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Prevention of posture in children of preschool and school age

Posture – the position of the body of man and head space when sitting, standing, walking. It is formed under the weight of the body, with bones and muscle tissue. Posture is not only the position of the body in space, but also the location of the pelvis, the feet, the head relative to the body.

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A child is born with a completely flat spine, and bends the spine, the shock during movement, are formed with age. The first is formed by bending in the cervical spine, this occurs when children begin to keep a level head. By 12 months, when the child stands up, bends the thorax and is formed by bending in the lumbar.

Correct posture is moderate, symmetrical curves of the spine.

Bending in the thoracic spine should range from 20 to 40 degrees. On the correct location of the head judge if the earlobes are symmetrical. The shoulders are symmetrical arrangement, the body and legs straight, and feet are parallel. If the shoulders are bent or the spine is curved — it is a violation of posture.

Types of incorrect posture

Divided the types of incorrect posture in the abnormal location of the spine in different planes.

  • Lordosis. Posture bend forward, the most common in the cervical and lower back. If the trough is stronger than normal, then the body is considered a disease.
  • Kyphosis is a deflection of the spine to the back. Usually it is expressed in the breast area. A slight curvature is, for many people, but with a strong deviation, it is considered a pathology.
  • Scoliosis. Curvature of the spine to the left or right relative to the norm.

To classify a wrong posture can be the following types:

  • Slouch – pathology caused by excessive deepening of the kyphosis of the thoracic spine. These people observed the wing-like blades, and his head bent.
  • Spin round. This deviation affects older children (usually Teens). Usually the reason is the incorrect posture that is not corrected at an earlier age.
  • The flat back. Begins with thickening of the anatomical curves of the spine. In pathology of the human spine loses its dampening properties in the movement and vibration.
  • Scoliotic posture. Caused by a violation of the provisions of the vertebral column about its axis in the frontal plane. As a rule, a curvature of the spine to the left or right.

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Prevention of posture in children

Correct posture should be formed from childhood, so it is important with the birth of the baby to perform a prophylaxis of scoliosis, lordosis and other pathologies. Points that you should pay attention to the child formed the correct posture, and avoid diseases.

  • The presence of the active loads and the mode of the day. Prevention of violations of posture in children of preschool age falls squarely "on the shoulders" of his parents. They are encouraged to put babies on tummy to baby reaching for toys and bright objects. You can organize classes on fitball. Don't overuse the Walker and preguntame. This warning of violations in the spine. After all, if the child does not go or bad on his feet, so his muscular system and the spine is not ready for vertical loads. The day regimen is recommended to include Hiking and sleeping baby should be spread on the mattress of medium hardness. To 12 months put to bed in a crib without a pillow. With the pillow under the head should have a small height, and material of the pillow should choose a resilient, slightly springy.
  • Sport. Doctors recommend to carry out prevention of violations of posture with gymnastics, swimming. Good for correct posture and horse riding.
  • Prevention of incorrect posture in preschoolers and schoolchildren a lot depends on the organization of the workplace for learning, sculpting, drawing. It is important position at the table. How to sit correctly? Correct body position: feet stand on the floor, back leaning against the back of the chair. Light in the workplace must comply with the illumination standards. Otherwise, the child will reach for the light source, and the spine day after day will be warped.
  • For children, beginners to go, the best option footwear will be the shoes (sandals) with a sole made of dense material. The heel of such shoes needs to be tough. It is obligatory instep and eye closuresVelcro.

Massage and gymnastics

The main activities for the prevention of postural disorders are massage and exercises, aimed at its improvement.

Exercise with baby

Prevention of posture in children begins with the first months of baby's life, can be performed independently, but only after consultation with the child's doctor. The first exercises for infants should not be too long (a few minutes).

  • Put the child on the side, fix the feet of his hand gently with his left hand, using thumb and index finger, hold in the midline of the spine from lumbar to neck. Turn the child on the other side, do the same thing. The essence of the exercise is to reflex straightening of the spine of the baby. This reflex in children continues until it reaches 3-4 years of age.
  • After the baby is 3 months you can make this exercise: put your child so that he used the stomach of an adult, as a focus. Take baby's hands and slowly raise your.
  • Serves the baby finger of your right hand and a second hand held his ankle and calf. Slightly help him to turn the pelvis, and the body child and yourself. The same is done when you flip the kid on the other side.

Such exercises aimed at prevention of violations of posture, doing 60 minutes before or after a meal.

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Exercises for preschoolers and schoolchildren

Prevention of postural disorders is carried out using a set of exercises. Preschool children doctors recommend exercise about the vertical plane. They are easy to perform standing against the wall.

  • For this you need to stand beside her, touching his heels, buttocks, back and both shoulder blades. It will be the right location of the body in space. It is necessary to remember and observe when driving or standing.
  • A useful exercise would be walking with a book on her head. Can be used for the prevention disorders of posture walking balancing on a log.
  • It is useful and a set of exercises aimed at elimination or prevention of flatfoot preschooler.
  • Important in posture to be observed by a specialist podiatrist and comprehensively treat this condition. Those children whose posture is correct must undergo a medical examination every six months. This is done for timely correction of posture and diagnose emerging disorders.

To ensure that the posture was correct, doctors recommend 2-3 times a week to perform a set of exercises to strengthen the back muscles and the abdominal muscles. They should be supplemented with exercises which the child performs after sleep, to include in the Wellness gym. Often they are included in school physical education lessons, sport activities.

Their essence is to strengthen physical strength, purchasing body stamina. Muscles become stronger and allow you to properly keep the body and head. Here are some of the exercises:

  • To evaluate the possibility of the child will help exercise "Swallow". To run he has one leg, the second retracts and elevates, the back is kept straight and the body leaning forward, hands apart. For a child 7-10 years the rate of aging of exercises and a half to 2 minutes. Children over the age of 11 to 18 years old should be able to keep your body in this position for two to two and a half minutes. For an adult, the norm is 3-3.5 minutes.
  • The condition of the abdomen diagnosed by transitions from supine position to sitting position without using your hands. The norm for children 7-10 years – from 15 to 20 times, and for a teenager from 30 to 50 times.
  • A set of exercises on static endurance of muscles is carried out with fixation of the body for 5-7 seconds, followed by rest (10 seconds) and again the transition to exercise. The number of sets is not less than 4-5 times. The exercises themselves are changing from static to dynamic, so that the muscles are not tired and did not flow. Their alternate groups of muscles involved. Make them with the basic position: lying on his stomach.
  • The same should be walking barefoot and rubbing with a towel soaked in cool water.
  • Another important point for students will be the proper wearing of backpacks and bags on the back. The load on the spinal muscles should be uniform, so it is possible to avoid curvature of the spine and posture.