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Orthopedic neck pillow: types and Thomas, how to choose

Properly chosen orthopedic pillow with cervical osteochondrosis able to stop degenerative changes in the structure of the cartilaginous tissue and return the patient sleep. When you lie down on the bed, the spine should be completely relaxed.

A good orthopedic pillow for neck will help to provide a comfortable position in which the person will fall asleep, and Wake up.

Podushka ortopedicheskaya dlya shejnogo otdela pozvonochnika

The therapeutic effect

Specially selected pillow under the neck will ensure healthy sleep. Due to a certain level of rigidity, the head is fixed in a comfortable position and remains in it until the morning. The spinal column assumes a comfortable position and comes relaxation.

Maintain the natural curve in the cervical spine, the load subsides.

People concerned about lack of sleep and pain in the neck, get these pads and notice the improvement after a few days:

  • Stop the headaches;
  • It becomes easier to Wake up in the morning;
  • Morning neck pain are;
  • The nervous system normalizerbase;
  • Disappears the tension in the eyes;
  • Muscle spasms subside;
  • Getting better blood circulation in the brain and neck.

The types and shapes of pillows

To orthopedic pillows were the maximum effect must be very scrupulous approach to the question of its selection. One of the features of cushion – its appearance, depending on the filler.

Klassificeret these types of orthopedic pillows:

  • Pillow with a cooling substance. Special liquid makes the pillow self-leveling, the load on the cervical spine occurs uniformly and stops neck strain. Can cause discomfort, as a feeling of coolness gradually tired.
  • Pillow based on bamboo fibers. Possesses high elasticity, helps to relax the cervical spine and eliminate pain. Very durable, hypoallergenic.
  • Latex-based. Pillow quickly restores the original shape, so it's perfect for people with cervical osteochondrosis. Relieves stress on the cervical spine. Is hypoallergenic.
  • On the basis of buckwheat husk. Special filler not only helps to relax the neck with anatomical adjust to the curves of the body, but also performs a micro-massage. The combination of these qualities makes the pillow very useful, especially for people with cervical osteochondrosis.
  • With latex springs. These pads have excellent ability to fully recover its shape, providing a beneficial effect on the cervical spine. The material is hypoallergenic and is breathable.

There is another important point – the height that has an orthopedic pillow for the neck. People with broad shoulders and a long neck is better to choose a height about 16 cm, but no more. People with slender physique is better to choose a height of 14 cm.

kakimi byvaut ortopedicheskie podushki

There is also a division depending on the shape of the pillow:

  • The classical form. The pillows are of standard form, Used for people suffering from cervical osteochondrosis and sleeping normally on standard beds, mostly on the back.
  • Form roller. Pillows are of an oblong shape, elastic and tough. Can be used effectively for people sleeping on back and sleeping in other positions – side or stomach. By varying the size of the cushion, sleep is comfortable.
  • Cushion collar. The shape of the pillow allows you to use it in the sitting position. Recommended for people spending a lot of time sitting (office workers, travelers). The airbag limits the review man, but the opportunity to sleep comfortably while sitting is worth it.

Who needs a pillow

Orthopedic pillow will benefit any person who wishes to purchase it. But there is a category of people whom this attribute is required. It includes: people with sedentary work, sedentary and inactive way of life, with cervical osteochondrosis. These people with incorrect body position during sleep in the morning will be very sore neck.

Spine night to rest but at a constant stiffness throughout the day muscle spazmiruyutsya. And lying on soft pillows and mattresses, spasm only intensified, recreation is nothappening.

Many people, because of the circumstances, often have to sleep sitting up (in transport). The spine in this dream is incredibly loaded, orthopedic pillow – collar will help to compensate for the load and relieve the pain of awakening, in the awakening. People replaced their pillows for orthopedic, began to feel much better, the pain was gone, the awakening became a joy.

komu neobhodima ortopedicheskaya podushka

How to choose

To choose the right orthopedic pillow for cervical spine – the responsible thing. Needs, focusing on their own persona, to assess the options for the 4th criteria.

The degree of hardness

It all depends on in what position are accustomed to sleep. For people who sleep on their stomach, the best choice would be the most soft pillows of all possible options. Those who sleep on their side, should choose of the pillows of maximum stiffness is important to keep the spine smooth. If the person prefers to sleep on the back, suitable orthopedic pillow of medium hardness.


Produce therapeutic adaptations of these forms: normal, bolsters, Crescent. If a person is sleeping lying down (standard version), it will fit all variants. We can only note that the cushion Crescent is only intended to sleep on the back. Lovers to sleep on my stomach and on your side use a pillow the classic look and rollers.

There is another option – sleep in the sitting transport. For such a case are used pillow – Crescent, which secures the head. Perfect for regular travelers.


A very important criterion when choosing the height of the pillow. To be most effective produce special calculations, considering the shoulder width, the rigidity of the mattress, the body weight. Such precision is especially important in the case when a person is accustomed to sleep on your side.

The optimum height orthopedic pillows when sleeping on your back is close to 10 cm For those who sleep on the stomach, it is necessary to reduce the height.

Optimal size in the horizontal plane: 70 cm length x 50 cm width. Of course, a man with broad shoulders and powerful physique this kind of pillow may not be appropriate, there is need to focus on yourself.

The price and quality

This criterion also plays an important role in the modern world. You must understand that, after all, there are differences between the expensive bags and their cheap counterparts. Better in this case to choose a middle ground or something more expensive. To save on your health should not be. Most high-quality options are orthopedic pillows these types: latex and "memory foam".

Prices are reasonable therapeutic devices range from 900 to 4000 rubles.


Many do not realize the importance of the case for orthopedic pillows. Because the purchase price can be quite substantial, you need to make sure its durability. What wrap will provide protection from the wear.

kak vybirat ortopedicheskuu podushku

Also, the Cape may have beneficial qualities: hypoallergenic, anti-stress pleasant color. Can be sprinkled with special herbs for calming and relaxation.


People who have a sore neck, and tried this method of getting rid of the discomfort and unanimously refused the usual pillows on the feathers or fluff. The fact is that the body quickly gets used to good. In this case, it is still good and useful. So, if you have a sore neck, buy orthopedic cushion, say goodbye to illness and stay healthy.