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Treatment for pinched nerve in lower back: medication, injections, at home, folk remedies, reviews

How to treat a pinched nerve in the lower back, when it comes to pain syndrome in the lumbar or lumbosacral region of the spine. If suddenly there was a sharp "cross" in the lower back, then chances are it's lumbago. Acute, subacute, chronic pain implies the presence of lumbalgia. The combination of lumbosacral pain with pain radiating to the posterior-lateral surface of the thighs, say that in the pathological process involved the sciatic nerve.

chem lechit zashemlenie nerva v poyasnice

Because in common parlance the lower back – everything below the belt from behind, then this also may include coccygodynia – pain in coccyx area. In addition to these, in fact pain syndromes (first group), there are 2 groups: radicular or polyradicular monoarticular and radiculopathy, in which the process involves the nerve roots and in which, in contrast to purely pain syndromes, there is simptomatic. All this has implications for the diagnosis, and therefore in order to properly prescribe treatment.


It is possible to allocate 2 groups of factors causing nerve entrapment, and lumbar pain syndrome:

  • Initially emerged spinal lesions, among which 90% is osteochondrosis and its complications;
  • Extravertebral the factors leading to lesions of the spine, it is often osteoporosis and metastases in oncological diseases.

Contribute to the development of lumbar pain such as:

  • Inadequate load on the spine (excessive or lack thereof);
  • Work in a constantly adverse weather conditions.
  • Posture;
  • Hypothermia after overheating (for example, after fitness);
  • Obesity.

pochemu voznikaet zashemlenie nerva v poyasnice

Osteochondrosis of the lumbar pain from the pinching occurs most often in lesions of the lumbar 4-5 and lumbar 5 - sacral 1 vertebrae. Characterized by cyclic course of acute periods alternating with remissions, the maximum risk of the shot falls on the 4th and 5th decade, then the process subsides, leading to greater immobility of the spine.

Older pain associated with complications according to the type of herniated discs, osteoarthritis of the hip joint, discogenic compression of the spinal canal, especially in the field of "horse tail". Pinch nerve can bone growth on the vertebrae, the osteophytes. Aggravates pain syndrome muscle spasms.

First aid

For the first time the occurrence of "cross", especially in extreme conditions, for example, on a picnic or Hiking, makes you sick, and others in shock. The slightest movement causes rescisao pain and fear. Very important to be able to provide first aid for lumbago.

The patient should be put on a hard surface, legs, better to keep in a good and relaxed state, placing the roller.

Then we should give him the following pill with Hiking or car kit:

  • Analgesic with antispasmodic effect (Baralgin, Spazgan, Spazmalgon, or in their absence a doctor 2 tablets shpy);
  • Antihistamine to prevent swelling (the Pain);
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug ( Diclofenac, Voltaren, Nise, Ortophenum);
  • Well give diuretic (furosemide);
  • RUB the lower back, using any means available (an ointment for pinched or cream according to the type of Voltaren, Diclofenac, Ibuprofen).

You can use the broom from the branches of a young nettle carefully Postiga them back, after which wear a belt, or wrap the loins with a scarf.
What not to do categorically

  • Give the patient alcohol;
  • Float him in the bath;
  • To do the massage.

Lumbago can pass as suddenly as it had begun, may last up to several days. At the first opportunity to call a doctor, which treatment will conduct a survey and establish what has inhibited nerve.


We can offer the following classification of methods of treatment of lumbar pain.


  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • B vitamins;


  • Acupuncture;
  • Chiropractic;
  • Physical therapy, including massage with the subsidence of the acute pain;
  • Motor activation, kinesiotherapy.


  • Performed in a planned manner;
  • In an emergency order.

Non-steroidalanti-inflammatory drugs represented by two groups. The most effective among non-selective NSAIDs block the enzyme COX (cyclooxygenase) is recognized as Diclofenac. Next is Ibuprofen, Ketoprofen. Among selective NSAIDs that block the isoenzyme COX-2 Meloxicam is preferable. Diclofenac and Ketoprofen are available in different forms. There is the solution for injections, tablets, suppositories, ointment for external use. Ibuprofen is used in tablets and topically as an ointment. Meloxicam can be purchased in the form of tablets, solution for injection and candles for rectal application.

Pills the NSAID group cannot be taken on an empty stomach because of the high probability of dyspeptic disorders and stomach ulcers, much safer to take pills with food or after and drink plenty of water. Less dangerous Meloxicam.

Painful injections of b vitamins in the past. If the pinched nerve is appointed Milgamma, containing vitamins B1, B6, B12 in combination with the local anesthetic lidocaine. Milgamma is administered intramuscularly. For oral administration there are vitamins Milgamma compositum in tablets. Take them within 6 weeks after the injections.

Physical therapy, including massage, is advantageously carried out at a subsidence of the acute process. It must be emphasized that prior to the appointment of physiotherapy treatment the Clinician should have a complete understanding of the cause of lumbar pain. Metastases to the spine, physical therapy can trigger an acceleration of tumor growth and increase pain, so this treatment should be used only when you are absolutely certain in the absence of guidance.

Motor activation involves teaching the patient the means of self-help without increased pain burden, is an effective way to prevent relapse. Training to the patient's physical activity have uruci, physiotherapists and kinesiologists.

Surgical treatment is aimed to reduce compression with roots in the compression of their discs or stenosis of the spinal canal and remove the tumor of the spine, spinal cord, meninges, or nerve root.

Folk remedies

Since the problem of entrapment of lumbar nerve is widespread in folk medicine has long been successfully used infusions, fees, baths and ointments based on natural raw materials. An example of infusion may serve as an infusion of celery root. 1 tablespoon roots pour 500 ml boiling water, infuse 4 hours, drink a glass of infusion in 3 divided doses.

Analgesic and calming collection made from herbs oregano, BlackBerry leaves, berries, rose hips and thyme. The proportion of 5:2:3:3, the components are ground to a powder and prepare them tea. Well help bath with the decoction of horse chestnut. 1.5 kg of horse chestnut boiled for 30 minutes in 5 l of water, the broth is poured into the bath, which temperature corresponds to the temperature of the body.

You can prepare this ointment. Needles of juniper blended with the Bay leaf in the ratio of 1:6, thoroughly pounded and added to 12 parts restofline butter. Rubbing ointment stops the pain and relieves muscle spasm.

narodnye metody ustraneniya boli pri zashemlenii nerva

It should be recalled that when the pinched nerve need to take care of proper nutrition. In the acute period is not recommended spicy seasonings, smoked meats and pickles, strong tea, coffee.