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Warming ointment for neck pain muscles and joints how to choose

Quickly to get rid of pain in the cervical spine will help warming the ointment. The use of painkillers warming ointments refers to symptomatic therapy. Completely cure diseases such as myositis, degenerative disc disease or herniation of the cervical using only ointments will not work. But in order to get pain relief and improve blood circulation in the local area of the neck these tools are convenient to use.

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How does ointment?

The heating ointment used as a remedy for external local use. From the nature of the disease depends on the choice of a particular drug, acute pain. Most cases of pain associated with lesions of muscle or cartilage tissue, a catalyst that may be:

  • Inflammatory processes, which started after the injury;
  • Excessive exercise, a long stay in an uncomfortable unnatural position, hypothermia, exposure to draughts;
  • Inflammation caused by a change in the structure of the intervertebral discs.

The use of warming ointments effective medication the decision to provide emergency assistance. The advantages of this form include:

  • The highest concentration of active medicinal component in the coating;
  • Minimal absorption by blood and gastro-intestinal tract, accordingly, a smaller percentage of side effects;
  • Ease, security of use;
  • The ability to combine several different composites of therapeutic action;
  • After absorption into the bloodstream, in addition to local provide a resorptive effect.

Warming ointment you can quickly drown out the sensitivity of the receptors responsible for pain, to slow or stop the flow of the inflammatory process of the cartilage and soft tissues.

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How to apply the tool?

The skin area should be washed with soap and water or wipe with a cloth impregnated with disinfectant solution. This will significantly enhance the heating efficiency of the palliative. Apply it with a thin layer on the affected area, avoiding contact with other parts of the body. The resulting redness and increased local temperature indicate the onset of rubbing, but itchy as it is already adverse reaction of the body.

Warm the affected area will help a wool or feather headband.

The skin is the human body designed to prevent ingress of foreign substances. Protective structure of the epidermis allows only 5-7% of the funds deposited on the skin of the neck to reach the surface of vertebral joints. This explains not always the desired result after use. To achieve maximum positive action in the composition include components that promote the active transfer of the medicinal composites in the internal layers of the body. Deeper penetration of drugs can be achieved by mixing it with Dimexidum before use.

Better penetration of ointments through the skin layers is achieved by use of ultrasound, electric current. In the clinic you can undergo sessions of electrophoresis or phonophoresis, which will greatly enhance the effectiveness of local application of drugs.

Types of ointments and their components

Warming ointment to increase blood circulation at the site of application, activate metabolic processes in the muscles, the skin. The heating effect helps to relax involuntarily tense muscles, relieve spasm. Vasodilator, annoying processes aktiviziruyutsya after exposure to skin receptors poisons of animal origin (snake, bee), capacino contained in hot pepper, metilsalicilata. They all contribute to the ejection of blood enzymes reduce pain sensitivity. The action begins in a few minutes after application, maximum efficiency is achieved after 30 minutes.

Is achieved by follows:

  • Hot peppers: Finalgon, Capsicum, Nikofleks;
  • Salicylic acid: it experienced an unexpected side effect, Efkamon, vodka have a more gentle effect;
  • Bee venom: Agapion, Viperin,Apizatron, Apifor;
  • Snake: Have You Experienced An Unexpected Side Effect, Ciproxin, Cobratoxin.

Modern pharmaceutics produces a combination of drugs containing both components and heating and cooling. Typical representatives of this group of nays gel, Dolaren gel. The presence of mentholexpanding subcutaneous structure gives the state of coolness and distraction from pain and burning sensation, Flaxseed oil promotes a uniform distribution inside the body. Semisolid it has an analgesic effect, capsacin (heating element) increases blood flow, reduces inflammation, causes moderate local warming of the hearth.

When pronounced inflammatory process in tissues from warming ointments must be abandoned, at least at first.

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Ointment or gel, what to choose?

Many drugs external use with a warming effect is produced in the form of ointments and gels. Finalgon Finalgon gel or ointment, which means I choose to warm up the neck at the unexpected pain. They differ from each other only in the composition of the bases, and dissolved active ingredients in the formulations are the same.


  • Have a fat basis, having a viscous structure;
  • Harder distributed over the skin;
  • Leave fat Shine;
  • Hard to wash out from clothes;
  • Require more time for absorption through the epidermal layers until local lesion causing the pain.
  • However, have a more pronounced analgesic, warming effect.

When you want to quickly stop pain (travel, work, recreation, competition) and increase the patient's activity more efficient use of the gels.

Aqueous dispersion structure of the gel will quickly absorb active ingredients and to provide analgesic effects.

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Warming the ointment in contact with the delicate skin of the neck therefore, considering the peculiarity of the components in the composition of the drug has a number of contraindications and warnings.

  • Tight not breathable bandage dressed on the treated area can lead to burns of the skin;
  • Processing is allowed only healthy skin is not damaged by wounds, scrapes, abrasions, sores;
  • If the product enters the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, mouth, immediately wash out with water;
  • Using a warming ointment, not recommended the application of additional heating of the heaters;
  • If you have allergic reactions to the ointment is removed with a tissue, then thoroughly wash the treated area with water and detergent;
  • Prolonged use on large areas can cause the effect of overdose;
  • With caution use in pregnancy and lactation;
  • Individual intolerance of incoming components;
  • Some comorbidities does not allow the use of warming ointments. Heart failure, liver disease and kidney failure, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, Oncology, diabetes with such diagnoses should abandon such drugs.

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Warming ointment for neck can be used in the treatment of diseases of the cervical, but to rely on these funds is not necessary. If the pain is caused by cervical serious disease, for example, hernia, ointments will not be enough.