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How to remove the spasm of the muscles of the neck, back, and shoulder osteochondrosis in house conditions

How to remove the spasm of the neck muscles – the question of patients "sedentary" occupations, leading a sedentary lifestyle. The muscles in these conditions become weaker and at the same time experience high loads. As a result, when there is a sharp change in the situation or increasing tension, neck muscles cannot withstand. Occurs spasm, affecting the nerves and blood vessels. Muscle spasms neck occur quite often because the neck is the most mobile region of the spine.

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The disease manifests itself as pain in the occipital and cervical region. Pain from neck muscles can go into the area of shoulder girdle and hands. Sometimes the neck and hands are going numb, there is weakness. To cope with the symptoms, you need to relieve stress. This will help self-massage, painkillers, compresses, and just rest.


The following risk factors can lead to muscle spasms in the neck:

  • Mechanical damage;
  • A sedentary lifestyle, "sedentary" profession";
  • Stressful mental condition;
  • Nerve compression after sudden movements;
  • Beriberi;
  • Hypothermia and drafts;
  • A deficiency of calcium.

The muscles of the neck is suddenly compressed, deforming the nerve tissue and blood vessels. As a result, pain symptoms appear when spasm of the neck muscles.


Spasms in the neck on the background of mental stress manifest as unconscious contraction of muscles, causing a sharp pain. The pressure can be chronic or occur at a time. It appears very suddenly. Sometimes the result of sudden movements. They create unusually strong for cervical spine pressure. As a result of impaired blood circulation, begin to shrink and sore neck muscles.

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To deal with spasms in the case of neurosis, we need to relax. Eliminate the source of stress. Can try meditation techniques. Create a comfortable environment, take a break from all problems.


Low back pain is very common because a huge part of the population of the planet now leads a sedentary lifestyle. A lot of people are sitting at the computer, incorrectly distributing the load on the neck and the muscles supporting it. The symptoms of osteochondrosis of the cervical – pain, stiffness, numbness. In the neck "run creepy" felt a slight tingling in the back of his head. If spazmirovannah the lower oblique muscle of the neck, pain can be very throbbing. Can often worsen the nutrition of the brain, and in such cases, patients sick and dizzy, dark before the eyes, there is light-headedness.

To stop spasms osteochondrosis, it is necessary to improve blood circulation. Help massage, simple exercises of physical therapy. Unfortunately, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory here of little help. Better use of cardiovascular drugs – Cinnarizine, Trental.

Spasm of the deep muscles of the neck

If the spasm occurs deep in the muscles, a complication may be compression of the cervical artery. As a result, the brain doesn't get enough oxygen. This will help the exercises in the morning, a cold shower, easy self-massage. To calm tense muscles, apply menthol gels.

Spasms of the cervical and shoulder girdle

If spasmatic neck and shoulder muscles, pain is either aching or shooting. This voltage can be a symptom of mechanical strains, excess loads. It is better to forget about exercises and provide yourself peace of mind. Will help non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Diclofenac, Ibuprofen). If possible, better to visit the clinic and put down the injections NSAIDs. Used topically, these drugs have the least impact.

Spasms of the trapezoids

If spasmatic trapezoid, disturbed metabolism of the head, neck and facial muscles. Long spasms of the trapezium can cause cervical degenerative disc disease. Muscles of the shoulder girdle is blinded if they try to stretch – there will be pain. The symptoms can be removed by taking a hot bath, attending massage sessions. Will help and a warming ointment pharmacy or the popular rubbing.

Spasm of the muscles of the head and neck

If you sharply turn my head or lift anything heavy and to take it easy, can occur spasm. In such times, it may start to get a headache. Sometimes headaches are manifested only after a couple of days. When the muscles of the neck are compressed, the pain experienced in other parts of the body, depending on the area of innervation of the affected nerves. To this can literally lead to the inability to turn the head.

A possible complication in severe cases myositis of the neck. Spasms begin to bind the muscles of the throat, the neck warps. If the problem is left untreated, the process can lead to intervertebral hernia neck. Myositis can occur due to exposure to cold or draught.

Spasm of the neck and facial muscles

Twitching of the facial and neck muscles are tonic and clonic. Tonic – normal muscle spasm. It will occur due to excess tension and low temperature. Clonic convulsions – unconscious muscle twitching can occur due to brain injury, epilepsy, infections.


To relieve spasm of the neck muscles, the treatment should be carried out taking into account the causes of such manifestations. If it's not the neurological disease, excessive tension from the muscle tissue can be removed, elementary rotating head alternately in different directions. Physiotherapy well help to relieve muscle tension. Electrophoresis, magnetic fields, laser, low-frequency treatment current.

Massage treatments (including massage), acupuncture and the services of a good chiropractor effectively relieve tension.


For quick pain relief recommended tools Hydrocodone and Propoxyphen. To use them, however, must be carefully – they have side effects. To relax muscles and relieve tension muscle relaxants can help, such as Mydocalm or Sirdalud. To apply them you need doctor's prescription because the dose you need to calculate for a specific patient.

Hot baths and compresses

Cold compresses will help relax the muscles. Full ice a plastic bag wrapped in a cloth applied to the area of localization of pain. Keep for twenty minutes. After this compress on the contrary, heat the neck. To do this, go to the hot tub. The low temperature will relieve the pain, and the high relieves stress.


This procedure can easily be performed each, including in the workplace. All movements in the neck massage is performed from the bottom up:

  • Follow the pats with both hands;
  • Squeeze one side of the neck with the edge of the palm, the other thumb;
  • Knead first one side, then the other;
  • RUB the index and middle finger of both hands. Take short rotational movement, moving from the center to the side;
  • Finish also strokes.

Perform neck massage front:

  • The pats do with one hand, clasping his neck in front. Not too hard – here is the thyroid gland;
  • Resting his head to the side, make sure to stretch your side muscles, not touching the thyroid;
  • RUB the mastoid muscle rotational movements;
  • Done again strokes. In the middle of the strokes can Pat on the mastoid muscles.

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The weaker muscles of the neck, the worse for the impact of the sharp, unaccustomed load. A neck spasm occurs as a result of violations of the prophylactic guidelines and rules of healthy lifestyle:

  • So that the muscles have not experienced excessive tension in the night, use a low pillow of medium hardness. Its height should not be more than ten centimeters. The form is better to choose rectangular. Ideally need to sleep on an orthopedic pillow;
  • If happened so, what you need to stay long in one position, and especially to sit, knead muscles with techniques of self-massage. Get up, walk a bit in moments of relaxation. To prevent spasms that turn your head. So you will improve blood circulation, strengthen muscles supporting the head;
  • Pay attention to vitamin and mineralcomplex, especially during seasonal lack of vitamins. Vitamins and calcium will help to keep the musculoskeletal system in good shape, will not allow the development of stresses and inflammatory processes;
  • Are not a long time in the cold, avoid draughts. It can result in inflammation and sudden muscle cramps.