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How to quickly relieve back pain, lower back and neck massage, painkillers

How to relieve lower back pain? In the first place to eliminate discomfort and discomfort need to understand what the cause of the pain. Back pain provoke injury, curvature of the spine, inflammatory processes in muscles, diseases of internal organs, excessive load on the spine, drafts, leading to scoliosis or pregnancy.

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The patient should visit a doctor who will diagnose you, and then eliminate the root cause of the disease. But do not always have the opportunity to visit the hospital, and to stand up to quickly. For this there are a number of medical procedures and recipes used in the home.

Ambulance with lumbago

How to quickly cure back when shot? Lie on a flat surface, so that the muscles relax a little. After a couple of minutes turn over on your back, raise the feet on the platform so that the thighs are at right angles. The pain quickly subsides. Mechanism of action: removal of load from the spine. If you go without lifting the legs, the spine will still be loaded. After the pain subsides, gently rise, making jerk movements. To do this, roll over on your side, get up on all fours. Hold onto the support, straighten your back and rise.

Take an analgesic tablet, for example, ibuprofen. Medication can not only get rid of back pain, but also eliminate the inflammatory process.

Fix the waist with a special belt or a regular towel or scarf to cover the surface just above and below the affected part.

If there is no pain

How to eliminate back pain, if the hand was not drugs, and the discomfort intensifies? Applied to the patient lower back cold. It will help to relieve human suffering. This can be a plastic bag with ice cubes; wet towel (previously rested in the freezer), frozen meat or other product from the freezer.

Tie a cold compress to the sore spot for as long as the pain is not weakened.

With the same purpose used heat, applying a heating compress to the affected area. This could be heat wrap, heating pad (saline, electrical, rubber). Remember that overheating the sore spot is not necessary. A good way to get rid of lower back pain is a bath with high humidity. Going to the sauna will help to get the desired effect. You can alternate heat with cold exposure, changing the effect every half hour. Such procedures will improve blood circulation, eliminate pain.

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Easy physical exercises

Strange to hear, but another way to relieve discomfort in the lumbar – physical activity. Will help to stretch your muscles, improve blood circulation, increasing the elasticity of muscles. It also gives a distracting effect.

  • A leisurely walk in the Park, on the street or on the simulator will unload the muscles;
  • In acute pain, the patient lies down on a hard surface, relieves stress on the spine, rests his feet on the wall. After this person makes the clenching and unclamping the gluteal muscles, lifting up the feet;
  • It is useful to stretch muscles. These exercises are performed lying down or sitting. Feet gently stretch, bend, run a neat slow deflections at back;
  • Can't do legs swings, swing press squat. Do not overload the spine and lower back heavy exercises requiring strength and flexibility.

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Therapeutic massage

The answer to the question, how to quickly get rid of the pain, a simple massage. It will improve blood circulation, make the muscle tissue more elastic, remove the clips and the stagnation of lymph. Doctors recommend to use for fast pain relief massage vacuum banks, relaxing, stone massage, shiatsu, etc. type of massage and duration are set by a doctor.


After the massage is donenext exercise: the patient lies on a hard surface, turns on its side to be at the very edge. If the pain is localized on one side, then the patient should lie on the healthy side. If discomfort is felt on both sides, the exercise is done alternately on each side.

The patient bends back, bends her. The foot on which the patient lies, bent at the knee and hip, and the top hangs freely. Basin the man turns to the surface. The head turns away from the hanging feet. With one hand adheres to the surface to keep the balance.

Under the weight hanging from the limbs to the lumbar starts to strain a little bit lift the leg, exhale, produce the breath for 30 seconds. Inhaling, turn to the side dangling his feet. Again relax and allow the leg to hang under its own weight. Repeat the exercise several times.

Massaging the lower back can and myself, if no one is around, and lumbar took. This man sits on a flat surface. You need to put thumb on the lower back and bend your knees. Do stroking motion for three minutes, from the top down toward the tailbone. Begin stroking the ribs, gradually shifting to the vertebral column. Do movement first to one side, then rest and move on to the second side.


The patient can relieve the pain yourself. You need to lie on your stomach, put your right hand on the lower back and the hollows on the lower back with your fingers need to move in the direction of the sciatic nerve. Patient under belly is enclosed by a folded roll of towels. Stages acupressure:

  • Stroking fingers;
  • Pressure;
  • Grasping;
  • Kneading fingers;
  • Vibration with your fingers.

Hands pre-warm up. The main movement performed by the phalanxes. After passing through the main areas you can do massage comb fist. To do this, the therapist compresses the fingers into a fist.

Tochechnyj massazh

In the first stage, use the rubbing of muscles, then move on to kneading, in the last instance the vibration with your fingers and shaking movements. For shaking movements, the therapist grasps the fingers of the gluteal muscles, gently pulls her back and shakes vigorously a few times.

To massage it is recommended that applicators and massagers, for example, the applicator Lyapko or Kuznetsova, various rollers and belts.

Massagers help to increase the coverage area and contribute to increased blood flow. You can use an ordinary plastic bottle with a poured in her water. Do not get too pressure points and muscles, if you do the massage yourself, in order not to aggravate the situation and cause pain.