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Sore neck: front and rear, left and right side, what causes

Pain in the neck – that's what leads skazhenny posture, a "diva" lifestyle, excessive exercise. There are many factors that affect the cervical parts. Let's look at why neck pain and what to do to relieve the discomfort.

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Cervicalgia and Servicio

Pain in the neck are divided into two types:

  1. Cervicalgia continuous spasm in one place. Appears gradually, its intensity varies. Constantly sore neck, and in one and the same place - you need to go to the hospital, perhaps developing a serious illness.
  2. Servicio – sudden pain that quickly starts and stops. Cause can happen too sudden movements of the head or a long stay in the same position.

During the attack, disturbed coordination, and tenesmus echo in other parts of the body.

Cervical osteohondroz

Osteochondrosis – a violation of the articular joints. The disease is mainly from leading a sedentary life, wrong eating. Not the last role is played by hereditary predisposition. People suffering from osteoarthritis experience dizziness, noise in the ear membranes, ossification in the limbs. Hurts the back, burning between the shoulders. Often complain of pain spine in the neck. To turn the neck becomes difficult, movements are accompanied by a crackling sound. Possible numbness.

Aching pain in the neck speaks of the development of this disease. Sore neck on the left side or the right – rather, the degenerative disc disease.

Pain in the cervical spine are accompanied by this disease. If time to see a specialist, it is easy to cure.

Osteoarthritis of the cervical

The disease occurs even in young. Sore left side neck, shoulder, hand, thorax, possibly deteriorating vision and hearing, impaired concentration of attention. People with this disease doctors recommend rest and recreation, prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs.

Hernia of intervertebral discs

Not only a hernia but also minimal bulging of the disc strongly felt: canal in the cervical region is narrow, the nerve endings are close. Sore left side of neck, waist, lower back. The disease develops from unhealthy eating habits, immobility, lack of physical development. The therapy uses the technique of acupressure and vacuum therapy.


Neck may be sore from excessive exercise: after a workout, for example. The main symptom of a tension – acute neck pain. The injured area swells, turning your head becomes impossible, it may take an unnatural position, and the patient is at risk to fall into a swoon. To feel better, you can take pain medication, applying cold or hot compress, massage the area of stretch. It is not recommended to lie on your stomach – in this case, the head is turned to the right or to the left, and strained ligaments cannot sustain. For several weeks it is better to abandon physical activity. When the pain subsides, you can begin to stretch your neck by tilting it to the side.


Cervical spondylis is a serious disease that can lead to disability and requires immediate consultation of the doctor. Spondylosis can be advanced form of degenerative disc disease. The disease occurs mostly older people, as well as in athletes as a result of injuries. Discomfort in the back of the head and neck area are made permanent.

Another signal – a pulsing neck pain on the left. There is a feeling of stiffness, discomfort when turning head.

There are many opinions about how to treat cervical spondylosis.The main thing – to eliminate inflammation and pain. Drug therapy, physiotherapy in combination with physiotherapy will help to recover and improve overall health.

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Cervical myelopathy

Myelopathy occurs after narrowing of the spinal cord canal. Pain in the cervical spine indicates development of myelopathy. Suffering from myelopathy feel malaise and weakness, they often get the feeling that the limbs has a shock, slows down speech, it becomes difficult to do the steps, disturbed coordination. The disease occurs after falls from great heights and traffic accidents. The patient wears a soft cervical collar, is undergoing physiotherapy and strengthening exercises.

A whiplash injury

The term whiplash is used to describe pain caused by damage to soft tissue. Damage happens due to sudden extension with further flexion, and Vice versa. Sharp pain in the neck (any region) after the fall, a fight or accident may lead to whiplash injury.

Damaged ligaments – the head takes a standing position, loss of cervical lordosis. After injury, the obligatory x-ray examination. Attenuation of the disease happens after 1-6 months.


Pain in the cervical spine occurs after wounds, unfortunate diving accidents. Unnatural bending, aching pain in the back of the head indicate trauma cervical. Edema and hematoma, disturbed motor functions of the body. For those who have hurt the cervical spine, doctors primarily prescribe to wear a special collar for several months.


Skin infections lead to inflammation which may be accompanied by acute pain. When infections such as flu or rubella, lymph nodes expand and lead to unpleasant aching sensation in the cervical muscles.

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Pathology of internal organs

Severe neck pain often heralds pathology. When pain in the right hypochondrium, radiating to the neck on the right side, suspect the development of cholecystitis. If the cervical whiskey sick in the morning, it's like hypertension. The pain in such cases is reflected and it goes from head, heart, and esophagus. Myocardial infarction and angina pectoris is often accompanied by pain in the chest, shoulders and arms.

