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Cervical myositis in children: causes, symptoms, treatment

Children prone to various diseases quite often. Even if the baby all indicators are healthy, it is advisable not to be careless parents. At any time of the year and hot summers and in winter it can be quite a serious problem. Experts it is defined as the inflammation of the skeletal muscle tissue of the neck.

SHejnyj miozit u detej

In the presence of swelling of the affected muscles a high probability that you may develop cervical myositis in children of different ages. This unpleasant disease is often called a strong hypothermia. The presence of penetrating disease from infections, traumatic injuries, abnormal situation. The most frequent occurrence is manifested in the neck.

Causes inflammation

In case of damage or other factors that may cause deterioration of blood supply to muscle tissues (bundles) and their presence in distinct shape, incremented the voltage and causing the resistance during passive movement. Accompanied by swelling. When this occurs, the compression of the nerve fibers, which are abundant in every cell muscle. Therefore, under such pathological condition and symptoms of muscle inflammation.

There is a dull ache that goes to the nape, the shoulders and between the shoulder blades. Despite the presence of normal mobility of the spine can occur the limitations associated with unpleasant symptoms pain when stretching the tendon or specific muscle groups.

The classification of myositis

On the term of duration of the disease it klassificeret in two main areas:

  • Acute myositis (first 3 months);
  • Chronic (longer than 3 months).

For the reasons manifestations of inflammatory factors:

  • Infectious phenomenon resulting from malicious viral or bacterial microorganisms;
  • Parasitic infections (trichinosis, echinococcosis);
  • Diseases acquired as a result of the injuries of musculoskeletal system or muscular tissue;
  • Static-dynamic process when the body for a very long time is in an uncomfortable position;
  • The result of strong and prolonged cooling (drafts, clothing not in season, the impact of air conditioners);
  • The muscle tension in the neck Department;

Prichiny razvitiya zaolevaniya

Many of the people here rightly considers two reasons – increased tone and appearance frequent stress, which lead to the manifestation of the protective functions of the child, causing muscle contraction. Over time, this can cause inflammation and spasms of the stable.

Features and symptoms

In babies it is sometimes difficult to determine the occurrence of the disease. We can only guess that something bothering him, watching his behavior. And even older children at times is not always clear, can you explain where and what they have hurts. The disease usually consists of General and specific manifestations. The overall picture is shown in the form:

  • Pain;
  • Elevated temperature;
  • Weakness and some indicators of General toxicity in the body.

But private symptoms may vary and depend on the specific location, where the inflammatory response. The root cause of the myositis muscle tissues of the neck, and the way it Manifests cure cervical myositis in a child:

  • Limitations of movement due to the occurring sudden attacks of pain;
  • The apparent uncontrollable contraction of muscle tissue;
  • Redness and increased local temperature directly over the affected area.

Quite often the primary signs of disease are visible immediately after sleep at night. It seems that everything is in order, however, his behavior changed. Visible weakness, he is naughty. And when trying to change the position of the body, it is accompanied by a sharp cry. Often General increase in temperature occurs even in the absence of infections viruses or bacteria.

Inspecting can detect the tension of certain muscles and their increased tone, sharp pain on palpation. It often happens that the skin over the place more hot and reddish when touched.

Inflammation of the muscular tissues of the cervical restricts the possibility of movement of the spine in this place. The child is sensitive to the performance of any head movements. Most worryingly, the pain from the neck will extend to the head part atnerve endings. This can lead to the spreading of pain in any region of the head. In addition manifests a palpable numbness or tingling in the face, where discovered.

Myositis of the neck of the child, in most cases accompanied by inflammation arising in the muscle group of the shoulder region. This is due to General interconnected nerve endings in the muscle groups anatomically separate areas. Clinically manifests as pain and restrain the movement of the joints of the shoulders.

Osobennosti lecheniya

When the diagnosis of myositis in children, treatment is carried out only under the supervision of a physician. Independent treatments have a tragic outcome. Because the disease can hide more dangerous reasons for life and health.

The basis of any treatment associated with the phased improvement of the blood supply in the inflamed area and anti-pain actions.

To interrupt further progression of the inflammation in the muscles and reduce pain are almost always used drugs, which tend to be numb, to reduce the temperature, relieve pain, fever and inflammation. When the case is neglected, then in the course are the preparations on a hormonal basis.

Improving blood circulation and removal of cramps in the muscles of the child arising from the conduct of therapeutic procedures applying warming ointments in rubbing, massage and warming dressings. In addition, the excellent effect is given to the carrying out of physiotherapeutic procedures.



How is the treatment of cervical myofasciitis? Long known, effective and rapid recovery depends not on one or two methods. The most appropriate complex effect on the painful area. Therefore, the use of only one medication is not enough. Be sure to take advantage of additional ways. This performance of health and medical physical training, combined with physical therapy.

Firstly, no self-medication. It can't help in this case and to make a positive difference. Be sure to note that in case of acute cervical myositis is absolutely banned is active physical activity. When you are treating the disease a child who has a fever, should be limited to taking prescribed by your doctor antipyretic, while leaving exposed a painful condition of the neck (shoulder) warm.

When the cause of the disease is the occurrence of purulent inflammation, be sure to use the services of a surgeon. This case points to the need for dissection of the lesion and removing the pus. And, of course, in this case, in no event it is impossible to do massage.

Second, despite the complexity and the occurrence of the process it is easy enough to cure in a short period of time. Why you need immediately after identifying the main warning signs, start the right treatment.

So, correct the child's treatment in General practice involves performing three basic rules:

  • Regular intake of prescribed drugs to relieve the inflammation.
  • Conducting grinding (soft) on the affected area using VapoRub;
  • Compliance with maximum rest.

Not long ago, the great popularity began to use in medical practice, holding novocaine blockades, that is the sore spot oblivaetsya corticosteroid hormone, mixed with novocaine. This method is not contraindicated in the case if you have absolute confidence in the absence of contraindications to the use of chemical substances.

Quite an effective additional tool is carrying out relaxation (post - isometric). This procedure is a gradual extraction of the muscle tissue and ligaments.

Relaxation is a new approach in manual therapy. Practice shows excellent performance. The first signs of the baby development of such a disorder requires parents immediate response and a visit to the doctor. Treatment for each individual case is an individual process. Only a doctor can determine the severity of the occurrence of inflammation and the stage where at the moment the disease is.


Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory creams are prescribed when the process has a distinct form of acute inflammation. The ointment penetrates the skin and has a local action on the desired area. Theirefficiency allows you to stop taking other medications and significantly reduce unnecessary burden on the child's body. Quite often, the treatment in children requires the use of painkillers.

The boy's parents need to provide appropriate conditions for the speedy recovery of: the presence of the highest possible state of rest and limit physical activity, the damaged area. In addition to support the special thermal regime (attachment of the dry heat and the complete elimination of unnecessary cooling at this point).