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Lumbago – what is it, symptoms, and treatment of lumbago in the lower back

Perhaps you do not know what the lumbago, but you know the shot in the back . Sudden sharp pain that occurs when you are going to bend or lift heavy object such as a bag of groceries. Each movement is accompanied by shooting pain in the lower back , thoracic or cervical spine. It is difficult to bend, turn, lift weights, play sports.

Lumbago is not a disease, so-called pain of any origin, occurring in the back. In the home called lumbago lumbago in the lower back.

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The etiology of lumbago

What are the causes of lumbago and what causes the disease:

  • Muscle spasm caused by physical activity or uncomfortable posture;
  • Colds and long exposure to the cold;
  • Spinal disorders: hernias, tumors, displacement of the intervertebral discs;
  • A back injury , weakened muscles, loss of flexibility and elasticity of the spine;
  • Improper diet combined with other pathologies of the back aggravates the patient's condition.

Lumbago is a symptom of such diseases as osteochondrosis and hernia of the spine.

Osteochondrosis lumbago becomes a symptom, the causes of which are associated with degenerative disorders of the intervertebral discs. Osteochondrosis drives are so close to each other that there is a pinched nerve. Suffers not only the spine, but the nearby muscles that don't get sufficient nutrition due to poor blood supply.

Due to of osteochondrosis intervertebral hernia develops. Reason it becomes a displacement of the nucleus pulposus of the disc. Nerve roots, which is broken by pressure, affect the condition of internal organs and body parts. If shot in the lower back , it primarily affects the lower limbs.

A long course of illness leads to incontinence of stool and urine, and weakening in the legs, severe exhaustion and fatigue of the patient due to the ongoing pain syndrome .

Types of pain syndrome

One of the symptoms of lumbago is a discomfort with a slight tilt to the right or left side. Type of pain syndrome differs in quality and intensity from throbbing pain to the cutting. Further movement difficult, and only the static position of the body helps to avoid new outbreaks.

The doctor can make a diagnosis based on the characteristics of pain and their duration. Distinguish between lumbago and lumbalgia.

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Discogenic lumbalgia is a chronic syndrome, and in lumbago was shot in the back intermittently, the pain is sudden, is of a shooting character. At lumbodynia people permanently suffering from a pulling pain in the back, there have been occasional strong attacks. Exacerbations may last for 3-7 days, during this period the person does not feel suffering only in a horizontal position, i.e. lying down.

The absence of medical intervention at lumbodynia threatens muscular atrophy and listitem.

Lumbago is often accompanied by neuralgia of the sciatic nerve. The person 24 hours a day and 7 days a week suffering from pain syndrome. Such a condition is called sciatica typical symptoms are:

  • The pain is concentrated in the gluteal muscles and lower limbs;
  • The pain occurs at the slightest movement, for example, when coughing;
  • Acute pain lasts from an hour to weeks.

In lumbago discomfort can be lower back left lower back right side, there are also diffuse and lumbago lumbago with sciatica. Lumbar lumbago often occurs when a prolapsed intervertebral disc, such a phenomenon is characteristic of osteochondrosis. Prolonged seizures in which a person has to change their way of life, talking about serious health problems.

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How to treat lumbago

A visit to the doctor will help to decide how to treat backache in the lower back. Specialist can make a diagnosis after the patient describe in detail the nature of the pain. The neurologist should be aware of chronic illnesses, previous injuries of the spine. A patient's guide to MRI. Magnetic resonance imaging will help to identify the severity of the disease and prescribe the correct treatment of the syndrome of lumbago.

Treatment of lumbago in the lower back occurs under the supervision of a neurologist. Even if you know how to treat lumbago in the waist, doctor will advisenot to self-medicate.

Problems in the spine and back are extremely dangerous, so it is better to trust professional medicine. Therapy should be comprehensive, must comply with all the requirements of a neurologist and orthopedist. In lumbago, treatment should be according to the following guidelines.

  • If shot in the lower back, you must comply with bed rest

It is impossible to make any movement hurt. It is advisable to lie on a hard surface, such as on a special orthopedic mattress located on the floor. If a person is forced to perform the movement, then fit an orthopedic corset for the back. Easy walking support canes, walkers and crutches.

  • The patient should take the position of the body, helping to relax muscles and reduce pain

For example, lie on your back with legs bent, shins resting against the cushion of the bedding. The body should be elevated at 45 degrees. Sometimes it helps lying on my stomach with outstretched legs, under the belly, you need to put a large pillow.

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Indeed, pain is eliminated when taking analgesic means, for example, baralgin. But they are not always effective, and then the doctor will prescribe more powerful drugs such as ointment. In no case should not drink medicines containing paracetamol for more than three days. For greater efficiency it is recommended to combine the pain with antispasmodics. Muscle relaxants are used only on the advice of the attending physician, as they have severe side effects. The pinching of nerve roots is an inflammatory process that can reduce the intake of anti-inflammatory drugs taken orally or rectally.

  • To strengthen bone and tissue to drink vitamins

In lumbago the power of some sections of the spine is seriously affected. Such patients assigned to vitamin-mineral complexes. The diet should include foods rich in b vitamins, we recommend taking ascorbic acid. This will help to expedite the treatment of lumbago and to treat the symptoms.

  • Relief diuretics (diuretics)

Can be used as industrial production and prepare the infusion of bearberry or Sosenki. Using them you can reduce the swelling of the nerve root and lower back is not firing. But even the popular diuretics, not to mention pharmaceutical, should only be used after consultation with a physician in order not to disturb the water and electrolyte metabolism in the body.

  • Use gels and ointments, which eliminates the signs of lumbago by local anesthesia

They do well in the elimination of pain . The pain is due to blood flow. Well chondroprotectors to restore cartilage tissue. Cooling ointments, for example, Fastum gel is a local anaesthetic action, they contain menthol and ibuprofen. Regeneration of cartilage contribute to homeopathic medicines. High efficiency integrated show tools that relieve pain, inflammation, eliminate swelling. Part of pharmaceutical ointments includes phenylbutazone, bee venom or snake, benzocaine and esculus.

Pregnant women who was shot in the back, you should be careful to method of treatment. Most drugs carries a potential threat not only to the health of the expectant mother but also the baby.

Alternative therapies

Paraffin-ozokerite application is a local heat procedure that is related to physiotherapeutic methods of treatment. It helps to get rid of lower back pain. Natural hydrocarbon (wax) is heated and then impregnated them with fabric. A compress applied to the affected area for half an hour. In the treatment with paraffin are similar.

lechenie lumbago

In lumbago symptoms of lower back pain are eliminated fifteen-minute magnetic therapy, it helps to reduce swelling and relieve inflammation. One session of diadinamotherapy enough to get rid of lumbago and to forget for a long time, what is the shot in the lower back. The effect is achieved due to the impact of current. To secure the result necessary to complete a full course of treatment.

Well-proven and manual therapy. Specially trained people with the help of hands will affect the vertebrae, eliminating them from further displacement. Not inferior to this method, and therapeutic massage. The healing process will be accelerated by improving blood flow and lymph flow. Stroking, kneading and rubbing should continue for about five minutes. Six treatments can achieve significant improvements health. These two methods are good when the pain in the thoracic spine.

Will help to cure your back this method of Oriental medicinehow acupuncture. Acupuncture improves the condition of the patient after the first treatment: the inflammatory process is reduced, the muscles relax, improved protective functions of the organism.