaints to the symptoms of cervical degenerative disc disease. This is due to the modern way of life.

A huge number of people for a living, constantly sitting at the computer. And almost always – with the wrong posture. Shoulders up higher than necessary, the back has no support. The result of the neck muscles are overly strained for a long time and ceases to cope with its task. The vertebrae at this point begin to exert pressure on the intervertebral discs. Add to this such factors sedentary life, as the extra weight and weak muscles.

As a result of deteriorating blood circulation intervertebral discs, and cartilage slowly but surely lose their elasticity. Due to the lack of nutrients they are dry. The vertebrae may begin to RUB against each other and respectively to fade. The body restores the lost bone tissue, but makes it abundantly formed spiky growths on the edges of the vertebrae. They are also called osteophytes, including they can burn in the neck.

Most often a burning sensation – a connotation. Its root in the fact that there was a clip, and inflammation of the nerve. Deteriorated sensitivity of the neck, and one manifestation was burning sensation.

In addition, the cartilage tissue of the disk now is not elastic, and when it puts pressure on the vertebra, it can form a protrusion (the protrusion). If this breaks the protective shell of the disc, forms a dangerous complication of degenerative disc disease, a hernia. Burning in the neck in the back, maybe both because normal uncomplicated degenerative disc disease and osteophytes, hernia or protrusion.

Associated symptoms

Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine is the most insidious and burning the skin is not the only unpleasant symptom. Why? The vertebrae of the neck is very thin, but they have to be stretched to carry the head, which weighs up to eight pounds. And this area of the spine directly connects the spinal cord with the head, the neck with the back of his head.

In the neck left and right are the most important artery, carrying oxygen to the brain. Therefore, if the status of the intervertebral discs deteriorates, the nerves are clamped and starts the inflammatory process may be pregatiti and these arteries. Worsen the access of nutrients and oxygen to the brain, which will lead to:

  • Spikes the blood pressure;
  • Headaches;
  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • The darkening before the eyes, impairment of vision;
  • Noise in the ears;
  • The conditions of lightheadedness and even fainting.

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Due to the fact that the vertebrae can pinch nerves, there are symptoms such as:

  • Radiating to the shoulder girdle and upper limb pain;
  • Feels like pain in cardiac region;
  • Paresthesia (loss of sensitivity) of the hands and especially the fingers;
  • The feeling of tingling shifty;
  • Inflammation;
  • Sharp pain when the patient turns from right to left or Vice versa.
  • Weakness in the hands;
  • Spasm of the muscles of the neck.


If there is neck burning sensation, should immediately arrest the symptoms. There is no need to suffer. The patient will help in the first place two types of drugs – painkillers and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory. Diclofenac and Ibuprofen, weakening the inflammatory processes that cause burning, not only treats pain, but it is a superficial reason. Anti-inflammatory can be used internally in pill form, and and ointments topically. If burning is impossible to tolerate, your doctor may prescribe injectable blockade with novocaine.

Important point – if it burns in the cervical region, should not get involvedself. Independent attempts to cure a burning sensation in cervical osteochondrosis can be as long as barren. And after degenerative processes have two contradictory properties – they easily progressed, and thus they are easy to slow down. And to assign adequate for your healing methods can only qualified doctors, namely neurologists. Otherwise, you can become a victim of complications such as protrusion or hernia.

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But in order to take care of the health of the intervertebral discs and to avoid this symptom, as burning the cervical region to the right or left, not just to use drugs. For this you will need to review your way of life.


Even if the burning sensation in the cervical spine has disappeared, it means only one thing – the acute phase has passed. No matter, cured his doctors or accidentally acted self. To burning has not returned, it is necessary to prevent further drying of the intervertebral discs. There are many methods, but the overall goal is the same – to stimulate their blood circulation, improve the metabolism of cartilage.

The primary method is the regular physical therapy sessions. These exercises do not injure the discs of your neck and develop muscles, prostimulirujte blood circulation. But it is important that lessons were regular. Especially useful for varied stretching of the cervical and swimming in the pool. When the body is in the water, the load is evenly distributed, with increased muscle tone.

Help and massage treatments. And neck massage, which is quite a help after a bout of burning – is simple enough. To do this you can do at home, anytime, if not tormented by strong burning or pain. Do the stroking, gradually increasing the pressure from sitting. RUB your neck muscles, then mash them, clasping hand. Finish the session also strokes. Remember that any massage is impossible to touch the spine itself – the effects are subject only to nearby muscles. If possible, refer to a professional massage therapist.

If there is no opportunity to engage in recreational exercise or to visit a massage therapist, you can still help yourself. When the burning sensation in the neck just starts to find sometimes seizures and have not yet switched to timeline, start often to walk on foot. Performing "sedentary" work, you can always from time to time to get up and stretch, to make a quick self-massage of the neck.

Also don't forget about your posture while sitting, the shoulders should be above the neck, and the back to lean on the backrest. Hands should rest on the table or armrests. Finally, we note that to engage in the prevention of relapse in that case, if the attack of the burning is already gone, and acute period is over. And while in the neck burning, ideally stay in bed.