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Subluxation of the tailbone: symptoms, treatment, effects, photo

Subluxation of the coccyx represents the displacement of the vertebrae. Occurs as a result of injury, kopcik-sacral joint. When subluxation of the coccyx treated with conservative methods. Before starting drug therapy the doctor usually is reduction of the joint manually.

podvyvih kopchika


Subluxation of the sacrococcygeal joint may appear as a result of such causes or predisposing factors:

  • Injuries from falls (subluxation often occurs in athletes who play professional figure skating or dancing).
  • Birth – if the child is too large, and the pelvis in women is too narrow.
  • Strikes.
  • While Cycling on uneven surfaces (when the drive is accompanied by a constant strong shaking).
  • In congenital atrophy of the muscular system of the lumbar spine.

Tailbone injury occur in children as they are active. In older age, this phenomenon occurs on the background of natural aging and weakening of muscle fibers. Often subluxation of the coccyx may occur on the background of various diseases of the articular apparatus. Idiopathic form of the disease occurs suddenly, it is called cancer processes in the body of a human or serious pathologies in the musculoskeletal system.

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How does

All injuries of the sacrum and lower back go in manifestations. Pain is equally intense. When subluxation pain (which is becoming harder with pressure or palpation) are provided with additional manifestations, including:

  • Bruising;
  • Swelling of the lumbosacral.

Pain syndrome appears abruptly. It may radiate to the groin area and rectal area. In the sitting position and while resting on the lower limbs the pain becomes more intense. At rest or in a horizontal position, while walking, the pain intensity slightly weakened. Such processes are observed after some time after the injury. For the initial stage of the disease pain is equally strong, despite the position of the body. Often, the subluxation, one feels the discomfort during bowel movements, especially if he suffers from chronic constipation and have to strain during bowel movements.

Swelling and hematoma – symptoms, which are characteristic to this type of injury. Such displays can be evidence of a fracture of the coccyx. It is therefore very important to promptly contact their doctor and not to delay treatment.

How to recognize

This injury is determined by a specialist orthopedic surgeon or traumatologist. To detect the presence of disease after prior rectal examination. This is an unpleasant procedure, but it is possible to determine the presence of injury and to detect the bias level of the vertebrae.

In addition to the assigned x-ray examination of the lumbar area. If necessary, additionally appointed computed tomography and magnetic resonance therapy. When the diagnosis of a doctor is taken into account the situation in which a person is injured, the intensity of the pain.

How is treatment carried out

The main therapeutic actions for recovery are:

  • Reduction of a displaced vertebra;
  • Peace for the lumbar possible limitation of physical activity;
  • The use of anesthetics and anti-inflammatory medication;
  • Physiotherapy, physiotherapy.

Reduction of the intervertebral joint is held with a preset anesthesia is used procaine blockade in the coccyx. Then the injured person lies on the stomach. The doctor inserts a finger into the anal canal, with the other hand parallel manipulation from the outside, connecting the chain of the articular surfaces.

After the procedure is completed, the person should be at rest for at least two weeks. When the end of this period, you can gradually sit down using a special orthopedic device. Work capacity is fully refundable, two months later.

This kind of injury is characterized by the fact that even after a complete recovery of pain are not eliminated completely. The treatment uses the painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications –Diclofenac, Movex, Nimil, Dikloberl, Mydocalm. Women in the period of carrying a child and children are assigned to other drugs Ibufen, Nurofen, Papaverine, Drotaverine hydrochloride.

An important step in treatment is proper nutrition. The diet should include such products for prevent constipation. A doctor prescribes laxatives – rectal suspensions, drugs in syrup form. Children and pregnant most are appointed candles from the glycerin.

The physiotherapeutic procedures include electrophoresis, magnetotherapy, laser therapy. All activities are focused on quick and effective recovery. If the injury is open, applied surgery. If the situation neglected, the coccyx cannot be repaired, the doctor examines the feasibility of resection.

The consequences

Any trauma to the articular apparatus has its consequences. It is therefore very important treatment under medical supervision. Folk remedies is misplaced and ineffective. It is recommended to visit a doctor in the same or next day after the incident. The main complications after injury are:

  • Coccygodynia Sacro-lumbar joint. It is accompanied by systematic pain of different intensity;
  • The coccyx changes the form, this negatively affects the delivery in women;
  • Periods of flares and remissions of pain.

Such effects are difficult to treat, so you should not self-medicate and time to contact the casualty Department or call an ambulance.