Back pain 6 weeks pregnant: causes, treatment

Pregnant women are often plagued by back pain, lower back, lower abdomen. It's part of a normal physiological process. In this discomfort there is nothing to worry. At such an early period as the 6 week, such symptoms are rare. While there is nothing wrong with that if they appeared. Will inform about them to the doctor. And if the pain is not too strong, not accompanied with vaginal discharge or fever, all right.

Bolit spina na 6 nedele beremennosti - chto delat?

6 weeks pregnant

On the sixth week, the woman still knew that soon will become a mother. The uterus begins to grow, but it is still impossible to notice. The toddler is very tiny, is in the embryonic stage of development. On ultrasound examination it can be seen only as a small point inside space of the uterus.

Despite the fact that the changes have just begun, some discomfort can be felt now. It may already have begun to suffer symptoms of toxicity.

Can occur another problem pregnant women starts to hurt the back and loins. This is a normal situation, nothing to worry about. Load increases back pain, unfortunately, will only increase, and will reach its Zenith only in the ninth month. By this time the baby will be quite large, will be the maximum pressure on muscle tissue and bone.

The nature of the pain

Already in this period can be marked nagging pain in the abdomen, irradiiruet in the back. Usually these feelings are quite weak, and should not cause concern. The female body is changing, preparing for the time when the baby gets big and heavy. Begin to stretch the ligamentous connections.

Nevertheless, even now need to "listen" to your body. In the case when the pain became stronger, became worse towards evening, report the symptoms to my gynecologist. The accompanying threat signal can be a dark vaginal discharge. This may indicate a risk of miscarriage or staying pregnant.

If the pain is not the lower part of the body and around the side with the recoil in the back, it can be a symptom of pregnancy outside the uterus. In this situation it is important as soon as possible to receive medical care.

What to do

The perfect cure is to calm down, eliminate all the stressful factors. Both psychological and physical. If you feel nagging pain in the back, lie down to rest in the most comfortable position for themselves. Often the greatest comfort is achieved in the supine position on the left side. Perhaps, once the pain will disappear, and facilities to achieve will be difficult.

You can try to negotiate with your doctor about the possibility of a back massage. In the early stages of pregnancy it is still acceptable. But you need to carefully approach the choice of a specialist and also to find out from the doctors what movements massage and how intense methods allowed in your case. If massage is carried out close to people who do not have much experience, they should be limited to simple strokes.

Now is to exclude the high heels. They not only negatively affect the health of the back and cause pain in it. In these shoes increases the risk of a fall or other injury. During pregnancy it is fraught with miscarriage and other problems with fetal development.

ustranenie boli v spine na 6 nedele beremennosti

Also urgently pay attention to the shoes size. It should not be too crowded, and it doesn't have to be big. In order to correctly choose the size, be guided by the following parameters. Side press shoes in any case should not. And the front should remain relative to the longest toe of the foot, approximately equal to the width of the thumb palm.

To the end of the pregnancy when the bones and pelvic region remained in the order and delivery went without injury, eat more foods containing calcium.

Begin to strengthen your back muscles cost even before pregnancy. However, now it is too late. Take special exercises for pregnant women, but under the guidance of an experienced instructor. After hearing the recommendation of a physician, attend aerobics, or swimming pool. Fit and yoga, but again, eliminate the most intense, traumatic movements and postures.

What not to do

We recommend you to realize that back pain is a healthy manifestation of pregnancy. To stop his painkillers and ointments for the back is highly undesirable.Imagine, what quantity of medicines will get your body for the remaining eight months will start if the "treatment" now. External products, ointments and gels hurt hardly less pill because the active ingredients likewise are absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin.

And one thing – the negative effects of medication on your own body. The active ingredients of painkillers (especially non – steroidal anti-inflammatory) into the blood and are harmful not only to your digestive system, but also a growing child.

Understand that back pain during pregnancy is normal. The body gets used to the new loads, changes, stretching of ligaments and bones. Stands to suffer back pain, morning sickness, heavy breathing and stretching. All of this, your maternal sacrifice for the health of the unborn baby. To withstand discomfort during pregnancy – the least you can do as a mother for her child.

Please note

Most likely, there is nothing wrong in that you have a very sore lower back for 6 months pregnant. But if the symptoms are really strong, accompanied by fever, you should visit your doctor. It may be that there is a dangerous aggravation of your back problems. Or, what is worse, develops inflammation of the internal organs.