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The child has a sore neck, can't turn head, what to do

Neck pain in a child is often a concern of young mothers. If you want to correctly cope with this problem and don't hurt the baby, you should first find out what the source of pain. Consult a doctor to start treatment as early as possible and to prevent complications. If neck pain is accompanied by fever, increased sweating, call an ambulance, so as not to put the baby at risk.

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Why it hurts

Neck pain in young patients can occur due to the following pathological processes:

  • The inflammatory process in the muscles of the clavicle. Frequently occurs as a consequence of the generic traumatic injuries. Because of this spasm, the baby loses the ability to move the neck left or Vice versa to the right. Attempts of the movements to this side cause pain;
  • Spasm of the muscles. Upon awakening children may suffer neck pain, localized on one side. May occur as a consequence of improper posture while sleeping. When a person sleeps, his neck should be slightly lower compared to the rest of the spine, down. A note on the pillow – it should be of medium hardness;
  • Inflammation of lymph nodes and meningitis. Occurs fever, sometimes fever. Headache and cervical spine, it may be lightheadedness. Sometimes the child even loses consciousness. Concomitant symptom becomes dermatological rashes. What to do with such clinical picture? Urgently call an ambulance;
  • Torticollis – a condition in which a person can fix the neck region only in one position. All the movements bring great pain. To this disease should be treated with the utmost seriousness – up to ten years, it is easier to treat, and after the children's period can cause complications.

In addition, pain in the neck of the baby can occur as a consequence of sore throat, side effects of medication. Often develops as a result of psychological stress, stress.

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How to help your child

Often enough only slightly to massage the neck to pain the child has gone. However, you must remember that in inflammatory exacerbations of massage and exercise is strictly prohibited. Just a little caress and knead my neck.

To relieve the pain will help light cold compresses. Don't forget that baby skin is tender, and if the child has sore neck, such compresses should not be piping-cold. So low temperature is harmful even in the case of adults.

To eliminate the symptoms of meningitis, call an ambulance. Don't let hospitalization, if necessary. If such a diagnosis was not made, give your child regular painkillers for children.


If the pain the child was the result of severe colds, physical stress, or sleep in uncomfortable position are assigned to the children's version of anti-inflammatory drugs.

Sore neck often starts due to a sore throat. In such a situation, specific treatment is not required, just ensure that the child was always in a comfortable position, experienced less stress. The pain will disappear on their own.

Two days after the beginning of acute inflammatory process (if it is not meningitis), you can use warm compresses. Ensure that their warming effect was not too strong. So, some traditional recipes warming compresses on the case have inadequate burning effect, even in the case of adults.

It's fun! Syndrome short neck in infants

If a sore neck due to the torticollis or the background of scoliosis will require complex medical procedures. This and physical therapy, and professional massage, and physiotherapy. Such pathology should be treated at a younger age. In adulthood to fix them very hard.

Try to inculcate the habit of keeping healthy posture. This is necessary to avoid pathological deformations of the spine in the future.


The problems with musculoskeletal disorders, including whiplash claims, the main remedy is physical activity. We offer a few simple exercises tohealth neck child:

  • The child sits on a chair with a high backrest. His hand put him on the back of the head, thumbs at the same position in the area of the cheekbones. The essence of the exercise is to provide a hand pressure on the head, but the effort of the neck muscles to keep the head stationary;
  • The following exercise is performed without changing the posture. The head is gently lowered to his back, but his eyes constantly directed to one and the same point – forward;
  • Without removing hands from the back, the child slowly tilt your head back. And then perform turns to the left and right side.

This is the easiest part of exercises to strengthen children's neck muscles. It is desirable to select the exercises, their intensity and regularity together with an experienced instructor in physical therapy and an orthopedist.

Collar Trench

Collar Trench is a type of orthopedic corrector. This collar helps to relax the neck muscles, to eliminate the spasm. At the same time its function is to change the posture, gradual straightening of the cervical spine.

An invaluable benefit of the collar Trench in the fact that it painlessly helps the child to get used to the smooth, healthy posture. The muscles get used to be in a physiologically correct position.

It is not necessary to wear the collar for more than three hours a day. Otherwise, a side effect of treatment will be the weakness of the neck muscles, which will only lead to worse results.

Wear this orthopedic corrector better in the evening when the neck has a tired day, and she needs rest. The way the child wears a collar at home, out of sight of their peers – do not force him to experience psychological discomfort.