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Back pain after cesarean section: reasons, what to do

Women often have back pain after cesarean section. The procedure is inherently hard, despite the long-established method of work. Often you can face with complications after surgery for the wrong location of the fetus or late treatment to the doctor.

Pochemu bolit spina posle kesareva secheniya?

The indication for surgery is often tight pregnancy or problems with sexual apparatus of the female. The surgery is performed by surgeons-gynaecologists under General anesthesia. To conduct requires a sterile operating, and the absence of compelling contraindications for surgery.

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The cause of the pain

As already mentioned, the operation is heavy. Cause in the back after a caesarean section may become the first post – operative complication, infection. This will start the suppuration, to facilitate the state will need to put the drains and carried out a wide-inflammatory treatment. Infection during operations at the moment are rare – they occur usually in the presence of purulent diseases of the cavity itself, or in the upper levels of the adipose tissue. The pain may radiate across the back starting from the waist, ending with the neck. Spinal cord injury can cause paralysis of the lower extremities.

Intolerance to anesthesia may result in pain of the spinal cord. The fact that sometimes the substances used for anesthesia, can temporarily damage the conducting nerve fibers. Most of the drugs are considered a drug and prohibited for free circulation on the territory of CIS countries.

The process of divergence from anesthesia pain sensitivity returned, often with painful feelings. The process is sometimes long, and if the anesthesia has been long, recovery will take a long time. To help prescribe anti-inflammatory and anesthetic drugs.

pochemu posle kesareva secheniya voznikaut boli

In some cases after a quick cesarean section can be seen a sharp development of degenerative disc disease and herniated discs. This is the consequence of reducing the load on the back. Items back, accustomed to the heavy load, can lead to the opposite phenomenon. Sometimes in the course of pregnancy may develop scoliosis, which, after cesarean.

Often the manifestation of pain may be a reflection of the painful rubtsevania on the peritoneum or the uterus. Surgery for the body is never without consequences. The peritoneum, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries receive innervation from the spinal cord. Depending on the size of the fetus and how quickly the surgery the pain may be different in duration and strength.

To complications during a cesarean section can be attributed to malposition of the fetus, hypoxia, abnormal structure of the uterus and cervix, wrong location of the placenta and umbilical cord. The more he had to make incisions to release the fruit, the longer it will last the pain and go through the recovery process.


After giving birth, even in an unnatural manner under the condition of feeding the baby formula, doctors becomes available a full range of drugs and surgical interventions. Treatment of pain after cesarean section start at depends on the cause. A mandatory attribute of any postoperative therapy is supportive medical therapy.

Since rooting often is the lower back, was prescribed a course of blocks. For the speedy healing of the scar carry out a course of bandages and salves that speed healing. After surgery you should remain patient and not to hurry to leave, as this may lead to undesirable consequences.