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Neck disease and their treatment: osteochondrosis, myositis, lumbago, spondylosis

Disease of the cervical spine is increasingly plagued modern man. This is due to the way of life – a huge part of the population spends workdays sitting in a tense posture in front of the computer screen. To cure neck problems, it is necessary not only to use these or other medications, but to change your lifestyle – move more, do physical therapy, massage treatments.

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Why sore neck

The health of the cervical spine is primarily a condition of the cartilage of the joints, i.e. the intervertebral discs and facet joints. They tend to break down as the result of multiple factors.

To understand why the cartilage tissue are destroyed, pay attention to the lifestyle of modern man. Because of neck problems in recent decades, much "younger". Profession a large number of people now is that they perform any work, sitting in front of a computer screen.

They are thus in a stressed state. The pose most often is this – the back is bent, shoulders are above the neck, the elbows hang and the back and head leaning on the backrest. In this position, office worker, Manager or programmer can spend many hours in a row.

Why is it harmful? Blood circulation gets worse the cartilage and also spazmiruyutsya neck muscles. Intervertebral discs and facet joints do not have their own circulatory system, they get nutrients from the surrounding soft tissues. When this cartilage only ten percent consists of cells, the rest is extracellular fluid. If nutrients are always in short supply, the cells die, the liquid ceases to recover.

As a result, the cartilages cease to be elastic, dry. Developing a variety of diseases of the cervical spine. This process is called degenerative disc disease, if the affected intervertebral discs and osteoarthritis, if deformed facet joints. These pathologies often go hand in hand, and in any case cause a number of complications. In the case of degenerative disc disease is protrusion, herniation, osteophytes of the spine.

Hernia cervical

Cervical disc hernia often forced to suffer the middle-aged and older. Symptoms of such a hernia is very bright, and diagnosis usually is not a difficulty. Hernia cervical vertebra is one of the most severe complications of cervical. In the result of degenerative processes of the intervertebral discs dry out, cease to be elastic. This leads to the fact that their fabric first protrude, and then the fibrous membrane ruptures, and purposee the nucleus of the cartilage comes out, pinching the nerve roots and blood vessels.

The main reason – a cervical osteochondrosis. Associated factors are chronic stress as a result of constant sitting, and sudden movements.

Symptoms include sharp pain, often unbearable. In addition:

  • Pain tends to radiate to the shoulder girdle and upper limb;
  • There was deterioration in sensitivity, sensation of numbness, the feeling of "running ants";
  • It's hard to move my neck, sometimes almost impossible because of the pain and fear of them;

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To diagnose the hernia neck, neurologists often prescribe an MRI. This is necessary to build a detailed diagnosis, to understand exactly what nerve roots being pinched. And, important point – how is urgently needed surgical intervention. As a hernia in the cervical spine is the most dangerous because of the proximity to the brain, often treated with surgery.

Beyond pulposa tissue burned by a laser or a scalpel. The rehabilitation period is long, and in place of the injured disk often install plastic or titanium implant. This price is worth paying to preserve the health and normal quality of life.

During the period of rehabilitation uses therapeutic exercise, massage (perform them in this case can only be experienced professional), physiotherapy.

Spondylosis of the neck

Spondylosis cervical is called a pathological process in which the edgesthe vertebrae are overgrown with outgrowths of bone tissue. These surpluses and salt deposits are called osteophytes. Such growths have a negative impact, deform the cartilage tissue of intervertebral discs.

Osteophytes of the neck often occur because of degenerative processes in the intervertebral cartilage. The height of the cervical disc is reduced, and the vertebral bodies gradually erase the edges of each other. In place of the damaged bone tissue, the organism grows a new one, and much. Osteophytes again deform the cartilage, the process goes in a circle.

Symptoms include stiffness, spasmodic contractions of the neck muscles, pain. It is also possible asymmetries of the cervical artery. In the period of exacerbation are assigned to painkillers and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory. May be recommended spinal blockade with procaine.

After the period of exacerbation is over, you need to do physical therapy, weight loss, massage and physiotherapy. It does not return the vertebrae and discs of the neck in its normal condition, but will not allow the pathological process to progress even further.

Arthrosis and arthritis of the neck

Cervical osteoarthritis is a pathological process in which deformed facet joints of the cervical spine. Non-inflammatory disease, if there is no risk of the clamp of the nerve roots or the cervical vessels.

However, there is a strong pain and stiffness, as the dried joint compound neck grinding against each other. The patient difficult to move your neck not only because of the pain, but of fear of what the pain would come.

