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Cervical collar Trench: osteochondrosis how to choose and wear, photos, videos

To ease the pain in osteochondrosis of the cervical collar helps the neck. Collar Trench prevents sudden movements that cause pinching of nerve roots. Goes away muscle tension, are exempt intervertebral discs. The normal oxygen begins to enter the brain, making stops headache and rise in blood pressure. Use of the collar can be virtually any patient, even a child.

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What is it?

Cervical collar Trench device invented by podiatrists to support the neck muscles for whatever reason can not cope with the stress. It's dense, minimally elastic the tyre wear around the cervical. As a result the muscles can relax and the vertebrae remain in their physiologic status.

The gate Trench stretches the neck, frees up space for the intervertebral discs and the nerve roots that were pinched.

Classic this product is a foam strip covered with a fabric sheath. The front provides space for a chin, closes the product back. Another option is a neck corset inflatable collar, which, swelling, gently stretches the cervical spine. Frees up more space for the discs and blood vessels. If degenerative processes have affected the cervical spine, these products can assist combined treatment with medication and physical therapy exercises.

The principle of operation

In the acute phase of degenerative disc disease of the neck even a slight turn of the head ends pain. A person has to ensure that there were no sudden movements. He tries to occupy a position in which the neck is less likely moves. And cervical collar Trench helps in this, and in addition:

  • Does not allow the cervical spine to move, to bend, to bend, to turn;
  • Relieves tension from the muscles;
  • Does not allow the vertebrae to compress the intervertebral discs;
  • Does not allow the vertebrae to RUB against each other;
  • Relieves cervical pain syndrome;
  • Gently warms and massages;
  • Improves blood circulation in the deformed part of the ridge;
  • Provides normal access of oxygen, so that stops headache and rise in blood pressure;
  • Relieves psychological discomfort, fear of sudden movements and pain.

How to wear

To orthopedic product to perform its functions and help to cure cervical osteochondrosis, you need to correctly select and use the collar. To relieve the muscles and reduce pressure on the disks power when the chin is supported and the lower part of the collar of Chance rests on the clavicle area.

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You need to pay attention to your feelings. Ensure that new collar Trench really helped to deal with the pain and effectively restrict neck movement. Only then can it help to treat low back pain.

If there is discomfort while wearing, treatment collar may even be harmful.

To wear the collar it is desirable during exercise therapy. In these moments of possible sudden movements, which will result in a pinched nerve. Selected size collar will protect from pinched nerve roots. You also need to wear the collar when you long time sitting in static postures greatly increases the tension of the neck muscles.

How to choose

Only a qualified podiatrist can recommend which model of the therapeutic collar for neck use. If the collar is chosen incorrectly, the patient can only get worse. So, if it's too tight, get a headache, start vomiting, increase blood pressure. There are going to be effects because the patient will not have enough air. And if the Trench collar is too loose, it will not have the desired effect.

Need to use elastic or inflatable collars. If the product has ribs made of plastic or metal, it is only suitable in post-traumatic period.

How effective is the collar that fits in with how true it is selected according to the height. In the front part of the collar should hold the lower jaw down the front to create emphasis in the clavicular region. Rear it needs to keep the bottom of the head. How wide in turn, the collar is not so important – usually it can be adjustedwhen you button.

Before you buy a product, you need to measure the distance from the clavicular region to the chin.

Circumference of the neck also need to try on. Collars are available in four different size categories, within which the width can be adjusted by buttoning. It is advisable to buy collar only in a specialty store or at least pharmacy.

How to wear

You bought an orthopedic collar, but not sure how to fix the neck? Here's how:

  • The middle part is applied to the front of the neck;
  • The collar wraps around;
  • Under the neck fastens with Velcro, with fixation of the neck, but without the baffle it.

To clarify how well suited the product, you need to try to insert a finger between the collar and skin. In this case the fixation needs to be good, and the patient should not be able to perform a tilt or rotation of the neck. She should always walk straight without muscular effort. Clasps must be exactly back in the middle – this ensures symmetry of fixation. If after some time the model started to bring discomfort, and pain started to go away, then you correctly use the gate.

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Rules of operation

The gate Trench is not contraindicated anyone. Can be used even in the case of an infant. But you need to follow the following guidelines:

  • Do not wear the splint all the time, muscles may atrophy;
  • It is best to use the device twice a day, morning and evening for half an hour, or, when did the pain attack;
  • In General, it is undesirable that the daily usage time exceeding three hours;
  • The brace is acceptable to wear and when osteochondrosis switched to timeline, but then it is better to wear it only at bedtime to the accumulated stress of the day gone;
  • Unacceptable, too much locking of the gate, otherwise it will block the circulation of blood and oxygen to the body;
  • Therapeutic course lasts from two weeks to four months. If the illness is severe, with complications – the doctor may recommend you to wear it longer;
  • It is not recommended to take a horizontal position using the collar Trench. The more invalid sleep while wearing an orthopedic appliance of this type.