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Bol v solnechnom spletenii otdaushaya v spinu: prichiny, chem lechit

Pain in the solar plexus, radiating to the back, can talk about various issues. Most often it is heart disease and a variety of inflammation of the ganglia. Therefore, if a person hurts pain syndrome of this type, can do self-diagnosis and self-treatment. Especially if accompanied by other symptoms mentioned in this article. As soon as possible consult a doctor.

Bol v solnechnom spletenii

The cause of the pain

The pain may affect simultaneously the solar plexus and give back. Neurological causes of pain in the solar plexus, can be as follows:

  • Too strong physical stress. This pain occurs when improperly distributed loads. For example, if the person is a long time fast runs or lifts too much weight. Pricking pain in the region of the plexus, they are unable to perform movements on and stops. It is not necessary to treat it as a household problem do not expose your solar plexus this pain too often. Pay attention to the correct technique of exercises, try to abandon the disease-causing movements;
  • The traumatic impact on the solar plexus. From impacts directly and pressed into the stomach belt buckle may appear sharp pain;
  • Neuritis – inflammation of nerve tissue of the solar plexus. Is due to lack of exercise or too much stress. In some cases, due to infectious diseases of the intestines. Pain tends to clearly radiate to the back and chest;
  • Neuralgia. Infectious diseases of the digestive system and traumatic exposure may irritate the nerve tissue of the solar plexus. Finds pain attacks, becomes stronger, if you press on the painful area. Especially much give in the back;
  • Solarit. Inflamed the solar plexus because of the long influence of neuritis or neuralgia left without treatment. The pathological process can detect attacks or to develop into a chronicle. The pain is searing, much is given also in the breast area and back. Becomes heavier the process of defecation, the patient suffers heartburn and excessive flatulence.

Prichiny boli v solnechnom spletenii

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The disruption of the internal organs can also cause pain in the solar plexus to radiate in the back:

  • Gastric diseases: ulcers, gastritis and malignant neoplasms. Pain in the area of the solar plexus in these cases can usually start racking up after the meal. It is felt that in a stomach something heavy, tormented by excessive flatulence, complications of defecation or diarrhea Vice versa. It's hard to sleep;
  • Pathology of the duodenum. Pain syndrome suffer from hunger. In these moments, may start vomiting, urge to vomit;
  • Disorders of the pancreas. With pancreatitis, and malignancy in the pancreas pain can manifest abruptly. Also feel sick, vomit. Sometimes it becomes hard to breathe. Very often there is a fever, until the fever;
  • Problems with the intestines. Infectious diseases, inflammation, intestinal worms;
  • Impairment of respiratory function in inflammatory lung diseases. Painful sensations can get in the area of the solar plexus when a person inhales. The patient may start coughing, suffer from shortness of breath, runs up a fever;
  • Cardiac disease – heart failure, the approaching attack of myocardial infarction and ischemia. The pain is generally localized in the chest, but can radiate significantly in the solar plexus, the upper limb and back. The pain symptoms can be accompanied by heavy breathing, increased sweating.

Irradiiruet pain of the heart

If the pain is localized in chest and cardiac region, recognizing in the back and the solar plexus – as soon as possible contact your doctor or even call an ambulance. The main sources of cardiac pain, affecting the solar plexus and radiating to the back, can be ischemia, insufficiency of the heart muscle, an approximation of myocardial infarction.


Ischemic heart disease means that the deteriorated blood circulation in this vital muscle of the body. It happensbecause be the arteries, and they form the seal. Heart muscle begins to suffer from a lack of oxygen and starvation.

Pain in the thoracic region has the character of strong cramps or heat. It may seem that heart gripping something. Attacks are short but strong. The pain can affect the solar plexus and give back.

Usually an attack initiated by strong mental or physical stress. So the main thing at the moment of ischemic attack of the heart to relax, eliminate all stressabbau factors. Thus it is better not to go and stand or sit. Take nitroglycerin. In addition, during an attack of difficulty breathing and can feel dizzy and light-headedness occur. Increased sweating, may begin vomiting.

Heart failure

This diagnosis means that the heart struggles to perform its functions. The symptoms of this condition include severe weakness, arrhythmic pulse, pre-existing conditions, blanching of skin, heavy breathing. The heart usually do not cause pain, pain syndrome affects the legs, back, solar plexus. The patient often coughing attacks, gets tired very quickly and barely tolerate the slightest physical activity. To improve circulation, is also used nitroglycerin.

If the patient does not want to prevent attacks and General deterioration, it needs to avoid stress and stressful situations.

Myocardial infarction

Myocardial infarction is one of the areas of the heart muscle loses its blood supply. Because of this, cells begin to quickly die. The patient experiences severe pain in the chest area, which in the solar plexus, back, arms and neck. Nitroglycerin does not help, the pain syndrome persists. To save lives and preserve human health in this situation can only doctors. Before arrived the ambulance, you need to immobilize the person. Not to give him in a state of panic to move. Despite the fact that the nitroglycerin relieves the pain, you need to take one for another three tablets at intervals of ten minutes. To strengthen their impact will help one tablet of acetylsalicylic acid.


Neuritis – inflammation of nerve tissue of the solar plexus. This can happen due to errors of the surgeon, severe or prolonged stress on the body, a long absence of physical activity, infectious diseases and traumatic influences. Pain can occur spontaneously but usually occur after a stress, careless of intense movements. The pain cutting. After the change of posture only gets worse. Pain localized in the solar plexus, but give back. Because of the attack the patient can bend.


Is due to the fact that the nervous tissue are flattened or irritable. Pain arises abruptly, felt intensely. It seems that the solar plexus is severely compressed. Sometimes the patient can't breathe. The pain experienced in the back. The root of the problem can be in infectious diseases, traumatic effects, disorders of the Central nervous system.

Simptomy nevralgii


If poleznye feelings of the solar plexus, giving back, long gone and haunt the patient continuously, the probability that it hurts solarit. This inflammation of nerve tissue of the solar plexus. Find occasionally pain attacks, but usually the disease occurs in a chronic form. Among the symptoms of solar plexitis:

  • Hurt much, pain wearing dull or oppressive in nature. Affect the chest and heart region, radiates to the back;
  • If solaric develops paroxysmal pain occurs abruptly and suffers from intense, give in dorsal and lateral region;
  • In the area of the solar plexus may be the burning sensation;
  • Occasionally the pain affects the abdomen and increased flatulence;
  • Sore solar plexus can cause the patient starts vomiting. Sometimes you can torture violations of defecation, heartburn, belching.