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Neck pain when turning head: reason what to do, how to treat

Sometimes waking up in the morning the man realizes that he's hurt to turn my head. Backache, pain, discomfort – how to deal with the unpleasant symptoms? If the pain quickly recedes, the reason usually in an uncomfortable position during sleep. But if the pain is stronger every day, the patient should contact the physician to identify and address the causes of discomfort.

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You can not do the massage yourself, even with a strong unpleasant sensations in the neck (left or right) pressing and strongly pressing, as is the ease one can bring complications. How to treat neck, if the neck is sore that it hurts to turn and what to do?

Where does the pain?

If there is pain in the neck when turning the head, it is caused by the pinching of nerve roots in this area. Occurs degenerative process in the cervical spine (degenerative disc disease) which requires treatment by a doctor. If not treated, then over time develops a hernia, extrusion of the spinal canaldue to which peredelyvayut arteries and spinal cord. Delayed treatment of degenerative disc disease and herniation may cause paralysis.

Painful sensations arise in the moments of entrapment, part of the neck muscles strained, inflammation begins. If the patient does not cure pain in the neck, inflammation of the shoulder covers the entire Department, leading to atrophy of muscles and weakness. Maybe a sore neck when turning his head from myositis (inflammation of muscles of the neck) caused by hypothermia. The patient feels weakness in the arms and shoulders swell, their possible bias.

Incorrect posture leads to pain in the neck. Many even sit properly. The back is recommended to keep straight, chin should be raised and the shoulders served a bit ago.

Improper posture head shifted to the side, even if visually it is not observed, and the muscles of the neck experience a double burden. If you do not follow the correct position of the body, it leads to deformation of the discs and begins the development of a hernia. At the beginning of the deformation drives the patient complains that it hurts to turn my neck to the right or left side, and a couple of years all the symptoms manifest themselves in full glory.

Osteochondrosis – one of the main diseases that cause neck pain. It affects virtually every office worker in one way or another. Neck hurts, turning it hurts, what to do? Prevention needs to unload the neck muscles during static postures, and throwing back his head performing a circular motion. Painful sensations arise in children and adolescents, and the elderly.

The character of the pain is different: pulling, sharp, sharp, surrounding, continuous or periodic. Backache occur in one area of the neck, for example, is felt when turning his head to the left.

Prolonged pain lasting more than 7 days, it is recommended to consult a doctor. This type of pain is a sign of serious problems in the body. This may be a consequence of injury in the cervical, osteoarthritis, a result of prolonged tension of the muscles, myositis, hernia or appearance of tumors. There are some diseases that cause pain in the cervical spine is syphilis, a heart attack.


In the first step the specialist needs to understand the reason which caused the disease. This will help you to choose the method of treatment.

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Osteochondrosis shouldn't drink with painkillers. They do not eliminate the causes, and only time will stop the effects. And in the future, the disease will progress: will start a hearing problem that causes the vertigo, will lose the sensitivity of the skin. The patient will complain of sleep disorders. To relieve these symptoms, the doctor will prescribe a course of combined therapy.

The complex treatment includes:

  • Analgesics that eliminatepain
  • Myopathology, eliminating inflammation in the tissues
  • The blockade, stopping the progression of the disease
  • Phonophoresis, which uses ultrasound brings the medication to the inflamed tissues.

All these methods help to eliminate the inflammatory process, and completed the course massage.

Pinched nerves

Pain that during the day, appear and stop suddenly, can be the result of a lesion or pinched nerves. Symptoms: numbness of the cervical and extremities, a feeling of "squeezing" in the chest, hearing problems. The pain often occurs as a result of deformation of the vertebrae that put pressure on nerves. It is impossible to pick up medications for pain, use creams and ointments and self-medicate. Prescribe treatment can only specialist-neurologist.

Therapy includes medications non-steroidal type (relieves swelling of tissues) that increases the blood flow a magnetic. The treatment will take one week, but the result will be the elimination of pain.

