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Self-massage neck osteochondrosis at home video

Self massage of the neck helps to eliminate signs of low back pain – migraines, numbness of the limbs, and deterioration of health, pain when turning the head. This disease appears after neck injuries and sedentary work. There is a loss of muscle, vessels, ligaments, nerves inflamed and pain. When the pain does not stop, it is possible to massage cervical area independently.

Samomassazh shei

The stages of self-massage

How to do neck massage right? Each massage is divided into 3 stages:

  1. Preparatory. Warm up the muscle tissue of the neck and collar area. This is done by stroking the back of your neck, then your hands to the front area. Return the palm to the back of the neck and again, move to the front area. Are these manipulations several times. Intensely stroking the muscles so they are warmed up.
  2. The main stage consists of massaging the clavicle and trapezius muscles. Also massaged the upper back and neck muscles.
  3. Massage ends with soothing movements of warmed muscles.

All manipulations are divided into manual and using different items. Another kind of movement – point impact, made with my hands and with the help of other objects.

Technique of self massage

How to do the massage yourself? Collar zone massage itself starts with the strokes, with the palm directed at the side of the neck.

Movements are made from the top down, the possible lateral movement that runs along the edge of the trapezius muscle.

  • Caress muscles with your palms in the direction from the spine to the shoulders and armpits. The pressure of the hands increases, and stroking be rubbing movements. Rubbing spend phalanges, the fingers clench into a fist. So, increasing the impact on the muscles and tissues in this zone. Movements are performed in a spiral.
  • Mash the neck and collar area, covering the muscle of the palm. When the fingers have so: thumbs are placed on the one hand, on the other the rest of the fingers and between the fingers remains a fold of skin. The emphasis is on the trapezius muscle, massaging them with both sides. When performing petrissage possible pain, especially if the muscles are inflamed and tense. If too painful, the pressure of the muscle slightly weakened. The goal is to fully relax the muscles of this zone.
  • Self massage of the neck should not affect the spine, it should not exert any pressure. All movements are performed on a current of lymph, that is, from head to rump.
  • Not only can massage neck area, and shoulders. This is accomplished by performing rubbing and kneading of small intensity in the region of the shoulder joints. Then RUB your hands over the neck from the nape towards the shoulders.
  • Bendable fingers of the palm in the "boat" and slightly pollutive back of the neck.
  • Massage completes this field vibrational moves performed with the fingertips. Movement reminiscent of typing on a keyboard or playing the piano.

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During self-massage neck and neck area the skin turn red, their blood supply improves. By increasing the temperature of the skin is vasodilation. Nourishment of the skin improves. The skin becomes supple and elastic. Removed swelling of the tissues, and the activity of the heart is recovering, thanks to improved blood flow.

Manual massage with your hands

After the muscles, each exercise is done for 3 minutes, strictly adhering to the sequence.

  • Execute a circular motion on both sides of the neck with high intensity. "Push," the tendons and muscles around the seventh vertebra.
  • Conduct a "sawing" motion by the edges of the hand along the neck. In the neck area these movements alternate with taps with the fingertips or edges of the palm.
  • Performed scratching motion with your fingers at the front, behind the neck. They may be carried out on the lateral surface of the neck. Is "scratching" with the pressure. The same movements are made in the neck area, moving from the neck to the shoulders.
  • Positive area from the neck to the clavicle moving strictly bottom, changing the number of captured fingers of the skin. Ends tingling with rubbing and light Pat the edge of his hand.

The use of devices for massage

Massage neck and neck area it is recommended to use bamboo sticks tapping the neck and back and differentintensity, speed and frequency. Alternatively, use a roll of jade, which are rolling along the spinal column. One of the assistants in the massage is su Jok (ball with spikes). They are almost any manipulation.

Massaging with the help of a vibrator will increase the blood flow in the tissues of the neck, and the towel used for rubbing the neck.


This technique is based on manipulating active points massaged area. To perform it should be, both with your fingers and chopsticks made of wood. The pressure on each point lasts no more than 4-5 seconds, and the number of taps should be about 15. If at some point, are you really hurt about it are done in a circular massage movements.

Another embodiment of acupressure will be iplikator Kuznetsova with needles.

Feeling after session

After it the patient will surely feel pain. Doctors explain the cause of these feelings: people in life rarely involve these muscles, and massage has the same effect that fitness training. Over time, the body gets used to the pain after a session goes, but if the pain intensifies, you should seek the advice of a specialist.

When you can do self-massage?

Self-massage of the cervical recommended to relieve tension in the neck muscles. This is a wonderful way to relieve migraines. It is used to treat neuralgia, plexitis, with neuritis. It improves sleep, save us from high blood pressure.

Shown massage to treat degenerative disc disease and scoliosis. But the massage made even the professional is not a panacea for the treatment of these diseases. It is only one element of complex therapy.

When not to do massage?

Do not do massage to cancer patients, people with heart disease, kidney or liver. To abandon these manipulations have people with abnormalities of blood, especially at infringement of function of hemostasis. A contraindication to massage would be the thrombosis, high blood pressure of the patient.

protivopokazaniya dlya samomassazha shei

It is not recommended to massage people with infectious diseases and high temperature. People with skin disease should be excluded from your massage treatment.