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Sharp and severe pain in the back between the shoulder blades, what to do treatment

Acute back pain is a symptom that is dangerous to tolerate. The reason lies in the pathology of the spine, cartilage and muscles. Sharp pain also indicate irregularities of the internal organs.

At the time of the attack in the first place, take a comfortable position where it's not so hard to endure the pain.

Then take painkillers or NSAIDs. Use a cold compress to the sore area. When the pain will go away, be sure to visit the therapist. It will be sent to the right office where it will be treated properly.

Ostraya bol v spine


Pain in the spine can have different sources. Pain can be sharp or acute, constant or intermittent torment, ache and pull in prolonged sitting. Sometimes the back binds a feeling of heaviness or irritated by tingling "pins and needles", numbness occurs. In acute back pain deteriorates quality of life, reduced work capacity.

Risk factors that can lead to acute pain:

  • Sedentary, office work;
  • The lack of sports activities;
  • Sudden movements, heavy lifting;
  • The difficult working conditions, physical labor;
  • Overweight;
  • The traumatic impact;
  • Old age;
  • Professional sports;
  • Cold and drafts.

pochemu voznikaet bol v poyasnice

A sharp pain can signal the presence of the following diseases:

  • Osteochondrosis;
  • Curvature of the spine;
  • Spondylitis;
  • Protrusions and hernias;
  • Sciatica;
  • Clip nerve;
  • Pulmonary disease;
  • Cardiac disorders;
  • Infection;
  • Mechanical injury.


Sprains, contusions and fractures of the back causes many symptoms, including pain. Mechanical deformation of the spinal column threaten the health, health and human life. Accompany them can full or partial paralysis. As a diagnostic tool doctors use MRI, CT and x-rays. Almost always back treatment begins with surgery, as conservative treatment in case of injury rarely helps. Then patients undergo a long-term recovery. Often the duration of treatment is six months or even a year, and the consequences last a lifetime.

Acute pain in the spine between the shoulder blades injuries, is not my worst symptom. Dangerous consequences of this injury to the internal organs and nervous system.

Thoracic and cervical osteochondrosis

Osteochondrosis-affected cervical or lumbar spine. The vertebrae of the neck are very mobile, constantly experiencing large load that are the most subtle in the spine. The cartilage here is very prone to microscopic damage, metabolic disorders, inflammatory processes and the salt concentrations. To diagnose low back pain, you need to do x-rays and MRI.

Sharp pains occur because of degenerative changes in the intervertebral discs. Cause attacks become inflammation and clamps the nerve roots. Acute cervical give pain in the shoulders, trapezius, interscapular area. The process later spread to the thoracic back (this phenomenon is called common low back pain). By and large the pathology of this incurable and the main treatment for it – a lifestyle change in General.

Curvature of the spine

When a person is standing or sitting for a long time, constantly incorrectly distributes the load on the back, the shape of the spine slowly begins to deform. The back muscles are experiencing chronic spasms, and the nerve endings are compressed. The patient is being tormented by sudden back pain. During the formation of the skeleton children have to go to school, to sit constantly at a Desk and carrying heavy backpacks. This leads to the fact that a huge number of people suffer from scoliosis.

Dito ignorirovat curvature of spine easy – asymmetryback visible to the naked eye. But to cure scoliosis hard.

Thoracic kyphosis

Kyphosis – diseases in which the spine is curved back stronger than need normal. In the early stages of kyphosis makes patient round-shouldered, more serious – hooked. The shoulders come forward, the chest becomes narrower. The result of the thoracic intervertebral discs clamps, and there is a sharp pain between his shoulder blades.

An especially dangerous form of kyphosis – kyphoscoliosis in which the spine is bent along multiple axes.


Spondiloarthrosis deform the cartilage tissue of the joints. The cartilage no longer elastic, dry. The result of the bone tissue of the vertebrae begin to grind into each other. The body parasivam bone deformation, forming in the process the excess growths of hard tissue. Appear osteophytes, causing sharp back pain. Sharp growths in the spondylosis begin to grossly deform the surrounding muscles, blood vessels and nerves. The patient experiences severe pain attacks in the back. Conservative treatment is not always good, prescribe surgery.

Protrusions and hernias

When the intervertebral discs were worn out and dried up, lost their elastic properties, they are with a vengeance crushed vertebrae. The result is a deformed cartilaginous tissue of the disc beyond the border. The worst picture is observed, if the protrusion comes in the area of the spinal canal causing loss of sensation and paralysis.

