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Is it possible to bathe in the baths with sciatica?

Russian steam bath has a positive effect in sciatica. Hot air and humidity will make the fabric more soft, soothe irritated nerve roots. You can bathe in the baths with sciatica, but with the condition that at this time there is an acute period of constant attacks. If there is inflammation in the pinched nerve, any heat exposure can have only a few days when the pain attacks will subside.

Mozhno li paritsya v banyah pri radikulite?

As there is pain

Sciatica is not an independent diagnosis, it's part of the unpleasant symptoms of pathological changes of cartilage. In the case of sciatica is pinching the nerve roots, "branches" of the spinal cord. In most cases of sciatica suffering from the lower back. Pain in this irradiiruet in legs, deteriorating the sensitivity (legs numb, the feeling of "running ants").

If the nerve tissue for a long time remains under the influence of compression innervation is much worse. The result: chronic violations not only of sensitivity but also of mobility. Muscles weaken, the information of the brain worse reaches the extremities.

The most serious complication of sciatica can be a paresis of the legs. Therefore, when such disease as sciatica, you must consult a doctor. And if you decide to resort to those or other people's recipes first, find out the opinion of the attending neurologist. One such folk healing practices is the Banya – a Russian steam bath.

Than useful bath

Heat and hot moist air improves blood circulation in the body and damaged tissues. Stabiliziruemost metabolic processes in the tissues with sciatica, slow down degenerative changes of the intervertebral discs and facet joints.

The muscles relax out the muscle spasm. In the end, the nerve roots often let off the pressure.

Disappears stiffness of articular joints. After exposure to high temperatures, the tissues of the spine become softer. Therefore, the ideal time for therapeutic exercises for sciatica is immediately after exiting the steam room. Fit a simple movement like hang on the bar, light stretching. Freed space for the intervertebral discs, and the compression is also reduced.

Moist heat Russian bath not only improves the condition of muscles, skin and cartilage. It also has a beneficial effect on the nerve roots, soothing them, and pain goes away.

Exacerbation of sciatica

Is it possible to heat the back, walk in bath with sciatica? In the period of acute sciatica bath absolutely contraindicated, but during remission may be useful. If you attack you go to the bath or begin to warm up the affected area, the symptoms can only worsen. Will increase swelling and increase the pressure on the nerve roots.

This applies not only baths, but also any other warm-up procedures. It is impossible to resort to them in the first two days after has begun any inflammatory process of the spine. During this period, it is better to use cold compresses, menthol ointments – they will soothe the pain without effects on the inflammatory lesion. But as the prevention of heart attack bath is allowed therapeutic method.

Treatments in the bath

After a bath is best affected by various therapeutic compresses for sciatica. Substances of medicinal plants by the easiest pass through the pores of the skin and softened muscle tissue.

dopolnitelnye mery dlya lecheniya radikulita

The most noticeable positive effect on the nerve roots and cartilage in the sciatica will have a oak broom. It reduces inflammatory foci. Before using it you need to warm up to the impact of the broom with sciatica was not traumatic. At the beginning of the movement of the broom stroking, then applied a light, scathing attacks. You can use rubbing a broom.

Broom before using needs to be heated in hot water, so he had a powerful warming impact. Various brooms have various therapeutic effects:

  • Linden leaves improve sweating, positive effect on spazmirovannah muscles;
  • Rowan strengthens muscle fibers;
  • Eucalyptus soothes the nerve roots;
  • Juniper broom improves blood circulation.

Tar soap also helps fight the symptoms of sciatica. It can be used as an ointment, especially a noticeable effect, if you apply coal-tar soap after you warm uptwigs. Need to do a rubbing movement by the bar of soap, with each movement all the more intense.


After a bath many people like to dip in icy water or to jump into the snow. Such stresses to the body with sciatica is invalid. Themselves low temperature – a large risk factor that the sciatica was getting worse. And even after the intense heat of the bath supercooling brings harm. As the sharp change of temperature.

chto nelzya delat v bane pri radikulite

If your goal is health, visits to the bath should be small. The best would be the number about four visits of approximately five minutes each. Between calls, do a little break in the waiting room, drink some water, relax. Know the measure and not chasing silly records – avoid exposure to unbearably high temperatures. It may also cause damage sciatica. Don't forget that the aggravation of sciatica, and a are incompatible is just a preventative procedure.

Going to the sauna and Wellness technique. And totally inappropriate in the bath to drink alcohol, even beer. Like Smoking tobacco products. The body, respiratory system, blood circulation, metabolism and so experiencing a lot of stress in the bath. By itself, it affects them as a healing, the tempering procedure. But bad habits in the bath load our body beyond measure, and all the positive effects of the bath when the sciatica goes wasted.