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How to treat sciatica at home: medicines, folk remedies

A pinched sciatic nerve or inflammation clinical have one name – sciatica (seat). The sciatic nerve is a bundle of nervous melirovannyh fibers, which are enclosed in several sheaths and extend from the spinal cord at the point of the sacral plexus. It goes from the waist on both sides (right and left), passes through the cavity of the pelvic bones, through the sciatic foramen to the gluteal muscles followed by the back of the thigh and knee to the calf, feet. The thickness of the nerve is 1 cm or more.

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Violation of nerve conduction entails a number of painful symptoms. The pain may manifests itself weakly or very strongly. To cure sciatica at home need a lot of energy and patience. The main thing is to follow the recommendations of the doctor.

The symptoms of sciatica

The first symptoms begin with lower back pain as signs of lumbalgia, often this was preceded by chondrosis or injury. The pain is nagging and nagging. The reason eve can be fatigue, muscle tension, psychological stress. Next, there is a discomfort in the thigh part of the leg, under the knee, toes. There is a change of sensitivity in muscles, tingling running down my spine.

Often there is a loss of sensitivity – numbness of the feet is full (when a person cannot move) or partial.

The peak of the pain syndrome characterized by the spread of severe pain on the soft tissue of the buttocks and thighs when bending pain is to be cutting, unbearable. The patient complains of backache as electricity. In a state without movement rarely there is a complete cessation of seizures, the nature of the pain changed to a constant, aching. In places of pain can be seal muscle and the development of inflammation close tissues.

Tests and diagnosis

With a marked increase of pain impulses and the change in movements should rather refer to the neurologist. Sciatica neurologist pay attention to the following:

  • Decreased reflexes (Achilles) ankle joint: if the blow to the tendon above the heel – flexion of the foot are weak or absent;
  • The decrease in the knee reflex, when struck to the point of connection of the patella and the tibia;
  • The reduction or absence of the plantar reflex.

In addition to checking reflexes, the doctor will ask the patient lying down elevate the straight leg up. It entails a strong tension of the muscles and pain in the sciatica worse. Or the patient is not able to do that at all. A doctor can conduct an examination using palpation – the pressing of certain points under the buttocks and the thigh (the so-called point Valle), sciatica from pressure the patient experiences severe pain. Gait of the patient also changes, adapting to pain syndrome: gait with the right leg outstretched. Patients complain of weakness in the movement.

In the long course of the disease atrophy of unused muscles. There are disorders related to the pelvic organs.


Some clinical studies can confirm and clarify violations in the structures of the spine:

  • X-rays: the patient is an x-ray of the lumbosacral spine is the vertebral disks, the appropriate examination of the limb.
  • Computed tomography: a survey of the lower back and pelvis, is considered a possible damage, the location of nerves, nerve roots, blood vessels.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging: studies the force of muscle contraction, conduction of neural impulses.

Treatment of sciatica

Treatment of sciatica sciatic nerve are primarily aimed at restoring mobility and elasticity of the muscles, reduction of pain syndrome, restoration of conduction of nerve signals, improving nutrition muscular and nervous tissues.

First aid

What to do at the time of the attack? First aid is to complete immobilization of the whole body and corresponding limbs. The patient should lie on your back on a hard mattress. It is recommended to keep the peace. Even a small improvement does not stand up, not to make the load on the muscles and spine.


Apply a number of drugs –painkillers and muscle relaxants – "Mydocalm", "Sirdalud", "Nimesulide" (nice), "Ketoprofen", "Meloxicam". For nervous tissue it is important receiving vitamin complex, especially vitamin B1, B6. During strong disturbances of the nervous conductivity can be prescribed anti-inflammatory steroid drugs, such as "Dexamethasone".

Physical therapy

There are methods of alternative therapy – acupuncture, hirudotherapy (use of leeches). But such treatments must take place under the guidance of a competent and experienced specialist in this field. In a specialized clinic. In the hospital are special medical treatments. The doctor prescribes the necessary physiotherapy – magnetotherapy. Warm-up using paraffin. It is desirable to have the hand massage. Gradually introduce physical therapy exercises that can be continued at home.

At home

To continue the treatment of inflammation of the sciatic nerve can home. It will be able to support the complex to the basic therapy. During the period of treatment of sciatica at home, and also as a precaution you should follow some rules:

  • Spend no more than 2 hours in a sitting position (with the computer);
  • To abandon shoes with high heels;
  • To balance the diet, try more often to eat foods containing vitamin V. Or to purchase vitamins at a pharmacy;
  • The noticeable symptoms to try to sleep on your side, not lying on the back.

In the treatment of sciatica home recommended apply ointments and creams with anti-inflammatory and warming effect. Good effect of an ointment based on beeswax, snake venom: "We", "Sophia", "Natoks". Cream containing bear, badger, shark oil give a good therapeutic effect. Also drugs local action – "Ketoprofen" gel, "Voltaren", "Diclofenac", "Indomethacin". From sciatica help some essential oil (warming) – fir oil, red pepper oil, camphor ointment.

lechenie v domashnih usloviyah

At home you can drink painkillers – Analgin, "Ibuprofen", "Pentalgin". To improve blood flow and nutrition of nerve tissue – "Actovegin", "Mexidol", "Piracetam". In case of pronounced chondrosis, you must enter the chondro – drugs with chondroitin and glucosamine. These substances regenerate cartilage, improve mobility of the spine, reduce pain.

There is a special exercise need to take 4 pillows, put them on the floor. Next to go down the stomach, so that they fit the chest and pelvic area, and lower back was between the pillows. Then gently move the lumbar up and down the spinal fluid to disperse and release the nerves.

Folk remedies

Treatment of sciatica folk remedies involves the use of plant extracts and natural products. Folk remedies are largely effective and unlike medications cause fewer side effects and allergies. If you fail to cure sciatica sciatica folk remedies, then at least to ease the pain will help the following recipes:

  • Treatment of sciatica can be done by using warm wax. You need to take 200-250 grams of wax, heat it on the stove in a water bath and to wrap them painful muscle, lower back. Wax can be applied directly to the skin or placed in a cellophane, put a towel to slowly cool down.
  • One of the ways how to treat sciatica – a warm wrap. You need to take a sheet, soak it in a solution of vinegar and salt (the rate – 3 liters of water + 100 g. salt + 50 grams of acetic acid). To turn into a sheet, then on top of the sheets with a blanket. Lying wrapped – 1.5 hours - 45 minutes.
  • Treatment of sciatica can be performed folk remedies – decoctions: a Decoction of leaf (1 tsp dried leaves per Cup of water, boil and drink 3 times a day). A decoction of St. John's wort is suitable to make compresses or added to a hot bath.
  • The preparation of medical ointments based on honey: rubbing alcohol or vodka, 250 grams, 1 tablespoon of salt(sea), 1 tbsp honey, juice of fresh radish – 5 tbsp. All the mix, the resulting ointment is applied on the painful muscle.
  • Good effect on the muscles of the back and legs have products Siberian pine –needles, pine oil. From the needles is a thick broth and added to the bath. The same effect the branches and needles of fir, eucalyptus oil as an oil for massage or compresses.
  • Warming and curative effect have separately received radish juice, horseradish juice of ginger. If you have a home agave plant, the pulp sheet can be used as the basis of compress, a prior cutting off the spines.

Sok redki

Treatment of sciatica folk remedies at home is much faster recovery, suitable for daily treatments, but unfortunately does not replace receiving a birth control pill drugs and visits to the doctor.