Patients who experienced a disease, have complained that they have sore neck on the left. Pain in the neck to the right, cramps in the thigh on the same side tell me about the development of cholecystitis. Pain in the neck in front gives you the right to suspect a disorder of the thyroid, esophagus, larynx or pharynx. Perhaps developing a local neuritis – nerve damage. This usually occurs after severe chemical substances, for example, alcohol.

Restless pain in the cervical spine are harbingers of a developing pathology. In this case, much pressure problems. Pain in right neck with restriction of the ability to move my head hurts during meningitis.

Painful sensation on the side are the result of the extension of the tumor in the brain. You should immediately seek help. Neck pain front right or left may indicate the presence of pharyngitis, laryngitis, lymphangitis or any other disease associated with inflammation of the bowels.

Pain in the cervical spine – possible, the process of the development of meningitis, tuberculosis, osteomyelitis. Benign disease that is easily treatable – vegetative-vascular dystonia also may be accompanied by ailments. Pain in cervical give in the limbs, back, there are pressure surges, shortness of breath, lethargy.

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Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis is characterized by piercing pain in the neck. It is enhanced at night.

Other reasons

Often pain in the neck to the right are the result of a banal lumbago. Lumbago or backache compression of the neck muscles. He's harmless and goes away after a couple of weeks. Most often seen it in the wind, pain extends to the head and chest. Sore neck to the left or right – maybe people just "lain" this way. Bodily inactivity is harmful to physical condition and compromise the blood vessels of the cervical spine. During the sickness of this kind, it is sufficient to change the position of the body.

Many people sufferingobesity, often hurts the neck part. The spine and cervical vertebrae cannot cope with overweight, they have a huge burden, and they engage in active resistance.

Stress and psychological stress are the causes of painful sensations. Emotional outbursts and tension often cause pain in the back of the neck. It, like any other part of the body, lots of nerve endings. If ache and shoulders, it feels tingling and numbness, pinched nerve. The pain subsides after the injection or acceptance of anesthetic.

Pull muscles – may need to diversify your day walks in the fresh air. Pain right in the neck healthy – people just get too cold.


Those who are constantly worried about the neck region, you need to consult a specialist. This is very important, especially if severe pain fever. When the neck ache for three days, you need to sound the alarm. Treatment of the neck that hurts may appoint only specialist.

Doctors usually prescribe medication. The disturbing part of the neck is recommended to lubricate the medication with a warming effect. Permanent pain can make a person irritable: a doctor prescribes sedatives, antidepressants. Pain in the neck right, left, front, side and rear to facilitate, to the defeat of a heating pad or wrapped a warm scarf.

Massage therapy is a necessary health procedure. It is possible to do yourself. Sore neck in the front, for example – gently Pat and RUB its surface, trying not to touch the Adam's Apple. Circulation improves, and pain in the cervical stop bothering.

Nagging severe pain in the neck to treat recommended warming compresses. In such cases, man needs rest, and a pain in the neck to the right or left will subside in a few minutes. If the situation is serious, it should be a professional who knows how to treat neck pain, for example, a trained physical therapist.

Bruises and sprains facilitate cold compresses. In medical practice often use acupuncture, exercise therapy, particularly when the constant pain in the neck.

In severe cases, patients operate, but this is the exception rather than the rule. If treatment cervical is successful, from discomfort you can relieve a few months.

How to treat neck pain alone

What did not come up to the people, stricken with illness! Sprains or serious injuries, you can resort to informal methods of pain relief. There is a proven way how to get rid of neck pain for an hour.

Cheesecloth folded into three layers. Boil potatoes in their skins, then push apart and applied to the neck through the fabric, and then warm scarf or towel. As the cooling of the potatoes layers of gauze to remove. Upon completion of the procedure neck RUB any alcohol.

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To pain in the cervical spine has ceased, it is necessary to observe a few simple rules:

  • Hold the posture. A crooked back is good for muscle deformation. Shoulders should be lowered, chin to be in a good position. Sitting with a crooked back, you risk getting really sick.
  • Prefer a backpack, not a bag. The load will be evenly distributed on the left and on the right side of the body, and pain in the cervical spine will subside.
  • While reading to keep your head up, not down. It is possible to fix it with a cushion or pillow (not soft), to change the position.
  • To devote time to physical exercise. Yoga, swimming, fitness and strengthen the muscles of the neck. If there is no opportunity to practice – to take breaks at work to stretch, relaxing the muscles.
  • To take a contrast shower. During extremes of hot and cold water the body is under stress: the blood flow accelerates, muscles, including the neck, involuntarily strengthened.
  • To take it easy. When sore neck, it is better to leave her alone, and in any case not to continue to work or train. Pain in the cervical spine can pass by themselves.
  • Do not panic. Stress is not only psychological, but also physical health. Instead of screaming "what to do if terribly sore neck on the left", it is better to calm down and soberly assess the situation.