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Subluxation of the cervical vertebrae in children and adults: symptoms, treatment

Today, one of the most common defects of the spine is subluxation of the cervical vertebra. As you know, the first seven vertebrae from the head are called cervical. Basically, it suffers from the first pair, and is characterized by this pathology, as the displacement of adjacent vertebrae. Thus, the rupture does not occur, and only violated their interactions. The danger is that people such defect will be discussed below.

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Each vertebra is a hole of small size, in General, they create the spinal canal. He protect that supply blood vessels and branches of spinal nerves, from all the adverse foreign action. If there has been a shift, nerves and vessels are compressed, eventually the brain stops fully to get oxygen, and extreme nervous system fails to work effectively.

The difference between dislocation and subluxation

Cervical in humans, is one of the most moving parts. As a rule, in this Department most often occur defects which can threaten not only human health, but also his life.

Dislocation of the cervical spine, is a direct threat to human life. Since this defect is not only the displacement of the articular surfaces, and the internal processes of the vertebra, in contrast to the subluxation, where shifts only superficial articular part. Such a defect leads to full damage of the shell and the substance of the spinal cord. Sometimes a neck injury can lead to death.

The cause of the defect

Subluxation of the cervical vertebrae, it is difficult to determine without specialists. And the manifestation of certain signs of this disease, people explain other reasons such as fatigue, magnetic storms or pregnancy.

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And if left untreated subluxation, it is possible to very serious and irreversible consequences for man, in the form of partial or total paralysis, disorders of respiratory function, failure of the kidneys, intestines and bladder. If people don't want to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair, it is not necessary to delay treatment and hope the problem will go away on their own. Reasons that result in subluxation of the cervical vertebrae, a few, namely:

  • A sharp turn of the head;
  • A strong blow to the head when falling;
  • Not reported a reduction in neck muscles.

The most common subluxations of the so-called rotary type C1. In this case, there is a rotation in the right or left side of the cervical vertebra.

Athletes and individuals, whose activity is connected with great physical exertion, are most subject to this illness of the adult population. But sometimes, subluxation of the cervical vertebrae, people get accident, occurs when a blow to the head. And most of all, this type of subluxation, affects infants and adolescents. The reason is the immaturity of children's ligaments and tendons. In children, the elderly, the injury may occur in physical education classes. Usually, a strong enough blow from a ball over the head to get as a "bonus", this issue.

The first signs of subluxation

The main problem is that when there is a subluxation of the cervical vertebrae, the pain almost none. The first signs appear immediately, but after some time. This is the guile of such a defect. When the first pain, people even could not think that he might be damaged in the neck area.

The first thing you need to pay attention to determine the subluxation of the cervical vertebrae, the symptoms are:

  • Daily severe headache;
  • Loss of sleep;
  • Irritation and fatigue;
  • Numbness of limbs;
  • Blurred vision and tinnitus;
  • Cramps;
  • Muscle weakness;
  • Disease-causing feelings in the back, passing into the neck.

If a person began to appear at least a couple of the above symptoms, it is a good reason to visit a specialist. Do not forget that ignoring the signs can result in partial, and sometimes complete paralysis.

Types of subluxation

There are several types of partial dislocation of the cervical vertebrae. Rotary and active subluxation. They are characterized by partial separation of the articular surfaces, when turning the first to the second cervical vertebra.

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This problem most often appears in children, by a sudden nodding, tilt, spins and turns. These two types the following differences:

  • Rotation of the first vertebra is greatly expanded, and looks at the second. In the end, manifested by torticollis. In other words, if the subluxation of the first cervical vertebra, head looking to one side, and the chin is directed in the opposite direction.
  • Active, muscle spasm, blocks any lateral Atlanto - axial joint, as a result, manifested by a stiff neck, but the head is less deployed than in the first case.

Active subluxation appears as a result in strong and uncontrollable tension of the neck muscles. It is this subluxation and vulnerable children. Corrected it myself, without assistance. But if the body will not have time to self-correct this defect, the first sharp turn of his head, finally will provoke in the direction of displacement and trauma will be the rotary. In this case, without outside interference do not work.

Diagnosis and treatment

To diagnose a subluxation of the first cervical spine, with x-ray. If there is a suspicion of the defect, the doctor makes a few shots from different angles. Sometimes, if the situation requires, the specialist shall give additional CT scan. When the accurate diagnosis, using the survey, the specialist assigns the following complex of therapeutic manipulations:

  • Reduction of subluxation;
  • Fixing damaged neck special bus;
  • Course of drugs;
  • Physiotherapy;
  • Therapeutic exercises.

This method of treatment is indicated for adults. In the case of children, the treatment is of a slightly different nature. Subluxation cervical vertebra, treatment in children is as follows. The doctor diagnoses the same way as an adult. When diagnosed, the child, immobilize the neck with a special collar. Then do the hood with the use of certain drugs. After the extraction procedure is finished, the child lock collar on the neck and a corset of plaster on the chest. These tools, children are not less than a month. In parallel, assigned, medicines, vitamins, and physiotherapy.

It is important to understand that the subluxation is a very serious defect, it can appear at each person of any age. And to self-medicate, very stupid and dangerous idea that leads to irreparable consequences. In this case, it is important to follow all the assignments of the attending physician. Only way to avoid severe consequences in the form of paralysis.

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Subluxation of the cervical vertebra, is a very dangerous pathology and to ignore the signs is not recommended. In this case, human health is in his hands. If the first signs, do not sit at home and wait that the problem will resolve on their own.