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The crunch in the neck when turning the head: causes, diagnosis, treatment, prevention

Often when turning or tilting the head one hears the crisp sound in the cervical spine. It can be accompanied by pain of a different nature in the neck and spine, discomfort in the joint tissues and stiffness of movement. Up to now, the medicine really can tell what the crunch and pain in the neck appear. Sometimes it is a sign of the development of severe degenerative changes, or physiological characteristics of a person.

Hrust v shee pri povorotah golovy

Features of the structure of the cervical

The neck is a body supporting the head and providing a connection of the brain with the other organs. Without a neck it is impossible to carry out bending and twisting of the head. Basis of the binder body shape seven vertebrae, which are connected with each other vertebrate discs, joint and muscle tissue, nerve fibers and tendons. Together form a coordinated teamwork. The versatility of the cervical, makes this area very vulnerable.

Why you hear the crunch?

Most people believe that the neck can crackled only in the "decent age", but it is not. The crunch when turning the head often arises in the neck from young people.

Research has shown that the sound comes from the synovial tissue localized in the neck. The permanent crunch caused due to excessive strain or relaxation of muscle tissue.

Experts say that cracking in the cervical spine is absolutely safe for health, but to the point until the discomfort.

Causes uncharacteristic for the neck sound

The crunch may be a harbinger of serious disease, and may appear in a completely healthy person. The main causes of crackles and including playing in the cervical spine of a healthy person:

  • Excessive motor activity of joint tissue in patients with insufficient body mass, brings discomfort on a psychological level, and nothing more;
  • The phenomenon of dissociation of the muscles responsible for flexion and extension, professional athletes leads to irrelevant sound, the treatment is not required, as is after heating the muscle tissue;
  • The rustling in breastfed baby appears because of the lack of fluid in the joints, eventually disappears on its own.

prichiny hrusta v shee

Other reasons

Neck cracking is heard for different reasons. Doctors there are several "agents provocateurs":

  1. Air bubbles. The spine in the neck consists of vertebrae that are separated by the specific liquid. Over time, it appears little puzyrechki. When moving the cervical spine is the vertebrae tension, causing the bubbles burst, and you hear the crunch.
  2. The osteophytes. Sometimes in vertebrate tissues appear growths-osteophytes. They prevent the proper functioning of the ligaments in the neck.
  3. Violation of metabolic processes. In particular due to excess calcium accumulations in the muscles, tendons, bones, ligaments.
  4. Bad posture or improper positioning of the spine.

Hrust v shee prichiny

Diseases that trigger different sounds when turning the head:

  • Osteochondrosis;
  • Lordosis, scoliosis, kyphosis;
  • Uncovertebral osteoarthritis;
  • Spondylolisthesis;
  • Other diseases that cause degenerative changes of the cervical spine.

Articular tissue. Disruption of the joints can make the noise. In young children neck cracks due to congenital abnormalities of the joints.

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The symptomatic manifestation

For crunching in the cervical spine characterized by the appearance of pain.

Also pathology is suchdiscomfort, such as:

  • Severe pain in the head, most often in the occipital area;
  • The state of dizziness;
  • Nausea, vomit;
  • General weakness, malaise;
  • Noise in the ears, as if "someone breathes in my ear";
  • Pain in region of heart;
  • Stiffness, as if something "holds";
  • Pain in the shoulder blades;
  • Disruptions in blood pressure, very low - very high;
  • Numbness of the skin on the face.

If any of these symptoms, an urgent need to visit a medical facility without delay, "tomorrow." Than the patient will visit the doctor the faster will be taken therapeutic measures of treatment, and the progression of disease will be stopped.

What kind of doctor can help?

At the first appearance of any sound, unusual for the cervical spine, you need to apply for a consultation to a specialist. Best to join to several doctors.

vrach pri bolyah v shee

Doctor who will be able to deal with discomfort in the neck: a neurologist, orthopedist, neurosurgeon, and trauma surgeon.

If the crunch has appeared in the nervous system, it will help the neurologist, if the case is in the bones, trauma, if an appointment is needed for preventive purposes, it is best to sign up to our General practitioner and pediatrician.

If possible, it is best to visit vertebrologist. This specialist deals with problems of the spine. Located only in large medical institutions of regional scale. In a small town vertebrologist not found.


At the reception, the doctor will listen to, and then will examine the patient. In order to see exactly what was the cause of the discomfort is assigned a full examination of the cervical spine:


  • The radiograph;
  • An ultrasound examination;
  • Computed tomography;
  • Magnetic resonance imaging;
  • Ultrasonic dopplerography.

This helps accurately determine the cause and prescribe the right effective treatment for the patient.


Neck cracking is a symptom of certain diseases, so it assigns appropriate treatment by the specialist after a full survey.

If a person is healthy, then it is recommended to increase physical activity, such as frequent walks in the fresh air, special exercise, swimming. In some cases prescribe therapeutic corset.

Degenerative-dystrophic disorders treatment directed at the disease itself. Mainly prescribe:

  • Medicines;
  • Medical physical culture;
  • Physiotherapy treatment;
  • A full-service Spa;
  • Surgery;
  • Reflexology;
  • Acupuncture;
  • Therapy in conditions of sanatorium.

lechenie shei


  • Painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • Muscle relaxants;
  • Chondroprotectors;
  • Vitamin-mineral complex.

Drug therapy is assigned a strictly doctor!

Is it possible to prevent pathology?

To avoid the development of degenerative abnormalities is very simple! This requires preventive measures. Such as:

  • Without physical activity anywhere! Daily exercises and breaks for a walk with a sitting lifestyle will help to avoid discomfort. If the neck is overextended, we urgently need to change the position of the body, then do tilts, head turns and other exercises for the cervical.

  • Swimming once a week. Being in the water significantly reduces pain and tension in muscle tissue.
  • Forget the fatty foods, eat more protein!
  • Therapeutic physical training and a full-service Spa will help to relax tense back muscles.

Pathology very easy to avoid, but if the crunch came in the neck, it needs an immediate visit to a specialist. Otherwise possible irreversible consequences.