Pain getting stronger in the morning after you Wake up. In this case, you need to warm up, it is desirable to perform a full morning gymnastics, at least in the region of the neck. The feeling of tightness will disappear quickly.

Also pain syndrome is especially tormenting at bedtime, when a heavy day ahead, and there was a lot of stress on the cervical spine. This period has been sick not because of the long joints "grappled" to each other, but because in the daytime they are constantly injured. Is usually relieved after the patient takes a horizontal position and relaxing.

For worn facet joints are strong muscle spasms. Them helps to fight massage and simple therapeutic exercises. You can also use muscle relaxants, but remember that they are used in courses and not in the period of exacerbation.

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If there is inflammation of the facet joints, the disease is already classified as arthritis. The inflammatory process may start due to hypothermia, infectious infection. In this case, the applied non-steroidal anti-inflammatory.

Cervical cross

Shooting the feeling in the field is called cervicalgia. This concept has a sharp pain that is accompanied by muscle spasms. As soon as the patient feels the pain, he almost loses the ability to move the neck muscles and painful sensations. Irradiiruet pain in the region of the shoulder girdle and upper extremities.

With the help of cervicalgia body is protected from the potential complications of clip nerve. Spasm of the muscles necessary to save the jammed nerve tissue from further impacts. Because of this, and there is a strong feeling of constraint, not giving the ability to move.

Cross neck – not an independent disease but a complication and symptom of such diseases, spondylosis, osteochondrosis, protrusion and herniated. At the time of the attack does not need to counteract the contractions of the muscles, just relax, take a comfortable position. Use painkillers, and then immediately contact a physician or an ambulance!

When pain syndrome weakened, try to begin to move. Smoothly, without causing additional discomfort, perform head turns to the side, where the pain and stiffness stronger. When he reached the possible maximum, hold this condition. It does not induce severe pain. If the muscles respond, then the condition improves. Use self-massage of the cervical, but only after a hot bath so the muscles are already relaxed.

To avoid a new aggravation, start to do physical therapy. If there's no time, just do regular self-massage of the neck. Try to keep track of your posture while working at the computer, not sit on the debt, more often get up and warm up. In the pool, take time to backstroke to relax the neck muscles.

Asymmetry of neck artery

The brain receives nutrients andoxygen through two arteries, which are under the protection of the vertebrae in the cervical spine. The circulation is arranged so that if one of these vessels is obstructed, the brain will still survive, getting the necessary from another artery. However, this condition causes unpleasant symptoms due to the fact that the brain is experiencing oxygen starvation:

  • Headache;
  • Increased blood pressure;
  • Noise in the ears;
  • It gets dark before the eyes;
  • Observed pre-existing conditions;
  • Can occur temporary loss of consciousness.

Many patients begin to confuse these symptoms with a hypertensive attack. And treated accordingly – with the help of pills to lower pressure. It is fundamentally wrong and dangerous approach, since the increased pressure tool of the brain for normal supply itself with oxygen. Lowering pressure, people only worsens their situation.

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To escape from this condition can be so-called vascular drugs that widen blood vessels or thinning the blood. This group includes many nootropics.

How to restore the health of the neck

If you have problems with the cervical spine symptoms can win. It's another thing to win over their reason. The reason – in degenerative changes of cartilage and bone tissue. These tissues do not regenerate, and modern medicine still does not know the panacea, which it would be implemented. A large number of private clinics are speculating on the fact that supposedly have some or the other recovery methods in the cervical spine.

But such statements border on fraud. Cartilage and bone tissue to regenerate. But that is no reason to despair – even if the patient has a whole bunch of diseases of the neck. In this situation, you need to work hard and change your lifestyle to negative changes began to progress. Don't think that medications will help in this – they only need to arrest the symptoms during the exacerbation.


If the cervical spine has evolved to illness and disease, often begin inflammation, pinched cervical nerve, is pinched cervical or shot in the neck. With such a clinical picture is still too early to think about how to prevent further development of pathology. First thing you need to cope with the symptoms and return the patient's quality of life, mobility, to relieve pain.

To do this, immediately use painkillers. With the unbearable pain can be assigned to injection blockade of the spine with Novocain. Very often the source of pain is inflammation. So along with analgesics non-steroidal anti-inflammatory assigned. They can be sold not only in tablet but also in the form of external funds. The disadvantage of such drugs (used both internally and externally) that have a negative effect on the gastrointestinal tract.