Zastuzheny muscles

Pain in the neck arise from hypothermia. In this case the pain is acute and sharp. Before applying the compress and rastirok should consult a doctor to inflammation began to spread to other tissues. Otherwise, you can hurt the muscles of the larynx. Remember to chill your muscles can be in public transport, on the street, while in the apartment. If there is myositis, it becomes painful to turn my neck due to spasm of the muscles. In children such discomfort can be a consequence of the fall, or lifting something heavy. What to do in such cases?


  • Treatment creams and ointments on the basis of diclofenac
  • Warming up the muscles (if the patient is no rise in temperature)
  • Gentle massage
  • Compresses of cabbage leaf
  • Of an application with Laurel oil. The composition is smeared on the affected area, and the top is placed on the neck scarf.

Pain in a child

Pain the child may be the result of a congenital defect (torticollis) or infectious diseases. Infection recognized due to an increase in the lymph nodes on one side of the neck. Swollen lymph nodes, typically accompanied by high fever, parents are advised to consult with your doctor.

Torticollis in children is difficult and painful to turn your head.

If the baby is turning the head close to a semiconscious state and complains that it hurts his head, it is necessary to call "ambulance". This may be a sign of incipient meningitis. In meningitis hospitalization of the baby in the hospital. It is impossible to self-medicate – it is fraught with loss of time.

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Help at home

Take the pill, we remove the symptoms but do not treat the cause, thereby causing liver damage. So it is possible to stop an acute pain in the future continues the treatment of the disease by massage, gymnastics, traditional methods of treatment.


The first massages are performed by a specialist, and in the future, the basic simple actions you can do at home. The vertebrae can not push, hard to RUB. Massaged this area is only stroking, clapping, tweaks. Rubbing his neck lightly without pressure.

Classic massage

The patient sits on a chair, straightening his back, puts his hands on his knees. Then relaxing the body, the patient raises his hands up, and gently leads them by the neck. Puts her hands on his neck and slowly stroking her, then starts rubbing. Once the muscles relax, the right hand placed on left shoulder. Mash shoulder, increasing blood circulation in it. Repeat the same steps with your left hand. End massage movements are light strokes and claps.

Klassicheskij samomassazh

Point impact

To perform such manipulations it is necessary to examine the location of active biological points. With the pressure on they removed the muscle tone, improves blood flow, and eliminating pain. Massage of points it is possible to do yourself, bringing your hands behind your head. And for simultaneous pressing on the point of head and shoulders is recommended to ask for help with massage someone from home.

Fingers put on points located the steam pressure, making a circular motion clockwise. Point on the touch will be painful, but don't push them to the pain. Then slightly relax the pressure of your fingers, do the same thing in the opposite direction. Relax the skin in places whereoccurred massage. Go to the next active point. Final stage of massage – the stroking of the skin and taking a shower.

Physical therapy and exercise therapy

At home we recommend the use of physiotherapeutic devices, for example, Almag or DENAS. But the effects of magnetic field on the active points has a number of contraindications, so before applying you should consult with a specialist. Another effective method is – physical therapy. Doing it after the lifting of an acute attack. Before the training it is recommended that a couple of weeks to do the yoga exercises. Yoga also has a positive effect on muscle clamps and relaxes the body.

Traditional medicines

Effective treatment of the neck muscles folk remedies. They numb the affected muscles, reduce inflammation.

  • Compresses with honey. Honey smear the sore spot, wrapping with cellophane, top it is covered with a warm scarf. Duration of treatment: 20 minutes. Then do not soak the honey is removed with a wet swab.
  • Mix the resin with honey and add to the mix the propolis. Components stir until smooth. SAP freeze in the refrigerator, then pounded. The mixture is spread on affected area for 15-20 minutes, then erased with a cotton swab. Neck insulated for 1-2 hours.
  • Applications clay-based. Mix the clay with water, stir until smooth. Coat the gauze "clay dough", put it on the affected area overnight. In the morning the clay is washed off with warm water.