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Back pain the common cold: causes and treatment, during pregnancy

Back pain the common cold often associated with discomfort of the skin or pain in the spinal column. It is often mistaken for myositis or the effects of hypothermia. But sometimes the reason be other factors: inflammatory process in internal organs (usually kidney), intoxication with influenza or SARS, urolithiasis.

Bol v spine pri prostude

The cause of the pain

Sore lower back with a cold due to pathologies of internal organs, lesions of muscles and other factors. While discomfort can occur as colds, and to be a complication of the previous illnesses. Why hurt lumbar? The main factors that cause pain:

  • Intoxication decay products. Pain with cold lower back or back occur due to poisoning by toxins. It's dead skin cells, immune cells or viruses. For this reason, pains are aching in nature, localizes in the joints and muscles. The patient complaining of aching muscles, begin a migraine. Symptoms go away on their own without treatment after passes the acute phase of the disease.
  • Inflammation of the kidneys. When pain in the lower back began tissue swelling, elevated blood pressure, frequent calls to urinate, often caused by a pyelonephritis or glomerulonephritis. The nature of the pain aching, recurrent can cause stabbing attacks. The inflammatory process, passing into the chronic stage, is reminiscent of the problems with the kidneys every time the person caught a cold.
  • Severe colds often threaten patients with complications on the internal organs, including the kidneys. This provokes the movement of the stones, if the patient is suffering from urolithiasis. The stones moving, causing microtrauma to the bladder wall and urinary tract. The danger of the movement of the stones blocking urine output from the bladder. The pain is sharp, like seizures.
  • The inflammatory process in the muscles. Back pain during pregnancy due to the accumulation of lactate and ammonia in the fibers of muscle during illness. For this reason, as the acute phase of a cold has passed, myositis causes such discomfort. This reason is rarer than the other factors causing pain in the shoulder or lumbar.
  • Diseases of the spine. Colds often hidden disease and pathology present in the body, aggravated. For example, the patient manifested symptoms of scoliosis, or pinched nerve endings. Often this occurs when the body is weakened and decreased immunity.

Vospalitelnyj process v myshcah

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Lower back pain caused by myositis is strong, if on the affected area to pressure or the patient makes a sudden movement. On palpation there is a muscle tone and seal under the skin. The sore spot swells and hurts. If the inflammatory process occurs in the cervical region, the patient complains of pain when turning the neck, tilts and other movements.

In destructive changes associated with radiculitis and chandrasoma, patient feels lack of motion in the affected Department, constant aching pain. If the cause of neuralgia, the soreness like spreads along the nerve.

If inflammation in the kidneys, the man said cloudy urine, sediment in it. Perhaps the presence of blood and leukocytes. Patients noted frequent urination with reduced amount of urine change color and smell. When urinating starts pain similar to attacks, radiating to the stomach. Possibly fever with chills, headache. The person feels tired and sleepy. If you lightly tap your fingers on the lower back pain will increase. The skin becomes edematous, especially in the morning. The patient feels an increase in pressure and notice swelling of the ankles.

Women should definitely pay attention to discomfort in the lower back with severe pain. Often such pain is a symptom of diseases gynecology, because the pain often gives it in the back, buttocks, and lower back. Perhaps you should make an appointment to the gynecologist.


To determine the cause of the pathology should visit a doctor. The doctor will ask about nature of pain, examine the patient, sent for the necessary tests to determine why you may be hurt back.

What tests are needed:

  • Blood. Inflammatory process of analysis will reveal increased white blood cells, SOY and other componentsblood.
  • Urine. If the kidney is inflammation, appear in the urine white blood cells, protein and red blood cells. Possible urine test for bacterial analysis.
  • Ultrasound. For accurate diagnosis, the doctor sends the patient for an ultrasound of the pelvis.
  • Other research materials. Sometimes your doctor may recommend you to undergo several other tests to establish the exact cause of pain, for example, the study of prostate juice.



The doctor will prescribe treatment based on the cause of the disease. The conclusions are based on examination by a doctor and tests.

During intoxication

If the cause is intoxication, it will relieve the pain taking a hot bath with mustard powder. It is enough to dissolve two to four teaspoons of powder in water. After the procedure you need to wear socks made of wool, pre-stuffed in them mustard. Mustard is not wet. Additionally, we facilitate as herbal tea with lemon and honey. Quickly relieve the discomfort it is recommended that using aspirin or paracetamol. In addition to muscle pain, they will ease the other signs of a cold: headache, relieve nasal congestion, eliminate aching bones etc.

To ease the discomfort in the back can ointment of juniper and decoctions of clover or thyme, cooked according to special recipes. To the patient quickly recovered after a long illness, doctors recommend to include in the diet more of black currants and rose hips. If you lack them at hand should take vitamin-mineral complexes.

Hurry to eliminate the cold and clean the virus from the body that contribute to intoxication, will help medicines and herbal tinctures. This may be a "Arbidol" "Anaferon", Echinacea tincture.


Faster toxins can honey massage. It will enhance the blood circulation of affected area, warm up muscles, reduce soreness. To do this do not need to be professional enough to put on your hands honey, pressed against the clammy skin of the palm. Over time, the honey will stick to the skin stronger and will be whitish. Honey becomes denser than the mass, the stronger the warming effect.

After the end of the massage, the back wash just warm water and the patient wrapped in a blanket. After honey massage is beneficial tea with raspberry or warm berry juice.

In myositis

When inflammation of the muscles, it is recommended to smear the skin with special warming and analgesic ointments and creams, such as "Voltaren", "Finalgon", "caution", etc. you Can use the dry heat of sand, the salt. In severe pain, the doctor will prescribe painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. It is impossible to prevent drafts and hypothermia of the body during this period.

When inflammation of the kidneys

If there is an inflammatory process in the kidneys, the doctor prescribes the patient medications. In pathology of viral-based prescribed antiviral drugs, and if a bacterial disease is treatment with antibiotics and drugs detox. It is impossible to warm the affected area and to self-medicate. Unauthorized heating of tissues triggers the transition of the acute phase of illness in chronic pain and taking drugs masks the symptoms of diseases caused by back pain.