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Pain in upper back: right, left or middle, reasons

Pain in upper back is not always a symptom of diseases of the spine. Hurt back at the top of the thoracic can for many reasons. The chest is an important part of the human body because of the presence of the heart and lungs. Without these agencies people simply can not live. Dysfunction at this level often affect the vital functions to the highest of the organization, endangering a person's life. Upper back pain can be caused by typical diseases associated with the back and irrationalism pain from the chest.

Bol v verhnej chasti spiny

Often people confuse that refers to the various departments of the back. The thoracic back is from the beginning of the neck to the middle of the body. It includes the heart, esophagus, lungs, trachea. In practice, you may even meet Radiomania back pain from sore throat and nasopharynx. Do not try to operate before the doctor's words, taken from the Internet – share your grievances honestly and directly.

The causes of back pain

Pain in the upper back can be divided according to their source into two groups – generated diseases of the internal organs of the chest and as a result of diseases of the vertebrae and spine. The first group is often the consequence of bad habits, genetic disorders, and the dangers of the environment. The second refers to the sedentary lifestyle, improper posture and even a too hard pillow.

For example, lung diseases that develop because of Smoking or dust of asbestos into the lungs. Heart disease caused by obesity, a sedentary lifestyle or on the contrary as a consequence of elevated weight training, which lead to increased blood pressure.

To diseases that cause pain in the upper back include:

  • Scoliosis;
  • Low back pain in the upper part;
  • Heart failure.

pochemu voznikaut bolevye oshusheniya


Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine. Often it occurs in the thoracic the incorrect posture, which the child keeps in school. Pain appear at a second or third degree, when the spine its curvature begins to affect surrounding tissues and nerve roots. Very often it affects the intervertebral discs, which act as an absorber, absorbing the vibrations from the lower extremities and lumbar spine. A person is often a sore upper back due to the development of a herniated disc that presses the spinal nerve roots that transmit impulses to the human brain.

Treatment consists in the wearing of corsets, massages. It is important to begin it as with large curvatures in the thoracic spine, the shoulders begin to fall in a curved direction, which leads to changes in respiratory capacity and blood circulation problems.


Osteochondrosis is an abnormal growth of cartilage around the vertebrae. They begin to damage the surrounding tissues, causing a feeling of stiffness, and disturb the function of muscles, limited flexibility of the spine. Pain in the upper part of the spine is often caused by the disease, which affects a large part of the world's population over the age of 40.

Also, as scoliosis, can start to damage the intervertebral discs, which will cause a hernia. The discs themselves are in the thoracic spine without interference rarely give a hernia, because I do not feel such a big pressure on your body. Treatment consists of blockade and physical therapy, which stops the formation of chondrocytes.

Heart failure

Depending on its type, the heart can give to the costal surface of the human back. This often leads to misunderstandings in the representation of the human heart is on the left front. At the same time, pain in the upper back may be visible on the right, that is completely baffling. It is important to evaluate his condition for a timely treatment to the doctor.

For heart disease the treatment of pain is aimed at the process to restore normal operation. Heart surgery is often quite successful because half of success in therapy is the treatment to the doctor and his qualifications. There are cases where people have died because of treatment to traditional medicine in the treatment of heart disease.

Failure to include myasthenia gravis, a thickening of the walls of the ventricular and atrial malnutrition. Inaccording to the disease a person has different limitations – for example, excludes Smoking, drinking substances that increase the heart rate. Angina in any case can not raise the pressure and to use decongestants.

In some cases, therapy is required for life, however, medicine is moving fairly quickly, and therapies of cardiac diseases already allow a fairly full life, even with extremely strong nedostatochnosti, and organ transplants, grown in laboratory allows to prolong life as long as possible.

Treatment of pain in the thoracic

For the treatment of pain in the upper back is primarily required to properly establish the cause of pain. The methods of diagnosis include x-ray, ECG and x-ray light. After establishing the cause, therapy spends more than a narrow specialist, cardiologist, pulmonologist, orthopedic surgeon.

The treatment is carried out using medical methods, massage, physical therapy, blockades of nerves. The important thing is how quickly the diagnosis was made. Do not try to delay the moment of going to the doctor, because in some cases, the disease develops rapidly and requires urgent solutions to qualified professionals.