Protrusion causes inflammation and pinched nerves. Starts acute back pain.

A rupture of the fibrous ring of the disc. Purposee the core will come out, is formed intervertebral hernia. Time to detect a hernia, and the protrusion is possible by MRI, CT. It is difficult to cure these pathologies with conservative methods. In the case of a hernia, doctors recommend surgery. Released cartilage tissue burned by a laser or cut with a scalpel.

Intercostal neuralgia

In the result of impact injuries, hypothermia and drafts starts the inflammatory process, affecting the region of the intercostal nerves. The patient is required to consume NSAIDs and to comply with the regime.

Diseases of internal organs

Pain in the spine between the shoulder blades can be a symptom of cardiac ischemia or a signal of the future of myocardial infarction. Inflammatory processes in the lungs and the pleura can cause sharp pain radiating to the back. When the blocked channels of the liver or gallbladder can result in back pain on the right – the so-called "biliary colic".

What to do when severe pain

At the time of the attack, immediately remove the load back to the maximum. In the acute period it is best to get plenty of rest in a horizontal position, because the body has hard to bear even his weight. Choose a position in which the pain will cease to torture and will be most comfortable. If the pain in the lumbar region – it is better to lie on your back, put your feet on higher ground. Better to rest during the day after the attack, when a sharp pain will go away, think about exercises therapeutic exercises.


If you don't know what the cause of the pain, do not use warming compresses and ointments. They can have a negative impact, if the source of acute pain is an inflammatory process. Better put a cold compress ice wrapped in a towel.

You can take painkillers Ketanov, Analginum, Ketonal. If these drugs do not help, the doctor will prescribe injections of analgesics or novocaine blockade of the spine.

If symptoms have not disappeared, will prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The most famous and accessible Diclofenac, Ibuprofen. They will cope with the most likely cause of the pain, will relieve irritated inflammation of the nerve roots.

If you know the cause of the pain – not inflammation, grate in the back warming up ointments, such as Finalgon or Vibrators. Thoroughly RUB the product on the skin in the area of localization of pain. Use ointments and gels five or six days in a row.


If the intervertebral discs are pressed into the bone tissue of the vertebrae, prescribe the wearing of corsets. Orthopedic support corsets allow you to stretch the spine, reduce muscle tension. If you have crutches, try to walk on them – this not only relieves tension from back muscles, but also stretches the spine.


When the pain is gone, not lie around on the bed more than a day. The body needs movement to restore the tone of muscles and maintain the elasticity of the intervertebral discs. You need to stretch the spine, improve blood circulation in the painful area, and pain in the back between the shoulder blades will not come up again.

Perform exercises lying on your back, moving smoothly and doing about ten reps:

  1. Bend one leg at the knee joint, the other at the same bend-unbend, constantly touching the feet of the pad. Follow the movement with the other leg;
  2. Bend one leg, keep the other straight and get to the side. Follow the movement with the other leg;
  3. Bend both legs at the knee joint, touching it with the soles of the Mat. Raise your knees by turns to the side;
  4. In turn pull the legs to the torso;
  5. Having laid under his feet soft support, do leg lifts. Keep them straight.

Then get up and take a ten repetitions:

  1. Put your hands on shoulders, rotate arms back, then forward;
  2. Raise your hands up, take them to the castle. Gently throw your head back and look at your palms;
  3. Turn the body left and right.


If you have experienced back pain in the lumbar region, will help session-massage at home:

  1. Squeeze the hands into a fist, removing the thumb to the side. Put your hands on lumbar region and is easy to RUB the muscle along the spine with your thumb from the bottom up;
  2. Follow intense stroking with both hands from the bottom up to the waist on both sides of the ridge.

effektivnost samomassazha poyasnicy pri bolyah


Do not forget about preventive measures, even when treatment of acute back pain has already begun. A spinal disorder is incurable and can only suspend their development. To avoid relapse, note on recommendations:

  • When the acute phase is gone, get regular gentle exercise. Do stretching, swim in the pool. Elementary walk in the fresh air will help to prolong remission;
  • At work and at home try not to lift weights and do not experience unnecessary physical stress. Pick up under a suitable kitchen and office furniture. It should match your growth and help keep your posture straight;
  • Re-learn to move. If long standing, paramenides from one foot to the other or find support. When I sit at the computer or driving, keep your back straight, do not lift the shoulders, the feet tightly abut to the floor. If you still had to lift something heavy, squat and lift the object, keeping your back straight;
  • Do not wear high heel shoes, small size shoes, constricting clothing.