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Pain in osteochondrosis of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar

Analgesic osteochondrosis – the first medication given to a patient, as part of combination therapy. The initial stage of the disease is not intense painful manifestations. But in the absence of treatment the disease is accelerated, and the pain increases and becomes constant. The doctor selects individual painkillers from degenerative disc disease for a particular patient.


Another group of analgesics derived from paraaminophenol (phenacetin, paracetamol), and propionic acid. For pain are:

  • Paracetomolom;
  • Pandalam;
  • The tablets;
  • Stimola;
  • Plutarco;
  • The askofena.

Besides analgesics, there are other ways to relieve the pain in osteochondrosis. This means inflammation of cartilage. Doctors use nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs:

  • Piroxicam;
  • Ibuprofen;
  • So;
  • Brufena;
  • Indomethacin;
  • Ketorola;
  • Nise;
  • Nimesilom.


Assign also myocastoridae that relieve pain, relax muscles, protecting them from further pressure on the affected area.

  • Diclofenac;
  • Mydocalm.

Sedatives cropped active pain signals, inhibiting the activity of the nervous system. In other words, this anti-anxiety medications. Enjoy the drugs:

  • Valerian;
  • Novo-passit;
  • Personam.

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The pain syndrome in osteochondrosis is best removed by injections. Injections more effective, as faster components penetrate into the center of the inflammatory process. For several minutes allow to numb pain in the back, or an acute attack of cervical osteochondrosis.

NSAIDs and chondroprotector in the composition of the injection affect the soft tissue, slowing down the degradation processes, eliminating swelling, inflammation, pain in the neck and back, numbness of the limbs and other symptoms. Also in the add antispasmodics, corticosteroids, vitamin preparations of group b, analgesics.

Looking for than to relieve pain in osteochondrosis, a claimhis / her use injections in osteochondrosis of the thoracic. Here, the discomfort we suffer in contrast to cervical and lumbar degenerative disc disease, where the pain is sharp, acute.

The blockade, in other words, blocking shots, relieve severe pain. Paravertebral blockade is put in certain areas of the spine that are optimal for injection. The composition is injected into a soft tissue located in the region of nerve endings. When epidural blockade injections done in the area of the intervertebral discs. Used drugs:

  • Novocaine;
  • Dexamethasone.

The process is complex, requires careful preparatory phase. When using blockades in cervical osteochondrosis, every action is performed with special care to avoid damage to the arteries, veins, nerve fibers. For the procedure allowed medical professionals with extensive experience and experience.

Creams, ointments, gels

The use of warming analgesic ointments is permissible in case of self-treatment. The active ingredients of the ointments irritate the skin in the affected area, warm up, improve blood circulation and metabolic processes. Among the many drugs the doctors give preference to:

  • Apizartron;
  • The Dimexidum;
  • Capsicum;
  • Finalgon;
  • Menovazin;
  • Fastum-gel.

Drugs created for pain relief, but not treatment of the disease. Healing is possible only with the integrated use of ointments and other funds, providing a therapeutic effect. Chondroprotector, warming, anti-inflammatory, ointment complex effects are used exclusively by day applied in a circular motion, without strong rubbing into the skin.

  • Use Fastum gel helps to eliminate pain, to normalize the performance of the joints. Contains anti-inflammatory non-steroidal components, relieving swelling, inflammation, pain;
  • Dolobene – drug complex effects. Is used to relieve pain, inflammation, rebuild tissue at the cellular level, exerting effects against the occurrence of clotting, the formation of germs. The composition is quickly absorbed, penetrating to the root of the health, improves the flow of blood in the vessels, activates the function of the joints;
  • For capsicum characteristic of the circulation, exchangeprocesses of the damaged area, repair of muscle tissue;
  • Restoration of cartilage, elimination of painful urination, inflammation of the does symptoms.



When cervical osteochondrosis sends pain felt in the upper limbs, shoulders, passing on the head, doctors recommend the use of patches, like duraplast. It is defined on the cervical region of the back, not affecting the area of the carotid artery, lymph nodes. Popular use of plaster with pepper-based. The fabric is impregnated with extracts of pepper pods, belladonna. The Foundation has a stimulating effect on the skin, irritating it improving the blood flow and metabolic processes of local importance.

For elimination of acute pain with cervical osteochondrosis, the patch is attached for a period of three to five days. Superimposed in the morning, aged for 12 hours. If necessary, you may leave for the night.

With regard to lumbar degenerative disc disease, the means is applied to the back across the spine. Cool patch relieves pain in the lumbar region, radiating to one or two feet. The reason for pinched nerves of the spine, the occurrence of spasms of the muscle tissue region pinched nerves.