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How to treat myositis neck at home: ointments, painkillers

Blew the neck? Not necessarily immediately run to the doctor. Maybe you just cervical myositis. How to treat cervical myositis and what is the treatment at home? Just follow a few simple principles.

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Types of myositis

Blowing neck (the myositis) disease characterized by inflammation of the muscles. The nature of the inflammation may vary depending on the reasons. In particular it can be:

  • Infectious. In this case for a home treatment of the disease are used not only inflammatory, but also anti-microbial agents.
  • Purulent. For the treatment drugs used for resolving the source of the pus.
  • Parasitic. the affected muscles are operated, or used antihistamines;
  • Toxic treat effects.
  • Traumatic – in this case, the conventional anti-inflammatory drugs add a group of strong painkillers;

Note: if you have combo myositis of the neck, caused by several factors, before an independent treatment consult your doctor.

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Treatment at home

Primarily in the treatment at home, the patient must provide full rest. Any movements. To relieve inflammation necessary so that the muscles get less irritated by external factors. This will reduce part of the discomfort, and faster to cure the problem.

In the list of main drugs for the treatment of problems included:

  • Non-steroidal ointments;
  • Ointments based on bee venom;
  • Anti-inflammatory medication;
  • A course of antibiotics;
  • Pain ointment;
  • Other integrated tools.

First aid

Regardless of the reasons arose myositis of the neck muscles, you need to take measures to alleviate the primary symptoms. It's warming and painkillers. If the myositis was caused by a sprain, or cervical pereohloždenie cartilage to cure it and lead the patient to a healthy state will help:

  • Ointment from her very much (relief);
  • Ibuprofen/Ketanov (potent painkillers);
  • The ointment helps to warm the joints, ligaments and cartilage.

This complex helps to relieve the primary symptoms. If you podozrevaet traumatic or suppurative myositis, this will be enough to get to the hospital and finally diagnosed.

Remove the inflammation

If you already know the type of myositis, you know how to treat it. But at the same time to reduce the unpleasant sensations of the disease?

Use the ointment on the basis of bee venom. This tool which causes a mild anesthetic effect and has potent anti-inflammatory effect.

Note: before applying the ointment, consult your doctor about the presence of Allergy to the venom of bees and wasps. Otherwise you risk getting unpleasant side effects of such treatment, thereby enhancing inflammation.


To treat the disease, also use compresses. They allow you to warm up the myositis. If the nature of the disease a purulent or toxic, treatment packs will only worsen the problem. As a result, serious complications.

Basic compresses used in the home for the treatment of cervical myositis:

  • Compress with alcohol (vodka, Cologne). A compress applied to the affected area and wrapped with a scarf, towel or blanket. It contributes to the warming of the muscles and reducing pain and spasm.
  • A compress of leaves of burdock or cabbage. Made on the same principle as the previous option. The leaves they are saturated with water and are applied to the neck, bundle up warm, preferably woolen cloth and left on all night.
  • Iodine grid. The recipe is pretty simple: in the affected area with iodine it is necessary to draw the mesh. But please note that it will start to operate only after 8-10 hours.
  • Mashed boiled potatoes. The potatoes need to pre-cook in the skin, then it is kneaded and applied to the neck. Next the neck needs to be wrapped in a towel or scarf and keep the compress until, until it cools.

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Remove pain syndrome

To remove the pain, it is necessary to resort to two things:

  • External anesthetics;
  • The nimid;
  • Diclofenac;
  • Ointment ketoprofenom.

The latter title is a non – steroidal ointments, which are used to relieve inflammation. After the adoption of external anesthetics, approximately 15-20 minutes necessary to resort to non-steroidal ointments. This will remove the inflammation, and begin treatment.

Treat myositis

After taking protivomoroznyh drugs, with a reduction of inflammation takes place and pain, but this does not mean that the disease has receded.

For the complete disposal should continue the course protivomoroznyh ointments. And then to deal with the nature of myositis. In the case of purulent inflammation to come to antibiotics. In other cases, it is sufficient to apply antiseptic and antipyretic substance.

Paracetamol and ibuprofen relieve the effects of inflammation and allow you to bring the person to a healthy state. After 1-2 weeks of such treatment can be completely get rid of almost any kind of cervical myositis. Important do not use alcohol-containing antiseptic compresses with ointments because you risk to make a burn. Same goes for iodine mesh paired with a cream with bee venom.

Note: remember, improper use of drugs and methods of treatment can lead to unpredictable effects.

The treatment of cervical myositis with home remedies is possible, but quite problematic. It is much easier to turn to a professional order he correctly identified the type of myositis and prescribed the right treatment. Otherwise, purulent inflammation may give serious complications and lead to disability. Although most often, myositis resolves on its own.

If cervical myositis for you often consult your doctor for advice and definition of the nature of the disease. You may only remove the symptoms without curing the inflammation.