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How to straighten the cervical vertebrae on their own: exercises, gymnastics, yoga

The spine is the Foundation of the skeleton, which performs various important functions: movement, support, cushioning. Injuries of the spine – a serious disease that requires expert intervention. Often the load or due to other things going on? It can occur in any of the sections of the spine accompanied by severe pain and lead to serious complications.

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Often there is a shift of the vertebrae in the cervical spine, which leads to headaches, migraines, loss of sleep and the General condition of a person. In this article we will consider the question: how can I straighten the cervical vertebrae alone, and whether this should be done.

Is it possible to fix the neck yourself?

Neck – movable part of the body that performs various vital functions. Damage to the neck and cervical vertebrae with different degrees of severity can cause not only headaches, but a partial loss of vision, convulsions, numbness of the face.

The displacement of the vertebrae in the cervical spine is often the result of sudden rotation of the head or awkward position during sleep or during operation when the head is located correctly with respect to the body. Often in the case of traumatic dislocation and subluxation of cervical vertebrae can hear the characteristic clicking in the relevant field. In this case, it is possible to reduce a cervical vertebra, but still worth to go to the doctor - the neuropathologist, especially if the pain is very strong, as the cause may be much more serious.

When visiting the neurologist will need to do x-rays or scans. If this procedure did not reveal any pathological problems, and the doctor determined that there was a dislocation or subluxation of the cervical vertebrae, then you should contact the appropriate specialist – a chiropractor or, as popularly called, the chiropractor who knows how to straighten the neck.

Competently upravlaushiy cervical vertebrae chiropractor – a rarity, and the question of his search must be approached responsibly, as treatment is expensive, and greed breeds charlatans and just experts low level.

To independently reposition the vertebrae in that case, if there is no pain at all, only the discomfort is felt in the neck, or if the pain is minor, caused by improper slope or a sharp turn of the head.

Exercises at offset

Luxation and subluxation of the cervical vertebrae, you can perform some exercises yourself. But again, I repeat: if the pain is minor.

All exercises must be done carefully, slowly, without jerks and sudden movements to avoid aggravating the situation. As to the person not see how fast he makes the movements, you should monitor themselves carefully. Here are some exercises:

  1. First exercise: take a comfortable position, the body should not be tense, as well as the neck. To do slow tilts head back and forth, as if someone bow, only the neck, not whole body. To make these manipulations should, despite some pain. In this exercise, in any case can not turn my head left – right, prohibited any rotational motion;
  2. Second exercise: spread a rug or blanket on the floor, lie down and relax. Under the head pillow is not placed, just under the neck. The pillow should be the case rolled in the platen. If performed correctly, this exercise, the head should be slightly tilted back. To lie in this position for a few minutes to remove or reduce pain in the neck;
  3. The third exercise: get on all fours to "cat", relying on outstretched arms, to raise and lower the head. All movements should be slow and smooth. Rotational head movements in this exercise are invalid;
  4. Fourth exercise: spread a Mat on the floor. To make the plaid pillow or cushion, lie down on his neck. The body should be in a comfortable position and relaxed, arms along the body. Slowly and very gently rotate the head via the cushion to the left to the right. If the neck feels more discomfort than they were before the start of classes, it is necessary to reduce the amplitude of head movements. If there is severe pain, the exercise should immediately be discontinued. Duration about 1 minute. To carry out this activity in the prevention of displacement of the cervical vertebrae, this will be especially true for older people;
  5. Fifth exercise: take a comfortableposition. On the neck to find the end of the spine and the first thoracic vertebrae above it will be spinous process – the beginning of the neck. He is well detectable under the skin. Grab the fingers of one hand over the spinous process and turn your head to the opposite side from the pain, to the hand. Later in the same position, also having fixed toes spinous process to twist your arm, bent at the elbow towards the other shoulder. If you need to switch hands sometimes. When performing this exercise you can hear a characteristic crunch in the neck.

Prevention of dislocation and subluxation

To prevent dislocation and subluxation of the cervical vertebrae should be periodically massage the neck, pressing lightly, massaging her lightly.

Another, though less common, way to protect against "cervical disease" is yoga, which has a beneficial effect on the state of the whole organism.

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Of course, every disease is better to prevent than to confront him face to face, but if a problem arose, and there was a displacement of the cervical vertebrae, but now, after reading this article, you know how to straighten the cervical vertebrae.