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Why after the massage aching back and neck: causes, what to do

Whether the back pain after a massage? Sometimes that's fine, but most likely, the pain after the procedure – a signal to the body of the wrong approach. Perhaps the choice of massage techniques or massage. Worse, if the session was conducted in the period of exacerbation, or a patient is generally contraindicated for any massage techniques. In addition, pain often arise from the fact that the muscles are not used to such treatment.

Pochemu posle massazha bolit spina?

The wrong technique

Often incorrectly chosen type of massage or massage movements. Different situations required different techniques. For example, if you're having muscle spasms, they need to relax. And if you with this pathology comes to restorative massage, the situation is likely to worsen. It would be foolish to ask the question, why after a massage back pain.

And in situations such as the hernia of the back, generally requires a very careful approach to the patient's back. To not start after a massage to the back pain, discuss with your doctor the appropriate treatment techniques and movement.


Back pain after a massage, if he had a place in the acute period of the disease the back, or directly during the attack. This happens if the patient does not pay attention to the aggravation or an attack of back pain began during the massage.

Inflamed nerve roots are very sensitive to any loads and pressures. Even light stroking on pathology can cause severe back pain.

In the period of exacerbation is impossible to do not only back massage, but also physical therapy, and physiotherapy. At this time it is best to relax and not to put cloth back any intense stress. But if there is inflammation of the nerve roots of the back, after the massage it can spread to nearby tissues.

pochemu voznikaut bolevye oshusheniya posle massazha


Pay attention to the contraindications of massage. If the patient is suffering from certain diseases, is often unacceptable to carry out massage treatments. For example, if there are any tumors, cysts, metastases in the spine. You can not do massage, if you have dermatological education, and accumulation of purulent abscesses. The condition will only worsen, and purulent masses can break down the body.

Massaging the back can not, in principle, if the hernia the patient is directed toward the spinal canal. This can lead to stenosis (narrowing) of space, which is the spinal cord. Or direct compression, which is likely to lead to disability for life.

In addition, massage can not be recommended in the following situations:

  • Infection, especially infection of the spine (spondylitis);
  • Traumatic injuries and their complications;
  • Poor blood clotting;
  • Tuberculosis of the bone;
  • The final months of pregnancy;
  • Problems with the psyche.

Error massage

The lack of professionalism of the massage specialist – this time, it is difficult to control. You can do it, only focusing when choosing a massage therapist on feedback from friends and doctors. This includes error massage. They are not insured, even the best specialist in the world. Another tip – Ospedaletti specialist about all their health problems, especially back problems. Considering them, he'll do his job correctly.

There are General guidelines that are often violated by inexperienced, self-assured "masters". For example, it is unacceptable for the back massage to affect the inner organs, provide a deep, intense movement. And the spine is never subject to pressure or even strokes – you only need to work with the surrounding muscles. This rule is often violated newly minted therapists and chiropractors. After the short course or, worse still, a master-class on massage, the person feels a great chiropractor. The consequences of such "experts" may be a sad, if not tragic.

Back massage, especially classical, it may seem quite easy. In fact, massage is a complex influence on the human body, and carry them to with all chronic diseases and individual characteristics. It is not always necessary to trust in this business to a friend or therapist the more – ableelementary skills of close people. Often, your case only requires a professional approach.


Getting used to the massage effects may include pain after back massage. The spine does not immediately get used to the rather intense pressures that often involves massage. This is the same mechanism by which muscle pain occur after the first workout of the season.

Let you think that you are in great shape, this is often not the case. Muscles lose tone if you don't exercise, and massage for effects similar to exercise. And when, after a long break in physical activity you visit a masseuse, all the congestive processes in the muscles of the back are felt.

The first session improves blood circulation, muscle and cartilage. Loaduzayda untrained muscles, is a great accumulation of lactic acid. Such pain passes in a few days. They disappear, try to do a light workout, move – the lactic acid will dissolve faster.

Don't worry if you feel uncomfortable after the first two treatments, most likely after the next they will pass. Sound the alarm is only after the third or fourth session. Again, listen to your body – try to distinguish between healthy muscle pain from pricking or pressing damage of nerve tissue.

In some cases, the movements involve some discomfort of the patient. For example, Thai or Turkish massage can be pretty painful for an inexperienced person. There is already a matter of taste, fits you this procedure or not. However, such intensive methods were rarely used for the treatment of diseases of the back. Their task is usual – relaxation and recovery.