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Exercises for the neck, osteochondrosis, shichanina, videos, and shoulders

It is unlikely there will be people who disagree with what exercises for the neck helps greatly to keep your back healthy. Because of the ill health of the spine can cause ailments far more serious than discomfort during movement. Blurred vision, dizziness and regular headaches as well as pain in the chest and numbness of the limbs - that's just a partial list of symptoms that every year complain more and more people.

The osteochondrosis, protrusion and herniated disc in recent years has become much "younger". If the disease was more typical for older people, today gipodinamiya lifestyle of most people and office work, when the body is forced for a long period of time is in the same situation only contribute to the progression of diseases of the spine, especially the top departments.

Kak vypolnyat uprazhneniya dlya shei?

On cervical spine loading always happens. It is more subject to pathological changes due to the fact that is in tension almost constantly, and the vertebrae are the most slim, and the thickness of intervertebral disks - the smallest. At the same time there are major blood vessels that feed the brain. If feet or hands can be given a break, the neck should support the head to relax the spine can only be at night and provided a well-matched pillow for sleeping.

On the occurrence of pathologies in the cervical spine "proclaim" pohrustyvaniâ in the neck, noises in the ears, pressure surges and often aching muscles of the shoulder girdle.

Gymnastics in diseases of the cervical

Good results in the fight against disease of the cervical spine give special exercises for the neck, therapeutic exercises, and massage of neck and collar area.

Today there are various exercises for the neck. The majority of them aimed at achieving the following results:

  • Restoration of mobility of the vertebrae relative to its own axis;
  • Exercises for cervical spine conducive to the strengthening of the muscles of the neck and bring it in tone. Systematic implementation of charging for the cervical vertebrae make the return elasticity to the muscles are constrained with a constant strain due to inflammation.
  • The restoration of normal blood supply to the tissues followed by elimination of compression of the neurovascular bundles;
  • Activation of metabolic processes in tissues. In the first place in this situation is the level of glucose metabolism, which provides nourishment of the tissues of the intervertebral discs.
  • The intensification of selection by the body of endorphins - hormones of pleasure, which further helps with the pain in the neck and improves skin tone;
  • The withdrawal of the surge.

Exercises for the neck long and successfully prescribed for the treatment of diseases of the cervical spine and to prevent them. However, to assign a set of exercises to warm up the neck needs a specialist for each specific case of pathology on the basis of the results of a thorough examination of the patient. In the selection of exercises must take into account the degree of "neglect" of the disease, and the first classes the patient should be required to perform exercises under the supervision of a physical therapist who will be able to monitor the correct execution of the exercises, because only then can we guarantee the effectiveness of the treatment.

When the patient learns the technique of execution of movements, he can continue to practice at home. Regardless of the direction of the complex, there are several guidelines that apply for all exercises:

  • Physical strain on the neck is permissible only when the inflammation and characteristic pain syndrome removed and the disease went into remission. It is important to understand and the patients themselves, because excessive zeal in seeking to heal fast and exercises for the cervical spine without waiting for a remission can only exacerbate the process and further complicate the course of the disease:
  • Performing gymnastics should be performed regularly according to the principle "from simple to complex." Over time, the number of sets for each exercise, and hence the load will increase.
  • To do the exercises correctly does not mean to pain. On the contrary, the pain should be avoided. If the physical therapy sessions all the time accompanied by pain, an urgent need to consult with your doctor. Perhaps some exercises would have to give up or replace them with other, more gentle. And perhaps, it turns out that the disease is re-entered in the "acute" phase and therapeutic exercises for the neck will have to wait.
  • Exercises for the neck are always performed slowly, because sharp bends or turns can additionallyto injure the vertebrae, can cause hyperextension of the muscles or even injury to nerves and vessels;
  • The correct posture during the execution of assigned complex physical therapy for the health of the neck increases the effect of the exercises;
  • Rotating head and tilting back are performed very carefully. Its better to coordinate such exercises with experts;
  • First, the duration of employment should not exceed 10 minutes. Gradually the load would be increased to 30 minutes. All day-exercises for the cervical spine can be performed up to three times.

vypolnenie lechebnoj gimnastiki dlya shei

We will recommend you a simple to execute and effective exercises, enabling them to increase agility and flexibility of the vertebrae of the neck. The first set of exercises for the neck is nice and convenient because it can be easily done both at home and from your workplace.

The first exercise

Is performed standing or sitting on a chair. Hands relaxed and hanging down along the body. The head is gently rotated to the left, then smoothly translates to as far right as possible. When you run it is necessary to seek the location of the nose and the chin over the shoulder and locked so for 1-2 seconds.

If you do exercise this option seriously, we should start with Lite: instead of the slow, but "specific" to turn the head to each side and do a few smooth turns with a small amplitude.

It is important

Performing exercises for the neck, focus on your own feelings. Remember: pain during exercise is not an assistant, to bring to it. If it occurs, you should immediately tell the instructor, under the supervision of whom you are doing exercises for the cervical vertebrae.

The second exercise

Also performed standing or sitting, hands hanging along the body. Head descends, the chin should try to touch the chest.

Exercise helps to improve flexibility of the neck and stretch the cramped muscles in the back.

The third exercise

Original position - the same. Hanging along the body, try to move your head back, pulling in his chin. Regular execution helps to offset the position in which it is almost constantly the majority of office workers when the neck is "reaching" forward, creating hyperextension of the back muscles of the neck.

The second complex can be administered in cases of chronic disease of the cervical spine. Exercises for neck this complex is designed to strengthen weakened muscles and relieve pain and tension.

  1. The first exercise can be done sitting, hands placed on the forehead and try to put your head down, overcoming the opposition. Exercise helps to strengthen weakened muscles and to develop a "stagnant" vertebrae.
  2. The second exercise is performed almost as good as the first, only now it is necessary alternately to stretch your whiskey, trying to tilt his head to the side while creating a hands counter-slopes. The implementation is conducive to strengthening the lateral muscles of the neck and gives the opportunity to partially relieve the pain.
  3. The third exercise: sitting or standing, arms down, as high as possible to raise and then lower the shoulders.
  4. The fourth exercise - massaging at the nape of the zone of junction of the occipital with cervical musculature.
  5. The fifth exercise is also massage. Only this time, it is necessary to massage the blades and clamping the neck muscles.

In the case of a herniated cervical all exercises for the neck may consist of one exercise:

  • Exactly sitting inhale deeply, slowly raise and throw back the head, directing the eyes to the ceiling;
  • Hold this position for 3-5 seconds, and then, also slowly, again head lower.

In addition to the classic complexes of physical therapy for the neck, some specialists can be recommended asanas and poses yoga gaining popularity in the past Eastern practices that have already managed to prove themselves well as a kind of gymnastics in cervical osteochondrosis and other diseases. So, with the proper execution of yoga has no less curative and preventive effect than the classic exercises for pain in the neck.