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How to treat backache in the lower back: the drug in lumbago, folk remedies

Lumbago – so the language of medicine is called familiar to many "shot in the back." The patient tries to perform tilt, rotate, straighten your back and feel a sharp excruciating pain in the lumbar region, which makes it impossible to move. When shot in the lower back is not a diagnosis. This symptom occurs due to the degenerative disc disease or infectious disease. The diagnosis may be a protrusion or hernia, stenosis of the spine.

CHem lechit prostrel v poyasnice

The patient is most interested in how to remove pain, to regain health and the ability to move normally. In short, to treat the lumbago. To stop the pain helps external and oral medications, physical therapy and traditional medicine.

How to quickly relieve the pain

First and foremost, it is advisable to lie down and to eliminate the stress factors. Do not try to straighten the back, through the pain of lumbago. Lie down on the bed, not very hard and not very soft. Ideal mattress located on the floor. If the patient at the time of the cross, it is still necessary to move, try to wear a belt that stabilizes the lumbar region. You can use crutches to relieve the tension from the spine when walking.

Take this situation where the pain disappears and the muscles are relaxed.

In lumbago most convenient to lay on his stomach. Under the lumbar region enclose something high and soft, and his hands pull forward. You can lie on your back with legs bent at the knee at a right angle, resting them on the hill. The head and chest lift on the pillow.

Wrap the loin with a warm scarf if the problem is muscle spasms or degenerative changes in the cartilage.

Warming fabric, you contribute to their regeneration. Capillaries filled with blood, improves metabolic processes of the tissues, relaxes muscles. It is not necessary to heat a given area if the reason for the inflammation, the swelling can become stronger. Analgesic effect with lumbago and lower back have a cold compresses. But if cold is perceived painfully, it is better not to use it. Hypothermia is dangerous in the spine, so after a cold compress is better to slightly warm the back.


When the doctor has established the diagnosis and the cause of painful backache of waist, will be assigned to medication. Most often used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Diclofenac or Ibuprofen. They not only allow new crosses, but fight their cause inflammatory process.

Will help relieve tension and muscle spasms muscle relaxants. These include all known no-Spa and more modern, efficient Mydocalm.


If there is swelling, the patient is prescribed diuretics. Diuretics rid your body of excess moisture. When lumbago, it is useful to take vitamin-mineral complex that contains b vitamins and calcium. Improve the metabolism of the patient's spine in the lumbar region.

Analgesic effect will have drugs such as Analgin or Sedalgin. If they can not cope with the attacks, after consulting a neurologist, you can start to use more potent drugs. Don't forget that using drugs-based on the paracetamol should not be consumed for more than three days.


To warm up the area of the cross use ointments such as Finalgon or eye drops. They quickly improve blood circulation in problem areas. Such external funds are good for myositis. Chondroprotectors, such as Atrazin, will help to restore the cartilage of the intervertebral discs of the lower back. They improve the metabolism in the spine, give an analgesic effect with lumbago. Finalgel or Voltaren saves your lower back from inflammation and swelling. Some gels provide a comprehensive effect on the lower back lumbago.

Lechenie prostrelov v poyasnice


Instead of looking for something else from the pharmacy can treat lumbago in the lower back, pay attention to the exercises of medical gymnastics:

  1. Lie back, place one hand across body line, and the other put the navel. Begin to breathe deeplybreast;
  2. Lie back, strongly squeeze your fists and try to touch heels to buttocks. Do six reps;
  3. Lying on your back, bend the legs at the knees. It will be enough to four reps;
  4. Classical exercise "Bicycle" – eight repetitions;
  5. Lie down on your stomach, take turns foot left and right. Four repetitions;
  6. Rising to his feet, easily lean forwards five times.

When the acute period is over, you need to find a complex for stretching the back. Stretching exercises will help to remove problem areas pressure, improve blood circulation and restore tissue nutrition.


In the critical period, should refrain from acute and smoked. Limit your salt intake. Salty foods will not allow water to leave cells, which can lead to the appearance of edema. Eat less meat and fat. Lean on cereal, vegetables, fruits and broths.


Alternative methods

When the acute period has ended, you can start looking for additional ways to treat your lower back. The good effect of methods of physiotherapy – electrophoresis with novocaine and magnetotherapy. These treatments improve circulation in the lower back, help to treat swelling and inflammation, relieve pain.

Unusual technique diadynamic therapy has analgesic action. On the nerves of the lumbar region affects electricity low frequencies. After the procedure reduces the sensitivity of nervous tissue to pain.

To use the services of a chiropractor only when you are sure that it really is experienced specialist. The consequences of an illiterate manual therapy can be very serious. But after a good session the vertebrae of the lumbar stabiliziruemost, freeing pinched nerves, leave the inflammatory process. Massage will relax muscles, improve blood circulation and metabolic processes in cartilaginous tissues. Acupuncture also relieves pain and muscle spasms.

uslugi manualnogo terapevta

Popular recipes

Traditional medicine will help to relieve back pain, get rid of excruciating pain with lumbago. Good effect on sore back compresses. But using traditional methods, always need to know the opinion of the attending physician. Don't get carried away with self-treatment without knowing the diagnosis and contraindications, you can hurt yourself. Folk medicine recommends the following options popular compresses from lumbago lumbar:

  • Grate black radish, put the pulp on a cotton cloth and place the compress in the painful area. Cover with polythene and warm cloth, hold it until it is warm very much. This, as you can see, a warming compress, which means it can not be used with inflammation;
  • Another warming compress with the relevant contraindications – a mixture of kilograms of red clay and three tablespoons of turpentine. The resulting "dough" is placed on the problem area and keep until dying;
  • A piece of burdock put on the lower back, cover coat and tie. This compress can be kept for a long time – the recipe is forgiving;
  • Put on a loin towel well moistened with tincture of Valerian. The poultice will soothe the nerves.

Lumbago during pregnancy

In the later stages the vertebrae of the lumbar spine of a pregnant woman change position, adjusting to the growth of the fetus. In the result, the expectant mother is experiencing bouts of lumbago, backache lower back.

If plagued by shooting pains, you need to do special exercises for pregnant women, go for a massage.

The warming gels and many other medication is absolutely contraindicated – may start bleeding in the uterus. If the pain is severe, use a cold compress.